Jay-Z And Beyonce Named Hollywood Richest Couple

Jay-Z has ranked atop yet another Forbes Magazine list. After ranking second on the publication’s annual “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” list, Jiggaman and his wife Beyonce have been named Hollywood’s richest couple.

According to Forbes, the couple almost evenly pitched in to earn $162 million last year. Hov’s revenues came from his Live Nation deal and his American Gangster release. Meanwhile, Bey made $80 mill through fashion, films, publishing deals, sold out tours and endorsement deals with American Express, L’Oreal and Direct TV.

The couple easily beat out Will Smith and Jada Pinkett who came in second with $85 million. The Fresh Prince raked in $80 mill with blockbusters like The Pursuit Of Happyness,  I Am Legend and Hancock while Pinkett chipped in with $5 mill via movie roles. The list also featured David and Victoria Beckham at no. 3, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at no. 4 and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at no. 5. -Bruce Moses

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    get that money hov


      I was the driver for them 2 yrs ago after an Oscars party, They told me, “Take me to nutty blocc! I want some weed” So I make a U turn and then Beyonce yelled, “I wanna get fucced up niggaz!” Out the window of the Niccerson Gardens and then pulled out her 40 Glocc and started firing rounds @ the Bounty Hunter Bloods! I immediatly started floring it becuase I knew I had just sex’d her into the Crips 2 days prior and she was hyped to show her loyalty, also to mention I had to go to work the next day, (I’m a full time janitor @ Crenshaw High). We get to the weedspot and Jay-Z sees a mural of Tookie he then pours out liquour, I immediatly smack the shit outta him because he grabbed the wrong bottle he was accidently pouring out Pepsi! They left me big money as a tip for the night $12 and I spent it @ fat burger for dinner! ECG-UNIT CRIP 4 LIFE SPIDER LOC 4 LIFE!!

      • What?

        Please back away from ignorance my dude…

      • iLL_wiLL

        nah keep them shits comin Gunot Killa!!!! that last one was hilarious hahahah u sexed in beyonce??? damn that mustve been the best sex anyone has ever had!! lol at jay pouring out pepsi!!! lmaooooo and the big tip they left?? 12 bucks??? damn u rollin in the money now!! lmaooo keep em comin gunot and dont worry bout the fake cats on here tryin to post that ur gay or whatver…cus ur writing style is very distinctive…we can tell when its you and when its a faker!! lol

  • http://xxlmag.com Shawty Reg

    The Real CIRCLE Entertainment google us!!

    Richest couple….thats a good look!!

    Be Eazy,

    Shawty Reg

  • EReal

    Camel and Stank Breath stay winning I guess.

  • TheRefriedMexican


    • MFKNRMX!

      It’s called game. There are a lot of fat ugly pimps in the world. A good confident mouthpeice can be much more effective than trickin and simppin any day.

  • droopey

    TheRefriedMexican are you not familiar with “once you get the money then you get the power, then you get the women”.

    Believe it or not that is the case today and forever.

    • A yow

      “She’s used to million dollar vacations jack/what the fuck u gonna do with that”

  • datboyfrank

    Get that bread jigga. North Miami in this bitch!


    That’s whats up. And that G-Unot shit is gettin lamer and lamer.

  • Youngz

    LMAO!! G-Unot Killa keeps bringing that fyre…!!!

  • http://www.rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    droopey I feel ya. But that dude Jay-Z is hurt as fuck. He make his own Roc-A-Wear ads look they aint even tryin to make him look like a model. He lookalike a camel. He got bread though and remains an inspiration to hip hop entrepreneurs such as myself.


  • tony grand$

    Jada know she can’t do nothin wrong. That shit said “will raked in 80 mill, jada made 5″, lmao! That nigga like “aight girl, ill take care of the house, the bills, the car notes, the kids’ tuitions, ur family, my ppl, the dogs, the cats & the llama, wardrobe for erybody, including the help, and you just make sure that cable bill goes out on time.”

  • drox

    I’m still tryin 2 figure out how this fag goes on every post and writes like 3 pages of blog? Dont ur lame ass got life? or something to do? ur name’s on every news or post and track listing and I gotta say some of that shit b funny but I gotta kno… dont u have a LIFE?

    • tony grand$

      Wow. Says the man worried bout what another mans doin from a library computer. Fans, that’s kinda cool. I prefer female groupies, though.

  • Trickdd

    G unot has groupies on a web sight I don’t know what is worse G unot making all these lame story’s up are the lame muthafuckas that actually think the shit is funny. Beyonce is the finest women in the game and for Jay I really don’t care about no more to me he is still retired until he comes out with some real shit Lyrics mean a lot but dam Jay get on a tight beat man and make some more videos for the real shit don’t see you in any videos never see you doing no videos with other artist if you gonna come back in the rap game do it all the way man do it big not half stepping









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