It looks like Kanye West fans will get to purchase 808s & Heartbreak a day earlier. Def Jam has reportedly pushed the album up one day to capitalize off the holiday season.

West broke the news during a Def Jam conference call earlier today (11/11). The call came only hours after Ye's fourth album, 808s & Heartbreak leaked onto the internet.

"Basically, the label moved it up," Ye revealed during the call. "They're trying to get more sales and shit. If I get the sales, then cool. If I don't, then I have to sure bear the burden cause I've been a cocky motherfucka, talking my shit and all that."

West concluded the call by asserting he's not behind his songs' leaks. "I gotta say 'Robocop' is completely different on the album," Ye stressed. "'Paranoid' is different and I did not leak those. I did not leak the 'Heartless' video. Motherfuckas are leaking my shit. The only shit I leaked is 'Heartless' and 'Love Lockdown.'"

In related news, Def Jam also pushed up Ludacris' Theater Of The Mind and The Killers' Day And Age to November 24th. Both releases were initially slated to hit stores on the 25th like Heartbreak. -Marvin Brandon