Shawty Lo Speaks On Grand Hustle Altercation, Warns: “I Ain’t Lil Flip”

Shawty Lo’s innocent. As previously reported, members of T.I. and Lo’s crews got into an altercation during Radio One’s Fourth Annual Dirty Awards in Atlanta last night (11/25).

Early reports say the fight started when Lo taunted Grand Hustle with his own version of Yung L.A.’s “Ain’t I.” But to let the Bankhead rapper tell it, he didn’t instigate anything.

“I didn’t go and start nothing. If they rewind the cameras, they’ll see how it started,” Lo told MTV. “I’m a man. I respect every man as a man. If a man disrespects me, what am I supposed to do? T.I. needs to contain his people. We’re not standing down. I performed my music; 107.9 [one of the show's organizers] called me to perform. I didn’t come to start no beef with him. I gave Tip a shout out at the BET [Hip-Hop] Awards.”

Lo actually claims Tips’ camp started the fight. He tells MTV Alfamega and other Grand Hustle artists approached the stage and started ice grilling during his performance.

“Basically, I didn’t start saying anything about Tip,” Lo explained. “I was performing my music. During ‘Foolish,’ all of them was coming in front of the stage doing their mugging. After ‘Dunn, Dunn,’ I performed the dis record ‘Don’t I.’ That’s what made me perform the diss record. I ain’t gonna lie; they was disrespecting me. I wasn’t gonna let them disrespect me.”

Lo fittingly bumped into T.I. when his D4L crew was taken backstage minutes after the melee. The two briefly spoke in a private meeting, in which Tip apparently suggested they end their feud once and for all.

“He told me the beef was over with,” Lo told MTV. “I said, ‘If the beef was let go, me and you have to publicize it. We have to do it together.’ He agreed to do that, and we shook hands in the back room.”

Lo claims Tip then accepted an award on stage before taunting, “if somebody’s got a problem with me, do something better than me.” He then began performing “Ain’t I” with Yung L.A., sparking another altercation between the two crews. Tip wasn’t involved in any of the fights. Lo says he’s still willing to squash the beef, isn’t sure T.I.’s on the same page.

“[Me and Tip's conversation] ended on a positive note with the conversation,” Lo said. “I don’t know where he is [with the beef]. I guess he just be talking. One thing about it, Shawty Lo ain’t no punk. T.I. is just a rapper. He knows how to read a book good. Where I live is for real. I ain’t got nothing against homes. He’s got family, I got family. I’m not trying to kill him, he’s not trying to kill me. I got fans that love me. He’s not not gonna run all over me. I ain’t Lil’ Flip.” -Bruce Moses

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  • iLL MaDe

    fans???????? Shawty Lo got Fans


      Yeah Bitch made Lil Fag above me, He ain’t little Flip and the “War of the Wings” is in full blown CHAOS!!! Damn I didn’t know 30 chicken wings would come to this. I started to step to that no brain Fucchead T.Lie @ Club Dreamz in Atlanta 2 yrs ago he wanted no parts on me! I was like Ain’t no Crip like Show Crippin. T. Lie is the biggest Bitch to sail the 7 seas nigga. He was shook to peices of me & my Crips! One time @ a Crippin Awards after Party @ the Crenshaw Banquet Hall, T. Lie came through, he had on some red shades I went the fucc off! He was scared to step outta the car! I stuck my tounge out and said, “Come outta the car and you won’t get far!” He stuck his tounge out @ me I then went Crazy and kicked the tires of my 01 Ford Taurus! I later caught up w/ him @ the Crip Walk compitetion in Long Beach he started crying and had Tiny stand in front of him We ran in circles around tiny for 10 mins I was chasing him! He later offered a job cleaning PSC studios in ATLANTA for 12k per yr a 5k raise but I declined because I am 132th in charge of the Crip out here & Spider Loc Needs me! I later had Jennifer Hudson over my house cooking fried chicken and Eddie Murphy came over I smacked the shit outta him because he didn’t bring over the right cornbread. ECG-UNIT CRIP 4 LIFE SPIDER loc 4 life!

      • eastoakland

        you a clown ass nigga quit lyin

      • G-UNOT KILLA

        Alfamega is the superhybrid of label artist/security/hypeman/henchman/even comic relief!



        • amar

          i find g unot killer hilarious lol but i gotta say…there’s no way shawty lo has fans…if shawty lo has fans, then my left nut runs def jam

        • iLL_wiLL

          yea i have to say gunot killa is a fucking riot!!! that dude comes with the most original twisted stories evar! lmaoo theres only one other thing as funny as gunot’s posts, and thats the cornballs that get upset and try to clown him!! thinkin he is really real. he’s actually makin fun of fucks like you guys who take the shit way to seriously lmaoooo keep em coming GUNOT!!!

        • Umpington the Fif

          I like that you spelled fuck with two c’s

      • DV8

        LMAO at G-Unot Killa and co-signing ill will, yall need to relax dude is just fuccin around and the shit is hilarious. Its just a joke.

