Philant Johnson Killer Found Guilty

Hosea Thomas has been convicted of killing Philant Johnson, T.I.’s personal assistant, in a shooting in Cincinati two years ago.

Thomas was found guilty of felonious assault and illegal fire arm possession by a convicted felon. Johnson was reportedly murdered after a club altercation spilled into a highway shooting. As previously reported, T.I. took the stand during Thomas’ trial last week. During his testamony, Tip revisited the night of the shooting from the night club incident, to the highway shooting. Tip was in town for a performance.

His brother, Pardon Thomas, turned out to be the prosecution’s star witness, as he testified against Hosea. Thomas faces life in prison and will be sentenced December 23. -Bruce Moses

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  • Danny Myers

    Before you guys start saying the infamous “S” word, consider there is a very thin line between snitching, and doing the right thing.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Fuck what cha say . TI is a snitch, single handily put this guy in jail,that jury would not have convicted if the “rap star” did not testify.

    Sike..good for him, murderers belong in jail, TI did the right thing

    • Stonyman

      I guess reading comprehension wasn’t your strong suit. “His brother, Pardon Thomas, turned out to be the prosecution’s star witness…”

  • guttaman

    “snitch on a nigga” is the new “no snitchin”

  • Ambition-1

    Gettin sentenced to life two days before Christmas must be a pretty tough pill to swallow. It must also be a bitch to snow that your own brother snitched you out. TI is not a snitch for what he did; he simply did what any real friend would do. Dude’s brother is the one who turned around on him. Oh well, tough break nigga!

  • $ ANOC $

    My n!cca TIP aint no snitch. He just rec@lled wat h@ppen3d dat nite. Dude brother iz da 1 who snitched! Dat bitch nigga deserves 2 get life

  • 619

    His brother was the star witness, wow that’s some cold cold stuff. He had to look across the courtroom at his own flesh and blood on the stand. Spend half your life with someone and they put you away for the other half. And the most fucked up thing is that he was there too. If your own brother is coming out the club heated ready to go to the car to get his heat and follow someone and you know you got snitch tendencies, isn’t it partly your responsibilty to pull him to the side to calm his ass down before you ride with him when he commits the crime. Cain and Abel, my brothers keeper, shit, the brother’s just as guilty.

    • Stonyman

      You gotta look out for yourself above all else, and if you don’t believe that give all your money away and kill yourself.

      • 619


        • 619


  • BigD

    You monkeys are some ignorant fucking animals if you think that testifying in a trial cause his boy died is snitching.

  • Mutada al sader the king


    Must not be your strength either since you totally missed the sarcasm as well as the immediate retraction directly below my initial comment. Is the work “sike” or “Psyc” gone out of style ? Your scarf and tight pants must being cutting off the circulation to your brain.

    And fuck what your talking about, his brother should have kept his mouth shut. “Only way I’d shoot my brother is if he’s beating on mom’s”

  • amfv

    Only thing worse than a nigga cooberating a story, is school boy bitch motherfuckers cheering em on. Yall motherfuckers bitch-made
    fuck yall . TI’s a fuckin SNITCH.
    TI’s A FUCKIN SNITCH.pass it on.

    • A yow

      amfv is schoolboy ass bitch who has a childs perspective on life and snitching…. pass it on!

  • vicious SEIGER

    Dude’s brother did the right thing. Anytime you have a member of your family or crew that is getting out of control we [The Family or Crew] share a responsibility in life to pull this person to the side and counseling them while pushing towards a better path in life. Whenever these tactics don’t achieve any change and this person is continuing a menacing presence… we must take the opportunities given to remove them from the elements that are causing their downfall. If my own brother was beating his girlfriend and my nephew it would be my responsibility to pull his ass to the side and get him to check himself and if that didn’t work explore different avenues keep his family safe and stop him from being his own worst enemy. Too many times people don’t want to get involved with their own family affairs and some become too involved at times. Like when my boy’s brother was killed in some gang warfare, he had to opportunity for kill the men responsible but he knew his brother was walking a dark path and wasn’t going to let the affairs of the dead interrupt the lives of the living. His brother was a menace and he accepted it that his brother was not a good man who was unrighteously killed. His Brother chose that path of misery and torment and that’s what he received in turn. We all know the difference between right and wrong the only between us is how strong are we when it comes down to doing the right thing are we. Will you cringe or will you persevere?

