Missing Death Row Assets Recovered

Stashed Death Row assets have resurfaced. As previously reported, Suge Knight and Carl “Butch” Small were recently accused of hiding Death Row items to exclude them from the label’s sale earlier this year.

Small’s former girlfriend lead authorities to a storage unit in Burlington, Michigan where Livingston County Sheriff Deputy Christopher Schmidt confiscated boxes he believed contained master recordings.

The trustee in charge of recovering the items has put together a list of hidden assets. The 49 page document lists 625 items, including promotional flyers, posters and clothing, office and computer accessories, plaques, VHS tapes and cover art for Lady Of Rage’s Necessary Roughness, Snoop Dogg’s The Dogfather, Dogg Pound’s Dog Food and Tupac Shakur’s All Eyez On Me, among many others. -Marvin Brandon

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