Taco Bell Sues 50 Cent

Taco Bell wants its hand in 50 Cent’s pockets. The fast-food chain reportedly filed a counter suit against a $4 million federal lawsuit Fif filed this past July. The suit accused Taco Bell of using his name to sell tacos.

Lawyers for Taco Bell are reportedly trying to use Fif’s bad ass image against him in the court filings- referring to the Queens rapper as a “self-described former drug dealer and hustler” in court filings.

“Jackson has used his colorful past to cultivate a public image of belligerence and arrogance and has a well-publicized track record of making threats, starting feuds and filing lawsuits,” Taco Bell lawyer Robert Lehrburger wrote in the filings. “At the same time, Jackson holds himself out as a giver to charity and one who wants to give back to his community. This lawsuit is another of Jackson’s attempts to burnish his gangsta rapper persona by distorting beyond all recognition a bona fide, good faith offer that Taco Bell made to Jackson.”

Taco Bell initially asked Fif to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent for one day as part of a new promotion. The restaurant promised to give $10,000 to Fif’s favorite charity if he rapped his order from a drive-thru window. Fif then filed a suit for trademark infringement, accusing TB of cooking up a publicity stunt by including his name in the promo.

Fif’s attorney, Peter Raymond had no comments regarding the counter suit. “It makes me wonder why they would decide to use his name in their ad campaign if they think he’s such a bad character,” Raymond told New York’s Daily News. -Bruce Moses

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    4 million aint shit.
    they should have sue him for 4 billion


    i would personally go up to 50 and let him eat my pink taco . i went up to the manger of taco bell over at crenshaw and gave him a mean blow and asked him to drop the charges on fif . oh and also all yous fucking wanna be g-unot killas need to back the fuck off . i would personally step to all of you and straight give you a tight butthole to fuck like what .. egc crip life for life spiyder loc dog asseater

    • Trick Trick

      I hope G-Unot Killa is my celly next time I get locked up. He can wash my dirty draws.

    • Valdez

      @ G-UNOT KILLA…

      yo, i am usually rooting for u, my dude for the simple fact that your posts are entertaining. but that comment u just made def. sound hella gay!

    • sthxdnn

      So G-Unot W/e.. eat ur pink taco?,.u sayin u got a pussy

  • http://www.yahoo.com BlackWallin

    fake crip and u make no point what kinda crip is on the computer

    • Laron

      cuz, you do know the crips not only be on the computer, they got a website.

  • axl rain

    g-unot killa claim to be spider loc cousin but cant even write correctly his name(spiyder loc)


    I think I did it again
    I made you believe we’re more than just friends
    Oh baby
    It might seem like a crush
    But it doesn’t mean that I’m serious
    ‘Cause to lose all my senses
    That is just so typically me
    Oh baby, baby

    Oops!…I did it again
    I played with your heart, got lost in the game
    Oh baby, baby
    Oops!…You think I’m in love
    That I’m sent from above
    I’m not that innocent

  • tony grand$

    Okay, this is the break that Curtis was anticipatin! Niggas been talkin all week in their posts about ya boy Fif waitin on some type of target to attack in order to secure the success of BISD. We all know that he’s the kinda bloke that needs that controversy to come out (READ:lame marketing strategy formula that’s getting mighty tired), and here it is, gift-wrapped & handed to that duck on a silver platter!
    This dude bout to go head up with motherfuckin Taco Bell! The whole shit, dis records, white tees that say “taco fail”, he prolly gon have a video where he has G-Unit rob one of them shits while he sits in there eatin some Jack in the Box or White Castle. Clown ass cats also need a platform to stand on, well Mr. Jackson, here’s ur soapbox. Have @ it.

    • capcobra

      i guess “niggas” would be me tony cause i’m the only one who said some shit like that…..{go look at the post}…lmao….still lmao….stopped lmao…ok you and i both know that taco bell beef ain’t the same as hip hop beef…pause…but you do know taco bell will definitely get a subliminal shout out {sorta like you did} on the next g.unit mixtape or somewhere on thisis50.com….i’m from the southside so i support the dude…he ain’t my favorite rapper or nothing…i just know where he be coming from with most of his bullshit..he playing by southside rules with a 48 laws twist…even more than that…it’s funny how hip hop fans build they favorite artist up only to tear ‘em down…it’s been that way forever and homie know that…so he keep his foot on your favorite rappers neck to stay a step up…real simple…he don’t give a fuck about singles or albums…he’s rich…he just need a buzz to keep the business ventures rolling in…and the best way to build a buzz in the hood is a little controversy…that’s an interscope rule…lol…so once again…tell your favorite rappers and auto tuners be careful cause curtis needs controversy in order to drop the album….ain’t you a hip hop fan?….you should expect this then!

