Lil Wayne Movie And 50 Cent Album Pushed Back To Next Year

It’s hard out here for a rapper. First Lil Wayne’s Halo Champagne was put on indefinite hold, and now the rapper will have to wait until next year to make his big screen debut. Hurricane Season, Weezy’s first feature film, has reportedly been pushed back to March 2009.

The flick was initially scheduled to open around the holidays, but was postponed due to a saturated holiday movie field.

“The market is really crowded for the Christmas films and they were looking for a strategic month to release it in,” a source close to the movie told XXL under the condition of anonymity. “It recently tested very good in the 90′s with audiences, so I think it will do pretty well in the theater.”

Hurricane Season also stars Bow Wow, Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, Isaiah Washington and Taraji P. Henson and follows a post-Hurricane Katrina high school basketball team from New Orleans as they overcome hardships on their way to a state championship.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent has also postponed his album. First slated for a December release date, Before I Self Destruct, has now been pushed back to 2009. Fif plans on rewarding his patient fans by adding two DVDs to the album’s deluxe edition: Two Turntables and a Microphone: The Life and Death of Jam Master Jay Documentary and the Before I Self Destruct movie.

“Times are hard,” 50 said in a statement. “Everyone is trying to make the most of what they have. I want to give my fans something extra for their hard earned dollars. They’ll get a free bonus when the pick up the album.” -Bruce Moses

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  • BGZ

    Lets see what G-UNOT KILLA says about this one..

    Movie with Weezy and Bow-Wow doesnt seem appealing at all ad as far as 50′s album push back, i really couldnt care less!!

    • Trick Trick

      i forcd g-unot k out da closet wit sexy mexy i extort dem both fo mo shine on da website.


    does anyone really care….. who besides me is tired of hearing the same ol shit…. I wish real hip hop would make a come back like tribe and what ever happened to onyx? can we go back to project hip hop and struggle… I’m sorry I cant relate to havin a bently or model bitches… I live in the real world thanks…

  • Scottish Rob

    Wow, who cares about 50 Cent’s new album anyway, the dude is straight garbage. Lil Wayne should stick to rapping or I might go and kill both them homos. Hehe mudafucka!

  • MC

    Looks like Fif had to push his album back since his single ‘Get Up’ has recieved little to no airplay. I still dont know how the radio plays the garbage it plays and wont play Fifs music which is still better than most the stuff on the radio. Fif better come REAL hard with his next single or its officially a rap.


      The real reason 50 is pushing his album back is because we have laid down numerous Spider Loc Features and there are to many to chose from! Spider Loc has a Dr. Dre produced Track called Crippin Love it has Jayo Felony, C-Bo, And Monster Cody! My dicks been hard for 3 days str8 now cause I wanna kill so bad nigga! Got probs? Call me bitch 451-4421 or email me @ and I promise you will see Crippin @ its finest!

      • Young Jopey

        ure a retard

        but a comedic retard, so its all good

        peace out internet banger

      • makaveli1671


    • niggaplease

      Most of the garbage on the radio is better than that single, is why.

      Nigga, please.

    • BIGNAT

      ummm who still listens to the radio

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  • Trick Trick

    ain’t no push back date on my album go cop it ghostwrighters include my boi obie kaniva konartis its so so so so cold in da d i got my goose down tho goon sqwad waddup. had to punish my daughter tried to take da transformer to show and tell i dont need no witnesses wit info on roberie. got to go to get ready for my eating contest wit king gordy and bizarre i bet dem dat if i win they owe me ghostwrighting on my next album no extortion only a bet dont get it twistd.

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    I love sucking cock a lot. Spider Coc is my Master, i got his blue cum all over my nigger dumb face.I crip cum nigga ! Blue the truest !


    I love sucking cock a lot. Spider Coc is my Master, i got his blue cum all over my nigger dumb face.I crip cum nigga ! Blue the truest !!

  • i made this happen

    there you are..

  • thechangman

    Damn looks like 50 cent cd might be another bust, but he wants to put a dvd with it im cool with that. Jam Master J (R.I.P). just hope that by him pushing it back don’t mean the album will be a disappointment.

  • DJ Knox

    G.U.K., u slippin, man. We go and boost ya head up, then u go homothug on us. Damn, anyway, 50 needs a classic just to save his empire and Lil’ Wayne acting, lol. I gotta show he can be on…”Celebrity Rehab…D’Wayne, get help…4real


  • nellz

    thats clearly a different G-UNOT KILLA..this guy thought he’d be funny if he used his name to seem gay…but miserably failed

  • Vicious Seiger

    50 pushed that album back because that new single is garbage. He knows the game too well to attempt to release another album like that g-unit fiasco. 50 knows his albums sales depend on the strength of his singles and that last song was a flatliner. Off to the lab he goes.

  • Peru (Chicago)

    Niggas need to stop stealing screen names! G-Unot killa dude is funny as hell. Stop posting fake shit with other peoples screen names, that shit aint funny. you gets no laughs!!!

  • latino heat

    are u sure 50 pushed his album back? he was at the ufc pay per view on saturday night and he said in a interview that it was coming out december 9th. they were supposed to play part of his new video at the end of the show, but i stopped watching after the main event.

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