E-40 has received great feedback for the title of his forthcoming album, The Ball Street Journal, but it almost never was. The slang master initially toyed with a few other titles.

"I had the title Verbal Vomit at first," 40 told XXLMag.com. "But I knew that might have went over a few people's heads. So I just came up with Ball Street Journal. It flows off the tongue right and it's just perfect for an E-40 title. I had one called Ear Candy. But I still might do Ear Candy in the future, cause I feel like my music is therapeutic and healing and it's Ear Candy."

In the end, Fonzarelli settled for Ball Street Journal. "We always be pitching our little lingo and slang around," Fonzarelli explained. "We just be coming up with titles and what not. One of my potnas, Raytona 500...He was like, 'Yeah, man. Just over here reading the Baller Street Journal. He called it the Baller Street Journal."

"I had just did My Ghetto Report Card, which was a couple of years ago," 40 added. "[I thought] Ball Street Journal would be a good follow-up."