T-Pain Reaches Top 5, T.I. And Weezy Show Consistency

He may not be classic hip-hop by definition, but T-Pain gives urban music a much needed boost this week.

The leak apparently didn’t hurt Pain much. Thr33 Ringz, the self-proclaimed “hard & B” artist’s third solo album, debuts at No.4 -selling 167, 743 according to Nielsen’s Soundscan.

Further down the charts, T.I. keeps carrying the hip-hop torch with impressive numbers. Seven weeks into stores, Tip’s Paper Trail has sold 1,178,455 copies , including 62,046 this week.

Lil Wayne has also been showing consistency week in and week out. Nearly six months onto the charts, Tha Carter III rests at No. 29 with 23, 134 units sold. The CD has sold 2, 671, 816 CDs to date.

Young Jeezy’s The Recession has also been posting solid numbers. This week, Snowman’s junior release moves 16, 210 units – bringing its total to 614, 781 copies sold. -Marvin Brandon

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  • Trickdd

    T-pains career well be over soon he better milk this fame us much as possible


      Real talk he hurt himself he oversaturated himself and muthafuckaz got tired of hearing his no talent having ass

    • joe p

      fuck t-pain … shitsss weaaaaaaaaaak…. fuck soldier boy ,t-pain killin the game… the self proclaimed ” best rapper alive” aint even rapping no more hes on this fuckin gay shit too … teriible

      wu-tang forever


    Can we say Flop.

  • G-Unot Killa

    I love it in the butt!

  • Peru (Chicago)

    T Pain aint flop, Hip Hop is a flop. Only reason Wayne did he numbers he did was cuz he figured out how to market to white folks and dumb ass black folk (there are a hell of alot of those in America). TI went platinum on the strength of a gun case. Lets see what Jay Z, 50 Cent, and Kanye do with their albums. I guarantee there will be some bullshit publicity stunt pulled by one of the three near their release date. On a brighter note, why do these rappers suck so much???

    • saviour

      @ Peru (chicago)
      it sucks cause of haters like u that jus criticize everything that’s out there and not even buy one album to support the genre and u have the audacity to mention numbers???? I aint no wayne fan (infact I hate the dude) but I cop the album cause him doin a mil in a week keeps hip-hop alive (eventhough I really dont consider him much of an artist!)and that’s the big picture u need… stop bein a hater and expect every music out there to be tailored to ur taste!

  • Drama

    ^ o wow….lmao

  • G-unot Killa

    Trickdd you punk bitch,T-pain might not be talented but he is on so many traks over the last1-2 years he can get paid for the rest of his life from royalties.


      Another STAN This isn’t me

  • Jerm

    surprisingly, i thought Tpain woulda sold more, but ppl probly did get annoyed hearing it – or maybe they just liked Kanye on the autotune better than him…

  • Angry Radio DJ

    Fuck T Pain, that circus bafoon! I don’t understand why any1 would want to hear a whole album of some karaoke autotune bullshit!!! I saw this dude perform live in the Bahamas a couple years back for the Mixshow Power Summit, fuckin horrible…mothafucka cannot sing or harmonize!!! Also proof to his lack of talent was his performance on vh1 honors last year…Horrible rendition of a Teddy Riley k Sweat classic “I want Her”…stop supporting this clown u ignorant music consumers!!!

    Recommendations of male singers w talent…

    1. Darien Brockington
    2. Raheem Devaugn
    3. Raphael Saadiq
    4. Phonte
    5. Anthony Hamilton

    • BIGNAT

      i agree with anthony hamilton but what about trey songz. usher john legend and how about bilal he does some crazy shit. also whenever they both get off there asses and do another album maxwell and d angelo. dwele is good got to hear his album it was good i had to get skecthes of a man. what about my man 25 to lyfe jennings haha. i am sorry i don’t know who those first 2 guys are on your list. tell me what songs they have done i might know them. that nigga phonte be singing for fun he not really going make a career out that shit

      • Angry Radio DJ

        DB sang of the Foreign Exchange project and got his solo album. RD got the Love Experience album, dopeness. Yeah Phonte do be singing on some silly shit, still got more vocal talent than T-Pain n da ass! D’Angelo is the illest, somebody put his ass on a milkbox and get him in the studio! I like Lyfe, positive soul kat, jus dont always feel his production.

  • J Ma.

    Selling above one hundred thousand copies these days shouldn’t be considered a flop.

    Silver & Gold is a straight banger, don’t matter if you hate the man that song is fire.

  • Jay Knows The Truth



  • Michael

    I expected more than that from T-Pain. Even Nas sold more than that.

    • latinpistol07

      …………not even goin to say anythin

  • g

    that what t-pain

  • murK

    How is this a flop?!?!? his last album (’07) sold 171,000 1st week. that was just slightly better than thr33 ringz.

  • http://rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    Peru… thank you for realizing what Wayne did. He is great at marketing to unknowing white people and dumb ass black people who think he’s some type of martyr. Truth be told he really aint talkin about shit like a chick with no ass. Hah. I happen to like T-Pain’s album. You can’t say that dude has no talent. If he didn’t then yalls chicks wouldn’t be singing all his shit.


  • King D

    Plies Sold More Than T-Pain

  • GI JOE

    1.R.Kelly…luv him or hate’em, 12play was the shit
    2.Usher…still doin it
    3.Ginuwine…the kid did his thing in the 90′s
    4.Anthony Hamilton…the soul brother
    5.Lyfe…name explains his craft

  • http://myspace/kingsley4me kingsley

    T pain is amazing, lets do not forget if not for him many people will not be in the music industry today, not talkless of having an album out.

  • Young 50

    I would have thought that T-pain would at least sold 200k but the fans probably got tired of looking at his ugly ass he looks like a fucking leprachaun with those Abe Lincoln hats he be wearing. Most of the songs he on are hot by the way. SPeaking of R & B Trey Songz is doing his thing right now. He is on Kuntry King “The Baddest”, Willie the Kid “Love of Money” Ace Hood “Ride” to name a few.

  • balaramesh

    167,743 for a “relevant” mainstream artist is a flop. especially, if he/she is CONSISTENTLY on all radio and media outlets. if it were say someone with talent with little or no national like anthony hamilton or donnell jones it would be a success. even though i am not a fan or t-pain’s musiche will still get money since those 99ct ringtone sales add up. plus he should be getting points for writing all those hooks


    it’s called pop music. they will sing anything only sing the catchy hook.


    your an idiot. nas’s album was NOT commercial and he is definitley NOT marketable to the current buying rap/hip hop audience.

  • The_Truth

    ***I don’t knock T-Pain like most, plus I’m surprised he only did under 168k. . .dudes creative and I respect that.

    TOP ALBUMS OF 2008:

    3)Nas/ Untitled (N.I.G.G.E.R. best work since Either )

    2)Killer Mike/ I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind Vol. 2

    #1)Z-Ro/ Crack (possible classic!)

  • The_Truth

    ^^^^^I purchased each album listed above, also. If you burn it. . .it’s dope. . .COP IT!
    Or real hip-hop will die.



  • amfv

    Yall can talk shit over the internet,but take your pastey ass to a club once in a while and youll see how many people like t-pain. Most of the people i know get all their music off the internet, so sorry to say numbers dont mean a damn thing. If you was able to count all the people that bang this shit in their ride ( mostly bitches) i bet you’d come up with a much bigger number. i know t-pain dont sound so great from the speakers on your computer, but it sounds great in a club.

  • simpleTOM

    ^ douchbag, anything sound goods played loud in the club. but does that make it hip hip? no! that means it is easily digestable to listen to : beat and catchy hook.