Def Jam Names New Senior Vice President

Island Def Jam Music Group President, Steve Bartels announced today (11/17) the appointment of Jeff Straughn as Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing of Island Def Jam Music Group.

Promoted from vice president to senior vice president, Straughn’s new position requires him to build long term partnership programs with the label, its artists and corporate entities to reach mutually beneficial marketing goals. He served a vice president since July 2005 and played a significant role in launching Tag Records with Island Def Jam and Procter & Gamble.

“Jeff has made major contributions to the marketing plans of our artist campaigns,” Bartels said in the release. “He thinks out-of-the-box and follows through in his pursuits with fortitude.” -Michael Cohen

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  • Shawty Reg

    I wonder what is it about that position! First Jay-Z bows out of it gracefully and now Shakir commits suicide! This will be a mystery for a long time!

    504 all got damn day…..will The Real CIRCLE Entertainment please stand up!!


    Spider Loc was in the final 3 to be replaced! I smacked the shit outta Jermaine Dupree because he wouldn’t buy me a Digourno’s Pizza when I got back from his Stripclub! I was like “Bitch I’m hungry!” He then turned to Usher to say let it burn! I then take Tameka Foster in the back and I wore that shit out! Jeezy later came over to drop off his $3 extortion payment his bitch ass is a turncoat now he claimin he ain’t BMF Pimp C aired him out! I then took my spraypain and wrote his ass on the fuccin wall! I’m officially a BG!!! I got that status for shooting 3 Aryan Brotherhood members in front of the Swapmeet 3 Wks ago!

  • tony blair

    Wait, i thought LA Reid was President of Island Def Jam Music Group? I guess they have these guys in place just for face value but really the “Tall Isrealis” still run the show…


  • Chris

    He’s not Shakir’s replacement. Shakir was Executive Vice President.

    This guy is Senior vp of STRATEGIC MARKETING.

    • King B

      uh…can’t you read??? Straughn WILL BE taking over Shakir Stewart’s position.


    Either way, peace to Shakir.

  • balaramesh

    from a fans perspective, it does not matter, they still going to pass on cats like joe budden and royce for ace hood and rocko.

  • shone jones

    Joe Budden has always been a joke.