[Editor's Note: In conjunction with XXL's annual love/hate issue, artists spoke on their personal love/hate moments of the year.]

E-40 hates radio personalities. Well, not really. But in the past year, the veteran slang master has grown increasingly frustrated with a few biased jocks. While DJs have come under fire for alleged payola in the past, Fonzarelli thinks the jock's credibility is now at an all-time low.

"I hated that a lot of radio jocks, they’re so opinionated like they are A&R’s," 40 told XXLMag.com. "It came to the extreme this year. But then again, there’s a lot of open-minded ones out there that enjoy the music no matter what."

"As long as it make your head bop, and they play it at a club and motherfuckas are fucking with it, there it is," he continued. "But I done heard radio personalities play songs that ain’t nobody fucking with, no requests at all, but they playing it cause they like it themselves personally. And that’s cool, but if it’s a song that you don’t like, but everybody else like, you won’t play that?" -Marvin Brandon

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