Wu-Tang Clan Partners With Fila For New Boot

Wu Wear is back…sort of. Wu-Tang Brand Ltd. recently inked a deal with Fila to launch a new winter boot: the Wu-Tang Weathertech.

This doesn’t mark the first time Fila and Wu-Tang Brand Ltd. join forces. Just last year, the two brands released a limited edition tennis shoe dubbed “C.R.E.A.M.”

“The partnership with Fila began during our early days and our latest product represents the ongoing mutual respect we have for the brand today,” longtime Clan business partner Oliver “Power” Grant, said in a statement.

In related news, the Weathertech boot was recently displayed during the Legends Wear Fila event in New York City. Sponsored by XXL Magazine, the event usually honors influential music and fashion icons. RZA, Masta Killa, XXL Editor-In-Chief Datwon Thomas, Sadat X and XXL December cover boy Mickey Factz were all on hand for the event. Click here to see photos of the event. -Marvin Brandon

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    Man i personally smacced the shit outta this dude RZA when he was on promo for his last album. I heard about these plans through my crip underworld ties and found out he had no blue shit in his line, thats a big no no. I was like “the fuck you doing with no blue im crippin nicca” He didn’t want any from G-UNOT KILLA and literally begged for his life, he then offered me 0.0000000000000000000001% of the gross profits from this project to compensate for having no blue item in the range. Add that to my Janitors salary and im Hood rich Nicca. Fuck all the fakers out there with this Homo shit. Im hood rich i’ll out a hit out on your ass, ITS CRIPPIN NICCA


    I rememeber 1 time I was selling DMX some Cracc on nutty blocc the shit was so pure he started barking like a dog, “arf arf”! I smacked the shit outta him because He was disturbing the rest of the fiends getting their high. Oh I remember 1 time me RZA, and Ghostface, were laying down tracks in the Studio when Meth came in wearing a Nike Shoe. I said, “Look Bitch we pushing Fila now hoe!” He immediatly wiped his feet off and removed his shoe and raised his hands up and said, “I don’t want no problem” But @ that point I was so pissed I took a notebook I was writing my rhymes in and whopped it upside his bitchass head, His sideburnes was all fuzzy and shit! He later made a rap song begging for his life called, “Notebook Forgiveness!” Its was a hidden track on Tical 2000 the Prequel!!


    First wigga!!

  • Mika

    is reminded of the days bk in 2000 with Wu denims

  • Drama

    GUNOT all up on dat unforgivable shit off youtube, lmao. every fuckin post 2, lol

  • hate hate and more hate

    I’m not surprised in seeing a washed-up clothing company doing business with washed-up kung fu movie watching rappers. Only people that like being laughed at while walking down the street will buy these ugly ass boots. I’m just trying to figure out would a person be more stupid for buying them or wearing them. If they actually have the balls to do both, then they just need to smacked . . .with a brick!!!


  • tony grand$

    So here’s the plan, I’m gon cop me a fat ass FUBU sweatshirt, that joint with the gold plate in the chest @ the two-tone signature embroidery, yeah nigga dat one, slide on some size 28 skinny jeans, u kno them shits by Snoop Dogg Clothing, look like khaki’s but with no pockets, yeah nigga those, top that shit of with them Wu Tang filas, mmmmmm hmmmmm, the boots that Timberland laffed @, man I’m gon be the flyest dude since Spike Lee in “Do the Right Thing” homie. Oh hol’ up, for the hoes, imma sag my skinnys just enuff to let my Naughty By Nature boxers show. Damn, its gonna be pizzoppin @ the skating rink tonight!

  • brand-new

    that deal came about 10 years 2 late. nobody will buy them

  • Three4

    I agree with Brand-new

    Wu-Tang…Fila?!?…it´s not´98






  • latino heat

    lmao at tony grand$. u forgot about your outkast jacket and no limit gear hat! i love wu, but yeah its time to give it up. sean price even ethered wu wear and fubu, “i got my wu wear hoodie lookin like a fuckin jerk”. something like that. and to mika, wu wear denim was even played out in 2000.

    • tony grand$


  • iGotOnMyBackpack79

    them shits is ugly. nobody in they right mind would wear them shits

  • Anti-Mainstream

    We got some WACK fuckin people writing in on here. We got people dissin wu-tang, who’s timeless, and they probably find bullshit like plies, and weezy hot!

  • balaramesh

    most of you are right. its’ too late for this. they were one of the first with their own clothing line. however, the wu led to there own downfall. they practically owned the rap game and hip hop culture during the early to mid nineties. ACTUALLY, people are still running with concepts from the wu from many years ago.

    FYI, they can still sell overseas since they are not into the commercial mainstreat rap from the U.S.

  • Screwmatic

    I it ain’t Timbs, it ain’t boot.

  • http://ukrproekt.com.ua/ Александр

    Забавно. :-)