Suge Knight apparently has his eyes on Kanye West's money. The former Death Row mogul reportedly blames Kanye West for being shot at his Pre-MTV party at Miami's Shore Club back in 2005.

Knight recently (09/12) filed a lawsuit in Bankruptcy Court suing West and The Shore Club for negligence, personal injury and premises liability. The court document states that in addition to being wounded, Knight also lost a 15-carat diamond studded earring worth $135, 000 inside the Shore Club. Suge claims an employee found the earring and assured it would be returned to him. The earring has yet to be returned. Knight also claims he was so embarrassed he had to flea Miami in a private jet.

Suge is seeking for all his medical expenses to be covered and "for damages for the loss of use and enjoyment of the earring." Though he's bankrupt, Knight secured a deal that will allow him to keep a percentage of the money should he win the suit. -Marvin Brandon