Testifying is typically frowned upon in the rap world, but T.I. is poised to set a precedent when he takes the stand tomorrow (11/19).

According to Cincinati's Local 12 News, the self-proclaimed "king of the south" is expected to testify against Hosea Thomas, the man accused of killing his personal assistant Philant Johnson in Cincinati back in May 2006.

As previously reported, the incident was sparked by a fight in Cincinati's Roselawn club where Tip performed that night and later escalated onto the 1-75 road. The shooting concluded with Johnson being killed and four other passengers being injured. T.I. escaped untouched.

Prosecutors say Thomas fired at T.I.'s vehicle while his brother, Pardon Thomas, was behind the wheel. Pardon told officials he operated the vehicle while his brother shot at Tip and his entourage. Per Thomas, a member of the rapper's entourage shot back.

Prosecutors will reward Pardon Thomas' testimony against his brother by dropping murder charges, permit him to plead guilty to manslaughter and have the time he gets in the case run simultaneously with his federal prison sentence.

The jury was picked yesterday (11/17) and will be listening to opening statements and revisit the scene of the shooting tomorrow. -Marvin Brandon