Dr. Dre Takes One For The Team, Drops Detox For Eminem Album

Looks like the shell game over at Interscope Records won’t be ending any time soon. After several false starts and unspecified release dates regarding Dr. Dre and Eminem’s long-delayed projects, label head Jimmy Iovine recently provided some hope for at least one of the discs to hit shelves before 2008 fades away. In a recent interview with Billboard, Iovine revealed that Dre is putting the freeze on Detox to help put the final touches on Marshall’s next opus.

“Eminem was always coming next year,” he revealed. “But what happened was, I lost Dr. Dre to Eminem. Dre had to stop making his album to finish Eminem’s album. Eminem hit a streak, and when a guy like Eminem gets on fire, you stop everything. That’s how we lost Dre.”

Don’t fret, though, as Iovine says we’ve only lost the Good Doc for a few months. “Dre’s going back in in January. He’ll be finished with Eminem by then, and he’ll finish his album.”

While Iovine provided forward progress regarding his marquee artists’ releases, he was still tight-lipped on specific release dates and a title for Em’s fifth solo LP. —Anslem Samuel

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  • EReal

    When Iovine talks, you bettah listen.

    Sounds like Em has some shit in the tank. Word Life.

    • Knowledgable

      Sounds like Dre is making up another excuse to delay his album. He’s been working on for like 7 years now and it’s still not ready. I think he’s hesitant to put out something that will probably tank considering today’s market. Dre as an album’s main artist is irrelevant now, mostly because he waits so long to put out something new under his own name.

      • http://lasdjf.com MARCY

        hell yea, he scarred, he should of just dropped it unexpectly, no promotion just hit the shelves

      • EReal

        You think Dre cares about record sales? Think about it.
        Aftermath, Shady, G-Unit

        Dude has like 100 Million sold he could give a fuck about Sales. It took 6 years for him to drop Chronic 2001 and that shit was classic.

        You don’t rush perfection, besides the fact that Dre didn’t even say this, Jimmy Iovine did.

        People need to have more respect for a legend.

    • joe p

      cant wait for the new em LP .. shit gonna be crazy

  • toyoji

    cant wait for both of them. hopefully will be a breath of fresh air instead of all this crap out now

  • http://xxlmag.com Bobby

    Nothing new, another album delay.



    • EReal

      ^ Lil Wayne Fan.

      • LEO

        lol…Fucking Lil Wang Fan…If you aint care why even post a comment bout it?

        I dont care how long the joint takes…I’ll be waiting till it drops…and me and about 5 million others will prolly like it lol…dummass

  • brand-new

    dre did the same thing for 50 cent with get rich or die tryin, and here we 5 years later,no detox, and another delay. i’ll beleive the hype of detox album coming out when i see it on the shelf.

  • http://www.rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    Ummmmm…. this sounds familiar! Didn’t Dre put thre other Eminem albums before his. To my calculations he has also put three 50 Cent albums before his, two D-12 album, two G-Unit albums, two Young Buck albums, two Lloyd Banks albums, two Obie Trice albums, two Game albums (yes Doctor’s Advocate still counts), one Busta Rhymes album, a bunch of Snoop tracks, and a whole gang of shit that we’ll never ever hear.

    Basically our best bet for a Detox album is to scrape all the Dre beats off the shit I just mentioned and make a gang of mixes. Since everybody’s a DJ these days we can just get one of our boys to mix that shit down and we in biz.

    I say that to say this don’t hold your breath for Detox. I know a couple of niggas who died waitin for new Dre shit.


  • toyoji

    em must have some real serious stuff in the works. cant wait hope its not the pop crap he puts out sometimes

  • BizExec

    Want To Make $350,000 To $700,000 In The Rap Game?

  • Phe-Nom

    Wow…same old shit.

    The hype for Detox is so overwhelming, no matter how good the album will be it will never live up to the expectaions. (Thats if he ever even releases it.)

    When I first heard that Detox would be released at the end of 2008 I laughed and said “I’ll believe it when I see it on the shelfs.”