  • geico lizard

    BET probably wants to televise next years dirty awards because they love to show black people acting stupid like this. Alfamega needs to sign with the atlanta falcons and block for matt ryan the way he was running over grown ass men.


    shawty lo and max b stay loosin!

    they need to just stop the bullshit befort they get hurt worse than last nite. lo doesn’t have the money to go to war with ti.

    especially since ti has the cops on his side!

  • El Tico Loco

    Shawty Lo got fans from Bolton rd to MLK and everything in between which includes Hollowell (aka Bankhead) what u talkin about that’s 3 exits.

  • 619

    Damn, has this fool ever talked about anything without mentioning T.I. He’s never done anything noteworthy without T.I. being involved. He’s a professional coattail rider. Rappers nowadays who realize they don’t have what it takes to make it, find another route by piggybacking someone with a name. He should pay T.I. some of his royalties for making him halfway famous.

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  • eastoakland

    aye niggas all ways talkn about what they do when they see rappers, and them niggas be sacred and we had him cryin and running, quit lyin, these niggas got beef for what ever reason and everybody want to get in it thas how shit get started and when sombody end up dead then aint nobody gonna wanna have nothing to do with it. you niggas aint gangstas if you was you wouldnt be runnin you mouth about wht you done or do or gonna do shut that shit up you niggas is hoes

  • giantstepp

    This so-called beef is the best thing to happen to Shawty Lo’s career. His 15 minutes would’ve been up long ago if it wasn’t for the “beef”. Lawd knows his talents aint the reason he’s hanging around.

  • Laron

    Don’t gotta problem with T.I. but you made a dis record “Don’t I” and then you on this interview you say you got no problem with T.I. but you talkin bout he just a rapper, he can read a book good.Pussy don’t act like Ms.Innocent. You want all of this so you can e more famous. Fuck Shawty Ho!!!

  • enzo

    ah shit. now he’s putting fliperacci on blast. flip better handle that.

  • Ambition-1

    Shawty Lo is damn right he aint Lil Flip… Flip at least managed to fool a few million people into thinking he was hot before he fell off. As far as I’m concerned Shawty Lo is in the same lame ass league as say a Rocko, or MIMS (remember him). Hell Hurricane Chris made more noise than this cat. Listening to dude’s CD to review it was a B-I-T-C-H

    • valdez

      why the fuck is everybody pipe-ridin ti?? of course ti is a better rapper than lo, but i gotta respect lo for not lettin ti just bitch him like lil flip.

      ti is cool & all, but he all that. get off that man nuts (this comment is directed at no one in particular)

      let the man lo live. his music ain’t the greatest, i’m one of the few who roots for the underdog

  • dat dude

    What’s wrong with these dudes for real???

    On another note, Scarface’s new album Emeritus drops December 2nd, so the real king of the south if chilling in Houston.

    I think it’s available on iTunes too. Check out his page to listen to “High Powered”

    • 619

      Real shit, cop that ‘Emeritus’. Support Scarface, one of the realest to ever touch the mic. That ‘High Powered’ was off the hook. Scarface went in on Lil’ Troy, that’s what Troy gets for talkin’ down on Pimp C R.I.P. Air ‘em out Face.

      • 619

        Also check for ‘Can’t Get It Right’ feat. Bilal, ‘High Note’, and the title track. You Tube has the High Powered video and Emeritus album snippets. It’s gonna be the album of the year.

  • Trickdd

    Lil Flip will kill T.I. and Shawty Lo freestyling.One thing I gotta say Yung LA did take Shawty Lo style but Shawty Lo must not get that TIP is on a whole Different Level than Lo. Why would Lo even bring Flip in this shit Flip is a better rapper than both of the niggas and he would whoop both of the lil niggas plus T.I. copy Lil Flip in so many ways the shit isn’t even funny

  • EReal

    Alfamega wrecked shop!

    Dey know!

  • amfv

    hey for real though lil flip would wreck em both on a freestyle. period

  • southsideatlanta

    damn grand hustle is 3-0 took care of flip, popped chaka zulu, now shawty lo damn! i wonder how long it took shawty lo’s brother to wake up when he got “knocked the fuck out”

    • WTF?

      @ southsideatlanta


  • render

    “Shawty Lo ain’t no punk. T.I. is just a rapper. He knows how to read a book good.”

    I don’t even kno what to say about that shit


      I just HAD to cosign that.

  • http://xxlmag lb

    i dont like neither 1 of these clowns, but i have to admit. shawty lo makes a good point about T LIE! his story seems more of the truth!

