President George Bush Pardons John Forté

President George Bush apparently does care about black people. According to the Washington Post, former Fugees affiliate John Forté is one of 16 people to receive reduced sentences and pardons from Bush.

The MC was convicted of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and sentenced to a minimum of14 years in prison back in 2001. According to court documents, he was caught with two briefcases containing $1.4 million worth cocaine at Newark International Airport in 2000. His sentence will expire December 22, 2008. Forte is to be freed under a five-year supervised release and must pay a $5, 000 fine. He is one of two inmates to receive a reduced sentence. The other 14 inmates were pardoned. -Bruce Moses

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    Is it just me or is this some wild ass shit?

    • tony grand$

      Now, with all the bullshit going on in the world today, economically, politically, we’re @ war with no end in sight, domestic issues up the ass (no homo), how the fuck does President Bush find time to track John Forte? He coulda gave that dude clemency long ago. What a coincidence that now, with an African American presi-elect in wait, he releases a black man. There’s thousands & thousands to choose from, so why this particular nigga, I wonder. Barak wants that “Poly Sci Pt.2″.
      & as for Tookie, bless his fam & all, but Capital Murder is by no means comparable to Drug Trafficking.

    • Omar

      No, this is really some wild-ass shit!

  • RL

    People, please read before you sign. Tookie Williams could not get his death sentence repealed in exchange for life in jail but John Forte gets his sentence reduced? Something’s seriously wrong, IMO.

    • MFKNRMX!

      oh yeah, there’s some fuckery in the Matrix. Mr Bush is prolly a big fan of Poly Sci and wants a part 2.

      • DETROIT

        Tookie was in jail for murder dickhead! he could write as many books as he wants, that still can’t bring a persons life back. drug charges are bullshit from the jump, so it’s easier to get off on some shit like that! ofcoarse there’s politics involved (there’s politics involved in any big decision made by a politician), but who gives a shit… that’s one less black man in the joint!

      • Ron Mexico

        flash the message… something’s out there.

        dutchmasters and luft balloons!

    • Shawty Reg

      @ RL

      U right about that! But, wit Tookie it was a gang and killing thing. Wit Forte, it was a drug thing. The government can’t make money off killers unless they are in prison doin slave work, plus Bush don’t care about a Nobel Peace Prize! But the government can make millions of the drugs being shipped and sold throughout the U.S.! Of cours that aint no secret. Bush got something up his sleeve with this one!!!

      The Real CIRCLE Entertainment…..Google Us


    How much did those suit cases weigh?

  • Pierzy

    I just think Bush wants to be a part of the Refugee Camp All-Stars

  • Enlightened

    This is crazy but EVERYBODY REMEMBER: It was some white muthafuckas with clout who he went to school with trying to vouch for him at the time he got caught up. I can’t remember who, but it was some rich, white, famous people that went to prep school with Forte and shit who was trying to keep him out of the pen at the time.
    So, I guess they pulled those strings.

  • Enlightened

    He need to pardon Mystikal. They trying to make that nigga do his whole 6 years for that bullshit rape case.

    • http://xxl ryan

      its rape u dumbass. i have no sympathy 4 sum1 who can do that 2 a woman.

      • Worley

        Mystikal ain’t rape nobody. He caught a broad stealing from him and gave her an ultimatum: either you do me and my homies or catch some charges. She chose the former and they taped it then she went to the law.

        Forte must have been holding that liquid for some moneyed up white folks. You know how they love their coke.

      • iLL_wiLL

        yea a woman. the chick that mystikal supposedly “raped” was a slut. she got tossed up by mystikal and his crew then ran to the cops yellin rape when u know the shit was consentual.

  • Enoch 7th Prophet

    Whats the meaning behind it all? is the Question. THe devil is up to something.


      all i can say is ILLUMINATI yo check n to it

  • Raimundo Gonzalez

    thats whatsup ma nigga

  • EReal

    That was probably Bush’s coke.

  • texasleen

    “The power of the powder pimping, you don’t understand
    Ask W man, he’s a dealer and a fan of cocaine”

  • jojo

    I hate to be a CONSPIRACY THEORIST, but forte is very very good friends with Carly Simon, a prominent singer at one time as well as the heiress to the Simon & Shuster fortune.

    This goes without saying that George Jr. must have pardoned him for financial reasons as opposed to good behavior. But who knows, maybe im crazy. But crazier things have happened!!

    • DV8


      oh yeah pounds and zones for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bush just freed his suppliers transporter. I wonder if hes going to get back into music?

  • Yayza

    Nobody seems to know how cocaine gets into the country, and the president is pardoning a coke dealer. Hmm…..

  • Vicious Seiger

    It’s good to hear John Forte will be out soon but the Mystikal/Tookie Issue was not going to get the same outcome. A Murderer receiving mercy is not going to go well with the press and neither is a Rapist. Whether Mystikal raped that woman or not, it would have been stupid to bring up that niggerish ultimatum. She would have stole from me and she would have been in a cop car going downtown that very night. I mean I’ve seen some pretty ass ladies who get the mojo going that you WISH you could blackmail into doing some dirty deeds BUT you know not to. Because you know she’s a snake and a snake is going to be a snake and the best way to deal with a snake is cut her head off and not play with her. He would have been better off striping her Butt Booty Naked and driving four counties over and leaving her stupid ass on a dirt road 2 in the morning and saying get home best way you know.

  • Nate

    Some basic answers to questions about why he did this now ,why at all, etc:

    All these past Prez’s in their lame duck period’s are known for the pardons in the last days of presidency. Lots of them are political crony’s or a friend’s, friend’s friend and somebody owes somebody a BIG favor…

    That said, John Forte had huge writeups in either XXL or Source years ago when this went down. We would have to go to the back issue but it was somehow controversial at the time although getting caught with all that seems pretty cut and dry.

    Don’t get on the Prez negative for pardening people. Many of his pardons IN COMPARISON to CLINTON and BUSH Seniors list were much better.
    Bush list’s was half as long as Clinton’s and means it was less tied to getting friend’s off. If Bush didn’t pardon anyone, minority or not he would get negative press. If he pardoned tons of people then the Press would kill him for all the cronyism.. So sometimes we should just accept it on good faith…

    If you think about it
    Forte would have served about 7 years already and we know for most offenses where dudes get out many get out after half their time anyway so long as they don’t kill anyone inside. If Forte is getting off with this 5 year supervised release that means essentially in some sort of manner he is still being controlled by the state. Maybe other than the substance involvement he is still seen as a MC who has potential to do good things in society if he straightens his path. Remember it’s just a reduced sentence, not a full pardon.

    If he was caught in 2000 then that’s under the tail end of the Clinton admin. Maybe it’s also a way to give a poke for political points REP vs DEM’s to show slight leniency for someone put away under the Clinton’s admin.

    (If it was a FULL PARDON then Clinton could have done it in 2000)









  • balaramesh

    ok, so where is mike vike?!?

  • lostgyrl

    Well alright Bush! So where’s Spigg Nice’s Pardon or reduce sentence?

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