Chamillionaire is putting Houston on his back. While most of the city's MCs have been quiet since becoming hip-hop's hottest city three years ago, Cham is prepping to release a new mixtape, Mixtape Messiah 5 and his third album, Venom.

Cham will first be unleashing Mixtape Messiah 5 on November 23rd to prepare the terrain for Venom. A release date as yet to be set for the album. Meanwhile, the mixtape will be available for download on

As previously reported, Cham is looking to bring H-Town back to hip-hop's forefront with his next release. “Everywhere I go people are like, 'What happened to Houston' and that’s a problem for me,” Cham told earlier this year. “I could be one of these people that only cared about myself and be like, ‘I’m just gon get it. Forget everybody else in Houston,’ but I’m not like that.” -Marvin Brandon