Chamillionaire Preps New Album And Mixtape

Chamillionaire is putting Houston on his back. While most of the city’s MCs have been quiet since becoming hip-hop’s hottest city three years ago, Cham is prepping to release a new mixtape, Mixtape Messiah 5 and his third album, Venom.

Cham will first be unleashing Mixtape Messiah 5 on November 23rd to prepare the terrain for Venom. A release date as yet to be set for the album. Meanwhile, the mixtape will be available for download on

As previously reported, Cham is looking to bring H-Town back to hip-hop’s forefront with his next release. “Everywhere I go people are like, ‘What happened to Houston’ and that’s a problem for me,” Cham told earlier this year. “I could be one of these people that only cared about myself and be like, ‘I’m just gon get it. Forget everybody else in Houston,’ but I’m not like that.” -Marvin Brandon

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  • Aaron

    Hell yeah Chamillionaire is the truth, he can’t touch wayne.


    The best kept secret in HIP HOP


    Me & Z-Ro a Crip in Houston Pay this Lizard looking fucc a visit on the “Ridin Dirty” Video Set. He was so fuccin scared I remember him twitching his hand I was like “keep yo muthafuccin had to yo mufuccin side” he said “huh?” I just took off on this bitch. And I issued a standard B.O.S. (beatdown on site) for you non gangbangin fuccs so err time I see him he literally fears for his life. He really took the diamonds outta his mouth because I threatened beat the shit outta him @ Club Luccy’s me & Shawty Lo was playing Craps and I won He came in and I said Crippin gonna pay 2nite, Chammillionaire said I know! I then turned to T.Lie snitching ass and smacced the piss outta this clown while Tiny said “Not my baby!” I then took my purple Lakers jersey and wrapped it around my fist and whore his ass out!

    • Doobie42

      haha was Trae and Keke there too?

    • damn

      damn this dude is fuckin retarded…hes gettin fuckin annoying. every article i read the bitch always has something to say bout it…i kick ur ass if you say shit bout me so shut the fuck up

      • G-UNOT KILLA

        How about dis
        Nigga I got a Crip Hub in the southside H-Town and nigga I promise we call it the blue hole cause enemies go in but they dont come out! Nigga Fucc you and if you want to call & talk about it here it is bitch


    lmao this dude always have me cracking up

  • villan-uk

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  • eric

    are people really getting mad at g-unot? i mean, its fuckin entertainment.

    cham is one of the coldest ones, by the way

  • willshady

    id love to meet this g-unot bitch out on the streets and show him what a beating is. i love internet wanna be gangstas like this g-unot fag. id love to smack the shit out of u bitch

  • lonestar state

    yo that nigga is hillarious, but on the real king koopa is the best,the nigga wayne……”he’s aight but he’s not real”

  • chillin mayne

    cosign eric and lonestar state…dis cat g-unoy killa is strait up comedy…lmaoooo.. da sup king koopa go hard, i been jammin since da here lizzard lizzard days…
    all da women always claimin dat dey independent / be da same ones starin at da diamonds, in-da-pendent…
    dis cat bein goin hard since he hopped on da scene spittin balla ass balla raps…

    if u see me at da kappa, on no swangas and adaptas / u have my permission to walk up, to me and slab, and slap us

    if a nigga go to da mall and spend less dan a G / like shaggy, it wasnt me
    yo i could go fo eva,…dis kat is sick

  • chillin mayne

    i got all of da dykes at da bar orderin twice / but every drink is hot “why?” cuz im wearin all of da ice

  • balaramesh

    cham is nice. i was not feeling MM4 though

  • jmes

    chamillonaire is one of the best rappers and the realest im looking forward for his mixtape and album. fuck all you haters who r still fooled by these fake ass rappers who have no talent