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • TheRefriedMexican


  • dark vanilla

    We’ll people just realize that Detox is never coming out.

  • Spinner

    Yo, whutz up wit G Unot Killa ??? Haha, i’m just kiddin’….Now, for Doc. Yo, we already heard that shit. We know we ain’t gonna see Detox out probably till 2010. But, i’m still hopin’, so…. By the way, go cop LAX. Start listen to real music. And go cop Ye’s 808′s. If u want to hear reaaaaal GARBAGE, go cop that shit. I mean, i ain’t neva heard worst hip hop ( can i call that trash hip hop ? ) album…..

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • Sleepy I

    Fuck Detox

    Biggest waste of time ever

  • Sleepy I

    Fuck Detox!

    Biggest waste of time ever!

  • Vicious Seiger

    Dr. Dre’s Detox release date is Neveruary 32nd. Don’t forget to reserve yours now.

  • MyOwnStyle

    FUCK DR.DRE (overrated producer)!

    1) He takes too long to release an album
    2) Name an originally composed beat that he didn’t use a sample for. Don’t worry I’ll wait. My point: all he does is use old samples and drop drums on them (9th Wonder does the same).
    3) Doesn’t even attempt to write his own rhymes
    4) Doesn’t work with the Game (average), although he will work with 50 and Bishop Lamont (both garbage)
    5) Takes his fans for granted and is the definition of a studio gangster

    • EReal

      So all of N.W.A. and most of Pac and Snoops albums are overrated?

      You fucking lame.

      LOL @ YOU

  • opm509

    all I gotta say is eryone said the same shit bout 2001. that shit took wut 8-9yrs to drop and was an instant classic eryone jus be patient dre never puts crap out jus good music he is the only artist that can say he puts out quality over quanity now only if these lil niggas would reconize wut real game is

  • three2sixCubed

    Gotdamn we got a black president before we got Detox. Hillary ’16 before Detox?

    • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

      that’s nothing-we’re gonna have a black woman president who has no limbs and is a lesbian, before the new rakim finally comes out


      • ChevyBoy

        Haha fuck thts funny

  • NM23

    Hey, it took Gun’s N Roses 15 years to release Chineses Democracy but thats finall out….maybe Dre tryin to beat that record!

  • Josh

    Thanks, NM23. Stole the words from my mouth. If GNR fans can wait 15 years, then true hip-hop fans should be able to wait 7+ years.

    We all know that whatever Dre touches turns to gold. Whenever Detox comes out, it’s going to be worth the wait.

    I’m not even a GNR fan, and I was blown away by what I heard from Chinese Democracy.

  • dan99

    That just means that detox will get pushed back another 10years.

  • Rex Banner

    this shit is never coming out. Don’t waste your time waiting

  • balaramesh

    dre is already 43. he will be dang near 50 when his album comes out.

  • http://www.classandgrime.com RCV

    I was in the 8th grade when they started talking about Detox…I’m 21 years old now and it’s still not out!!! I’m sick of waiting, Em’s album better be worth the work because Aftermath ain’t really drop anything that great since Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

    • trupredator

      your outta your damn mind.d12,g-unit,8 mile soundtrack,the massacre(some of encore),lloyd banks first,young bucks first.aftermath was on fire up until the re-up.which still had a couple hot tracks.they went down hill with the rest after that.this will be the rebirt of aftermath.they comlin back to show these youg cats that are puttin out garbage that they are still relevant.long live artists who can actually spit on the mic and produce hot beats.aftermath/shady is full of talent and thats a fact

  • Trickdd

    I love how Wayne gets brought up in something that has nothing to do with him fucking lame niggas anyway both cds are worth waiting for the albums will be hear before we know it witch is a good thing with all this bullshit out nowadays y’all must not remember the days artist didn’t come out with four albums a year because they where actually taking the time to put a good album together another reason why I think cds aren’t selling a lot no more cause all the shit they put out there is no anticipating like there use to be

  • 619

    Damn, damn, damn. “Dre’s going back in in January…and he’ll finish his album”. Sounds like I’ve heard this a million times before. I could swear they just said Dre will definitely be out by the end of the year, with his liquor coming out to promote the album. That mafuckers liquor isn’t even out yet. I supported Dre on this for a mintue now, but he just has to stop lying to the people about release dates every year, his shit’s never coming out.

