California Wildfires Keep Blazing, Snoop Dogg Evacuates Home

Even though Snoop Dogg is usually high, California’s recent wildfires gave the rapper a new meaning for the term, smoked out.

With flames blazing out of control and strong winds spreading smoke across the region, the D-O double- G has become the latest evacuee according to Yesterday the Doggfather’s family had to leave his Diamond Bar, SoCal home, taking personal possessions and memorabilia with them. It’s unclear whether the house actually burnt down, but there are no reported injuries. Snoop wasn’t home at the time of the fire.

In related news, Snoop is returning to E! for a second season of “Snoop Dogg Fatherhood.” The series premieres November 30th. -Rob Markman

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    Damn XXL ya’ll took the worst pic of my Big Homie he look more like Alicia Keys then Snoop Dogg! His house is really on fire because the Mexican Mafia is looking for me and learned I was playing a Crip Gears of Wars tournament. I was almost on level 5 when I heard. “HEY ESSE HE IS IN THE BASMENTO KILLE HIM! ENFUEGO!!!” Next thing I know I was smacking the shit outta 3 mexican mafia members and shanking 5 more! I then crawl outta the kitchen window grab a Granola Bar because I know I was outta house and home and my lunch break was about to end! I didn’t want to get into it w/ the principal @ Crenshaw she be tripping. She got a phat Ass tho!

  • mo

    that nigga snoop is use to the smoke he was probably blazed while his house was blazing.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Why is XXL pushing Snoop’s Fatherhood so hard? No one I know is giving that show the time of day!

    • KSA1001

      It’s news on a rapper, why wouldn’t they? I watch it w/ tha fam, it’s decent.

  • 619

    We got a fire down here in Daygo now too. Usually the fires stay out in the suburb outskirts of the city, but this one started in a canyon behind some houses in the hood on 47th and Home Avenue. Shocked the shit outta me. I figured concrete can’t burn so the urban areas gotta be safe, guess not.