Lil Wayne Hits The Road With T-Pain & Keyshia Cole

Time to hit the road. MTV reports that Lil Wayne is set to headline an eight-week nationwide tour featuring T-Pain, Keyshia Cole and Gym Class Heroes starting December 18th.

Wayne is also scheduled to release his highly anticipated Dedication 3 mixtape with DJ Drama this Thursday(11/11). Similar to the two previous installments, the tape features Wayne rippinng known instrumentals like DJ Drama’s “The Art Of Storytelling Pt.4,” Soulja Boy’s “Shootouts” and Lil Jon and Too $hort’s “Dick Pleaser.”

The 23-track disc features guest verses on nearly every cut. But rather than collaborate with established artists, Weezy is mostly sharing mic time with Young Money and signees and affiliates, including Nicki Minaj, Drake, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine and especially Jae Millz, who appears on nearly half of the records. Drama affiliates Willie Da Kid and LA The Darkman also appear numerous times on the tape. -Bruce Moses

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  • GO-Getta’

    Uaagh this post make me wanna verbal vomit. Ante up yo game or vamoose son. Don’t ya ‘ve sumttin betta’ than this. Last time i check it was Lil’ Wang & now is still wang wang wang.

    Men & women lie but numbers don’t so i guese hip hop is really going down the drain if this idiots @ xxl don’t notice.

    Vibe has a nerve of gracing plies on their cover as the future of rap. That’s it i’m done with this magazine publications.

    How ya gonna rate music if ya WTF?


      Look @ this Piru Bitch Lil Wayne Picture, he look like he thinkig, “How the fucc did I get this ugly.” I smacced the shit outta him for listening to “Piru Love” he was like “I’m so sorry” I smacced the syrup outta his hand and it got on Ne-Yo’s face This nigga look like when he was born he can out his mommas ass! I smacked the shit outta him 3 years ago @ a Mac 10 Video Shoot for wearing to much red. Got Probs? Call me Bitch 451-5421 and it can be handled! Nigga fucc anybody up who wants to test this Crip Janitor. Crip Commandments

      1. Listen to Spider Loc he knows what Crippin is
      2. If a hood Rat Winks Fucc her raw dogg doggy
      3. Get ur kidz crippin by age of 5 nigga
      4. Make sure u wear blue 4 times per week
      5. Watch Colors and imulate Roccet!
      6. Eat at Fat Burger 4 times weekly
      7. C walk B4 all drive by’s after 10 pm
      8. If you see Piru scream Carrriiippp
      9. Drop outta school by age 17
      10. Smacc the shit outta Gayme on sight cuz

      • G-UNOT KILLA

        **Bonus Commandment**
        Do 3 Drive By’s in Niccerson Gardens (a blood stronghold) per year!

      • jay z of da west

        lol u stupid

  • EReal

    You may only ask T-Pain ONE question about this, YA GOT IT!?

  • Rosco

    lmao G-unot killa iz the funniest nigga on the internet.

  • nicky j

    “2. If a hood Rat Winks Fucc her raw dogg doggy”


  • kEITH

    fuck lil weezy

    • nellz

      lol hating is hard work. u saw the topic said lil wayne…and still opened it…lmao.

      BUT…the nigga is gettn a lil wayne fan..since day 1…but 70% of the shit he put out after dedication 2 has been straight ass…and it feels like dedication 3 is gonna be more of the same…i don’t understand why he’s getting more n more fans. he needs 2 slow down. Its not about the quantity, its the quality. Either that, or do another studio album w/ mannie fresh….dude aint been the same since then.

      • MARCY

        fresh fresh f ff f fresh


        got a box of band aides i ain’t playin come on

  • kne81

    C walk B4 all drive by’s after 10 pm
    LMAO..u stupid fo that one

    Look @ this Piru Bitch Lil Wayne Picture, he look like he thinkig, “How the fucc did I get this ugly.”
    LMAO…yeah he is ugly..I wonder if XXL is payin u to do this G-UNOT..lolz


      Hell naw homie I get paid by Grape St, Paybacc, ECG-UNIT, Kelly Park, Spooktown, Front Hood, & Duce 9 Allie Crips. 20k per year to blog and spread their realness. Plus I’m a janitor @ Crenshaw High. Plus I’m the offical Crip Wall Name putter upper

  • stuckfresh

    Gudda Gudda back w/ Wezzy! Thats whats up!! Sqad UP!!

  • chillin mayne

    commandment number 7 lmaooooooo
    u too much mayne
    ……the official crip wall name putter upper….jajajajajajaj

  • markamilyon

    weezy is becoming played out. i can’t wait for the next big artist to come and wipe weezy off the face of the earth!


    I want my mutha fuckin ticket half price.

    I’m still pissed the diva stood all his Boston fans up.

    For what it’s worth I didn’t see any reports on the fact that Jay-Z was subliminaly dissing Wayne over the course of the show.

    He was saying shit along the lines “now i can only speak for myself but when im supposed to rock a show, im there rocking the show like I should be” “a real G gives the people what they paid for” ect.

    He also rapped over the a milli beat by himself.