  • Shim Dolla

    Why you keep on labeling this man a snitch is beyond me, it shows that you niggas ain’t even paying attention to what happened T.I. took the stand yeah but never once did he point his finger at the defendent and said he did it he just stated what happened as far as gettin shot at and him ducking down and noticing Philant Johnson with a shot in his head. The man’s brother is the one who ate the cheese for real.

  • jovan mitchell

    justice was served t.i.p did the right thing and to me he is a stand up man for that.His own flesh and blood did him bogus

  • amfv

    even if i would a stayed in school i still wouldnt be no snitch.So go fuck yourself. taking the stand is taking the stand. call it what you want. But im sure youll still be suckin ti’s dick anyway. pass the shit on bitch.

  • J-Killer15

    If somebody killed one of your closets friends right in front of you over some dumb shit; you wouldn’t testify to put him in jail. I don’t give a fuck what life you live we are all human beings and we have emotions.

    Also, all of ya talking about that T.I. is a snitch shit…do ya live the life of a convicted felony? Were you ever in the position of having to snitch on somebody? Do you go to bed every night worrying if somebody is going to kill you and your family? Probably not because ALL OF YA NIGGAS ARE INTERNET THUGS! If you were a “thug” you would be out trapping and not on the message boards. FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

  • Snakeyez

    For the last time! Snitching is defined as being involved in commiting a crime, then turning around and telling on those who were likewise involved in the same crime once authority figures have identified you as a person who in fact did commit a crime. Snitching is also defined as giving up information involving a crime that you in no part took place in but would benefit from giving forth such information by recieving some incentive i.e. reduced sentencing, money, protection, benefit of a rival being incarcerated, etc. Thank you for your time. You may now run around and tell the world you are a big boy/girl and KNOW what a snitch is. You’re welcome.

  • EReal

    What if this were 50?



    You know, there are a lot of stupid mutha fukkas up here. Just because you testify on a stand doesn’t mean you snithced…All T.I. did was recall some events that happened. He didn’t say, “HOSEA THOMAS” shot my damn friend! Just like if you were in a night club or whatever and your friend got shot and killed and peoeple saw you with him, your ass would be on the stand to.

  • Cheeba Baby

    He’s one for one this year. Although this may not be snitching in the death of his friend. It’s DAMN SHO’ SNITCHIN’ what he did to get that bogus 500 hrs community service and the one year sentence he got. Ain’t no way in hell you a convicted felon riding around with two guns on you while you’re on the way to purchase assault weapons with silencer’s. Then they go to your house and you have a arsenal of 9 assault weapons in your closet. He snitched/snitchin’ on somebody.

  • Shim Dolla

    cosign what f0rty said, you niggas are stupid you don’t even know what a snitch if he was in ya face recalling events that happened the nigga never said this individual shot at me, all you fake ass niggas talkin all that shit but more than likely he had to go wasn’t on his free will if didn’t recall the events of that night they more than likely hit with obstruction of justice on top of what he already got now what you take that charge for a nigga that tried to kill you if anbody on says that would you either lying ass nigga or dumb ass nigga, if you the latter lay it down and do your time while a some other nigga is fuckin ya bitch driving yo car if you the first you need to take ya stop snitchin shirts off and put on a stop fronting shirts frontin ass niggas

    • FORTY



  • eddogz

    this is life, take it or leave it people. much worst things have happened within families like literately killing each other. however, the principle in this situation is LOYALTY and the LACK of it! If I get into some problem where I felt that killing a man will make me feel better and my own brother is riding with me then he better be a man and keep his mouth shut or else he shouldn’t have gone along the ride.

    I’m definitely glad that the Johnson family got some closure. The Thomas family definitely does not have a good look for themselves at all. The actions of one brother proved to be reckless and criminal minded and the actions of the other were obviously selfish and conniving…i guess it goes to show that SHIT HAPPENS AND YOU CAN’T TRUST ANYBODY

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  • sean brooks

    man i hope ya boy kno he will never see the world again. honestly he should of thought about that frm the get go but its good justice is served