  • FlapJack

    I’m so sick of this.. “everything dre touches turns gold” my ass. I haven’t heard a dre beat since 2001 that was all that.and that album aint all it’s cracked up to be. dude is more overrated then pac. and that says a lot. ghostwriters and ghostproducers..Diddy comes to mind..

  • Chris Mac

    Most people that posted on here is haterz, heres three reason why;

    1)What is a rap beat?(samples thrown over drums you moron)
    2)Why does it take so long for uhim to drop(Cuz unline most artists he takes time to craft his music eg;look at the artist formely known as wayne)
    3)Prolly shoulda bin numba one but ‘Who started this gangsta shit and this the mofuckin thanks he get’hello.

    This man help gives us some of the biggest hits in hip hop, Given oppurtunities to arists we would’ve known nodda about, and lived alongside some of the legends we seen today. This man lost his son not too long ago and already people want him to start workin again. He’s jus waitin for the right time, the more mofuckas debate this the sooner it’ll come out. Think about it we aint heard bout detox in a quick few years but he dropped the rumor
    again and got the mill goin. I would put money on detox dropping 2009. People hatin is the reason we dont get to here alot of the artists we miss.One

    R.i.p- Eazy-E
    R.i.p- Tupac
    R.i.p- Notorious
    R.i.p- ODB
    R.i.p- Proof
    R.i.p- Pimp C
    R.i.P- Stack Bundles
    R.i.p- MC breed

    “We bless those who pass whom inspired the future”

    • Chris S

      your arguement was fine without trying to give yourself credibility by naming off dead rappers…and you left out the most talented rapper of the group, Big L. so much for that credibility…

      anyways, i would much rather him take his time than rush something, even though it will prolly never come out. i hope to God Eminem is back in full effect. the game needs him, NOW!

      • 619

        You’re willing to put money on Detox dropping in 2009? Shit, I know plenty of people who would line up to make a fast buck off somebody whose easily hustled.

  • Trickdd

    FlapJack If you think Dre are pac is overrated than you must be a hater but a we all got are own opinion but yours just makes you sound like a hater Dr.Dre is a pioneer in the game he’s been doing this rap thing for a long time

    • FlapJack

      No doubt they are pioneers, but they are not god-status like people seem to think

  • Chris Mac

    When it comes to this site, there is no credibility(G-UNOT KILLA), its peoples opionions. For me to list all rapperz that haave died i’d have to write all night. What you doin is hatin(no offence). But it must of stopped and made you think to post something.

  • Curtis75Black

    Right now, It’s whatever when it comes to Dre and his cd. This cat hasn’t put out anyone on his label. Rakim left, Eve left, Joell left, Busta left, Stat Quo left-anyone else I forgot ? funny how The Game has been able to drop 2 cd’s after the debacle with Aftermath. Maybe the best thing to happen to homie. I wish Dre the best though, I like to hear some music before my 34th birthday in Oct.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Come on Dr. Dre!!! (II)

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    OB4CL 2
    TI & DJ Toomp Album
    Nas & Dj Premier Album
    Bad meets Evil (Em & Royce)
    The Greatest Story Never Told (Saigon)

    blah blah blah…

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      The Nacirema Dream (Papoose)
      Joe Budden album
      Crooked I album
      Joell Ortiz album
      Rakim Album

      blah blah blah…

  • zloc

    who the hell wants dre who is well over 40 to drop a albulm these guys are studio gangsters, whens the crooked i albulm dropping theres more to the west than faggot ass dre

  • zloc

    dre dont even write his own raps all hes good at is producing. why dosent xxl mag talk about up and coming west coast rappers like nippsey husstle xxl mag only support commercial artists.