      • tony grand$

        @ cap,
        “Niggas” is a general term used to refer to a nonspecific group of ppl in regards to whatever subject a person is speaking about, so as far as anything subliminally directed @ you, or anyone else for that matter, is unfortunately dillusional paranoia on ur part. If I was directly responding and/or commenting to you, it would have been to you. I think that’s why XXL put that little ‘reply’ button there, but I could be wrong. Next, if u reread what I posted, it should be obvious that, for the most part, it was more humor, less social commentary. I’m not from the southside, so I guess I’m not familiar with the rule of blog ethics around ur way. My sincerest apologies. Ill be sure to tell my fav rappers & autotuners to proceed with caution, btw, how’d u hear about those huge parties I have with all the entertainers in the world? And, lastly, I’m no doubt a fan of hip hop, thank u for inquiring. Tell Curtis I said good luck on the next album!

        • capcobra

          now the response was funny…i’ll give you that…but the initial joint was a straight subliminal…i mean subconscious statement….you already know champ…i called you out on it and now you explaining yourself with a sarcastic response…wow…all you gotta do is read the news article “50 cents pushes album back” to see what i’m talking about….to see what i posted..to see where you posted…and then look here to see where you replied to my comment…maybe i’m delusional but niggas ain’t say that shit all week….capcobra said that shit yesterday…but it’s cool tho’…this is what we come here to do…debate.discuss.express and sometimes explain ourselves…..and yes i’ll tell banks to tell yayo to tell curtis that tonygrand$ wishes him good luck on the new album.

        • tony grand$

          An explanation and a response are two diff things. I didn’t explain anything, I responded to ur chuckle fest, which I guess was a “sublimnal” dis towards me. I don’t think I’m funny enough to get that many lmao’s @ once. Good switch from ‘subliminal’ to ‘subconcious’, bcuz there’s a good chance I read it and it just stuck in my head, most likely the case, not a jab @ a specific blogger. I rarely read names, just what ppl say, seeing as though none of us no each other. Where I posted was all coincidence friend. I use names when engaging in coversations so not to have any misconceptions about what I say, or where its directed. & I looked at the post bcuz I get notification of when there’s a post, not because I yearn to continue going back and forth with a stranger about another strangers career. But on a lighter note, I do enjoy the occasional debate/discussion/expression/sometime explanation. Next time, ill avoid any confusion by typing “ATTN: capcobra” first if I’m talkin to you.

        • capcobra

          see this is what being passionate about hip hop and being grown leads to….now only if we could get ron mexico and trick trick to understand and do the same thing…lol…be blessed and safe out here champ!!…one

        • tony grand$

          Fa sho man, some grown man shit. U be cool out there too! U kno we aint going nowhere, so until the next friendly round of Golf……& how bout me & u work on Mex, leave trick trick to G-UNOT KILLA, the really real one! Lmao!

  • RL

    Congratulations, homie. You made it, baby. You hit the big time. Your going to end the reign that is Taco Bell. Your career has hit a new high, Fifty.

  • Trickdd

    I don’t get what exactly Taco Bell is suing Fifty for can anybody help me?I don’t get the story let me read it again.

  • Eric

    hey what happened to the real g-unot?

    anyway, this is just stupid. 50′s lawyer makes sense — first they want 50 in their promotion, now they are trying to defame his character. dumbasses

    • tony grand$

      @ Eric,
      He put up a post somewhere in here & said he’s layin low til all the fakes go away. Forget xactly where, but I saw it earlier. Shit, I’d be mad too. Nigga got a lil XXL fame, and “stans” won’t even let him shine. Tell ya bout some haters.

  • Beav

    Fuck 50. Period

  • Macdatruest

    Jackson has used his colorful past to cultivate a public image of belligerence and arrogance and has a “well-publicized track record of makin threats, startin feuds and filing lawsuits,” damn!!! sound like they callin’ him a bitch ass nigga basically!! That aint “BAD ASS” thrats and lawsuits…nigga do sumn!

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