  • kEITH

    shawty lo is a BITCH ASS NIGGA

  • eastoakland

    niggas is hoes for real if i got a problem wit anigga its gone be just that problems i aint finna hold hands a squash shit we either gone shoot it out or fight or everytime i see you im talkin shit both of these niggas sounded scared to me ……. and g unot a g you is not stop frontin you cant even make nobody think you tuff over the computer we all know you fakin east coast crips? wow i knw some niggas from there as well as several othe crip hoods in l.a. and not one of them talk like you you a sheep in wolfs clothing fuck boy


    “He’s not not gonna run all over me. I ain’t Lil’ Flip” hahahahaha lil who where that nigga at game over for his ass for real

    • EReal


  • Vicious Seiger

    This is exactly why we can’t have any nice affairs because for every thousand black men and black women that attend you are guaranteed that a nigga will sneak in and find a way to f’k the event up for everyone else. Grand Opening – Grand Closing? Save that BS for the streets for just one night, please.

  • mdb

    at least lil flip had one or two fuckin hits, shawty lo is the least talented mother fucker to make it on the radio EVER. PERIOD.

  • tony grand$

    I got one classic quote from all that blather……..

    “He knows how to read a book good.”


  • Shawty J

    “I ain’t Flip” – Shawty Lo

    Didn’t Flip and his crew try to run up on Tip after Tip disrespected him?

    When will Shawty Lo go sit down, damn even Soulja Boy has proven himself to be a better rapper than Lo. And when will Lo do something without mentioning T.I.

    The man made a song about you, Lo, giving you tons of attention you didn’t deserve. I know it was a diss record, but still it was more attention than you had or deserved you should be blowing Tip for giving you that courtesy. Haha.

  • Big

    I dont think Shawty Lo or ANy one of his people are going to be running up on anybodies STAGE Anytime soon. That was some of the funniest shit I have ever seen in my life. They done took and remade this man’s song, talk shit through the whole show, and then one of they people get KNOCK THE FUCK OUT” and NO ONE i mean No One does anything about it. I thought you niggas were from BANKHEAD. I GUESS NOT. TIP its time to retire the 2008 Easy E.

  • KQ

    “He knows how to read a book good.”

    Lol. This dude is borderline retarded.

  • Trickdd

    T.I. didn’t do one thing to Flips career but steel his whole style TIP started to name his albums the same as Flips then he stole the whole king thing from Flip cause Flip is the freestyle king and that’s something Flip actually earned not just started calling himself Flip don’t gotta rap no more anyway for the haters talking shit the man has money Flip hasnt put out a album in like two years because he has been working with other artist that’s trying to get in the game his I can give a fuck how many Cds TIP sold Flips last album “I Need Mine” had a lot of tight songs on it I like it better than T.I. shit I like it better than a lot of rappers albums Flip one of my favorite artist from in the game Flip well be back watch once rap goes back to lyrics and not all that pop shit


      I feel ya, Shawty WHO??? This nigga can’t even fuckin rap at all. Flip don’t even need to respond to this fag.

  • the real gangster

    shawty LO=HOE/bitch/cant rap for shit!!!

  • HipHopArice

    Shawty lo is the southern version of jim jones..

  • 4real

    when t i tried to talk crap and thought he could come to Houston and muscle flip ti got snuffed out!

  • Moi

    if you are responding to gunot killa seriously, you need to go away and i don’t mean to jail. you are too stupid to contribute to any society on the planet. we need the resources. so kill yourself.

  • Screwmatic

    Another new beef is on once ones again.
    Lil’ Flip vs. Shawty Lo. I don’t really know the ATL niggas don’t like Lil’ Flip. Matter of Fact, Flip got some real g’s when it comes to beef. C-Note, D-Red, BG Duke, Will-Lean all da Botany Boys got his back like dat.

  • Trickdd

    Z-RO rolling with Flip to but Flip wont need none of his boys to whoop Lo are TIP he would drop both the small skinny muthafuckas

  • Ne Where Gang

    fuck this AIDS having ass nigga talking bout? LiL Flip was ready to fight T.I. shit that nigga T-Lie got Punched

    Flip>T.I.>Shawty Lo>Yung L.A.

    • 619

      And? Lil’ Flip got lit up in the same fight. You fools actin’ like Flip did somethin’. He socked someone smaller than him and then got socked by someone bigger than him. That’s how the food chain works. HAHAHAHA!

      • WTF?

        ^^^ GTFOH flip didn’t get touch not one time flip swung on t.i. after that t.i. ran from him after that black al capone caught t.i. and dropped him that’s when niggas in hood started stomping t.i. shots were fired and it was over t.i. is pussy he didn’t want nothing to do with flip SMDH

  • bucsormore

    yea lo is no where near being raw he cant rap the beef is all he got but ask urself this whose tellin the truth tip my nig but he did have class photos from riverdale and it was all over the movie ATL but with that said who is shawty lo im like first dude fans? is he serious only them hood niggas that just listen to sweet beats fuc wit him not tru hiphop fans he should just bowout and try to be an ceo before he have no career like flip how u gont be so hooder than him and ur niggas lose who look more hooder now u bout to lose the only edge i gave him

  • J-Killer15

    Nigga dying for attention. Get a life