  • El Tico Loco

    Detox will drop when I start living off my 401k, my kids finish college and get married 10 years after graduation.

  • latino heat

    fuck u dr. dre! all that waiting years for albums is a thing of the past and the game passed u by. how many albums has jay-z dropped since 1999? lil wayne has dropped countless songs in the last two years. your telling me u can’t put 13-15 songs together to get a fuckin album out? nobody u sign ever comes out. what the fuck have u been doing the last 2-3 years? forget albums, when was the last time u produced a classic track, just one song? if eminem wasn’t involved in 50′s first album he probably never would have dropped either. what was the last aftermath album that dropped? i respect everything you’ve done and no i’m not saying wayne can fuck with dre’s cstalog. i’m just saying admit your scared to come out and the game passed u by and stop playing with everybody by saying the shit is coming out when it’s not. enjoy your millions and your retirement and your legendary status and just go away and stop talking about shit that most people don’t care if it happens or not anyway.

  • Eric

    LOL at some of you cats trying reverse psychology shit. “fuck dre” and “you’re scared”. same people will be at best buy at 10am on the Tuesday it comes out









  • mark

    hip hop is dead!

  • bucsormore

    lets start this by sayin fuc dre he an old ass nigga that cant rap and hes beats aint that hot for no mills when the last time u heard a dre hit dont worry ill wait he a laze ball he ass as fuc timbo the king if u compare the 2 whos better and dont hit me with that he brought us snoop nwa em cause they would of had solid careers without him pac said he wasnt working at death row hes an overated bum fuc all who just eats of his nuts

  • Trickdd

    Fuck the haters y’all must have forgot about Dre I’m telling ya don’t be jumping on Dre’s dick once his shit drop that’s all I’m saying cause I know how you haters are

  • Intelekt

    Dr. Dre is ridiculous. Detox is never coming out. I gave up two years ago. 10 years to put out an album? That’d be great if he really put out all these other projects, BUT HE HASN’T. Dre put Detox on hold for Stat Quo… Stat never saw his release date. He put Detox on hold for Raekown… he never came out. Busta’s really lucky he dropped after “only” three years on Aftermath. Rakim never came out, and that’s a FUCKING DISGRACE… okay, then again, Rakim STILL hasn’t put shit out, so maybe it’s him… Anyway, Dre just CAN NOT RELEASE ANYTHING. Joell Ortiz, HA! He had NO shot, not that he isn’t talented. Face it. Dr. Dre is out of his damn mind and won’t put out anything. Have y’all heard the interview with Stat Quo? He was doing his best to be respectful, but he told how Dre is a perfectionist and just never seems to think anything is good enough. I’m not trying to put words in the man’s mouth either, but that’s basically what he said.

    I’m done waiting for Dre. As a matter of fact, FUCK AFTERMATH. Dre was on some other shit when he said “Aftermath.. aint gon’ be nothin after that!” LOL “NOTHING” IS RIGHT. “This is the millenium of Aftermath…” OKAY, WHATEVER. How many albums have dropped this millenium with an Aftermath label on it? Probably about five lol.

    I know it’s better to take your time rather than rush a project, but DAMN. The Dream’s CD was made in a few months and it was HOT. Lil Wayne’s Carter II was HOT. Jay-Z was dropping shit every damn year for a while, and though it wasn’t all great, it was good at the least. Same can be said for Ludacris. There’s a difference between taking your time and being lazy… or maybe he’s just fucking with people.

    People are all on Dr. Dre’s nuts and it’s sickening. He’s great, no question, but he aint THAT great. “He brought you NWA. He started this gangsta shit.” So did Eazy and Cube. Eazy had the paper and Cube had the lyrics. He was the crew’s chief writer. Besides, Ice T and Schooly D were around before NWA, and they were gangsta, too. ICE-T = THE O.G. ORIGINAL GANGSTER.

  • Markus



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