C-Murder Gets New Trial

The date is set for Louisiana’s state court to start cutting through the preliminary red tape in C-Murder’s second trial.

The Associated Press reports that State Judge Martha Sassone set a January 12 hearing in the second-degree murder case of the 37-year-old rapper. Sassone who lost her bid for re-election will not be the judge at the time of the hearing. Ellen Kovach, who defeated Sassone says that she will disqualify herself from judging the case, however.

C-Murder whose real name is Corey Miller was convicted in 2003, charged with the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas on January 12, 2002. After a series of hearings he was granted a second trial.
If convicted in the new trial Murder can face mandatory life in prison. -Michael Cohen

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  • McGurt99



    Fuck them other niggas!

  • http://www.uptownempire.com Trouble

    See they waited for the judge to be replaced, because the new judge is already planning to give C-Murder life, shit is a setup.

    And its fucked up, I have been listening to C-Murder since fuckin elementry school. He is a rapper from the south that actually had some political shit to say, he had a message. And he was just an all around great artist. I hate to see careers end like this, or artist getting killed.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    A message ? Hogewash. C-Murder was nothing but a two bit Tupac clone, who took advantage of the vaccum left once he died. Just like Master P. His music was terribe.Did you ever here the song Murder and Daz ? The one were him and Daz act out thier fantasys of beating a woman at the end of the song? LOL

    Daz Dillinger
    Hey (hey), yo (yo), hey (hey), yo (yo)
    Why niggas wanna try to fuck with this man
    You knowin how we do it, how we do man
    I’m yellin hey (hey), yo (yo), hey (hey), yo (yo)
    Why niggas wanna try to fuck with this man
    You knowin how we do it, we don’t play play

    Daz, they took all my money, they took my jewelry.
    They took everything.
    I don’t know what I’m a do.
    I’m broke.

    Ya know what Daz, send that hoe over here.
    Come here bitch.
    Come here, come here, come here!
    Don’t touch my motherfucking money.
    Hoe don’t ever come on this motherfucking

    • sean

      ur a retard a 2 bit tupac motha fucka sucka motha fucka

  • http://www.rapaveli.com Ambition-1

    C used to be my favorite artist off the tank. His new shit aint as good but I’m still finding old features of his that made other people’s albums ten times better. Its fucked up that just because he had some grimy lyrics that people are trying to label him as a murderer. This country is fucked up because the Terminator can become a state governor but a rapper is automatically a criminal.


    • iLL G

      you stupid…his lyrics arent why he’s a murder. the fact that he shot and killed a 16 yr old black male is! go crawl off a very high roof ledge

  • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

    FREE MAC!!!!!!
    get them tee’s

  • The_Truth

    ***It’s a damn shame no one gives No Limit the respect for making the south what it is today. . .true, they weren’t the first, but they made every major label come hunting for the next “No-Limit” anywhere in the south! Now, I hear dues call their music “trash”. . .No-Limit dropped more REAL shit in ’98 alone than the last 6 years of the entire southern hip-hop game! ADD IT UP.

    • http://www.myspace.com/macsleepy66 Mac Sleepy


      • Eric

        yeah, they dropped more hood shit than anybody since NWA

  • http://www.rapaveli.com ambition-1

    lil g

    so I guess you’re one of the accusers who saw him pull the trigger. I didn’t say he was innocent. I just think the judicial system in Louisiana judicial system is fucked up based on their grounds for convicting this man. Basically what you’re saying is that a 34 year old black man who is accused of shooting a 16 year old black man deserves to live his life in prison based on people’s uneducated ass assumptions such as yours? I aint even gonna shoot you no personal shit because I’m on the net and I can’t look you in the eye and say that faggot shit!


  • tony grand$

    Umm, in the universe I live in, I was under the impression that when a person is accused & charged with the murder of another individual, it most likely means that he’s killed somebody. I don’t give a damn about some weak ass No Limit tank, or Corey Miller’s awkwardly unentertaining music. Dude, for real, unless ur one of the remaining southerners who lived & died by horrible rappers (which btw is no excuse), give it a rest. Dudes trash, dudes prolly gonna spend the remainder of his days behind bars. Who said “free C-murder”? Yeah, let him out so he can kill you……..


    FREE C-Murder , Yeah and Free Mac

  • amfv

    C-Murder is the shit. fuck what a pussy has got to say.His music was the shit, if you dont think so then keep on listenin to kanye and common, but for the real c-murder is the shit and helped the south take-off. So fuck yall free c-murder

  • Shim Dolla

    to tony grands and lil g both of ya’ll don’t know what fuck your talkin bout, when his trial was goin on other procecutors and defense attorneys all across the nation said that he got railroaded there was really no witness to the fact that c-murder shot that young boy, the fact was he was in the club at the same time as him was there case besides playing his music at trial and using his rap name as means to convict him, it really don’t matter if you like his music or not he is a living example of how the government feels about rappeers in America and just because he was tried does not mean he did it you sound just like them crackers

    • tony grand$

      Shim Dolla,
      I never mentioned anything about his name. I never even called him C-Murder. When I did, I used quotation marks, indicating that someone else said that. I called him Corey. Me not liking his music has nothing to do with what I say regarding the situation he’s in.

      Maybe I don’t know shit about his case, witnesses, prosecutors, etc. With that said, I’m going off of what I’ve read, and since I don’t live in Louisiana, I can’t comment on their judicial system, or lack of one. But, if the case has been going on for this long with so many problems, then perhaps he’ll find exoneration, and ill gladly eat whatever words have gotten you so upset. But until then, it would appear to me that he got arrested for something. I also didn’t say “I think he’s guilty.” I said “he’s prolly gonna spend the rest of his days behind bars”, and since u seem so adament about the deplorable state of Americas judical system, then it would seem that we’re making the same point.
      I made a general statement about not enjoing his type of music, or any No Limit artist. My opinion. But I bet, if he weren’t locked up right now, we wouldn’t even be conversing bout him.

      And coincidentally,I don’t sound like a cracker @ all. I’ve never heard a Ritz or a Saltine say anything. They just lay there waiting to get eaten.

  • Eric

    if he did it, lock him up. if he didn’t free him and leave him the fuck alone. the bad thing about it is, no matter what the outcome of the trial, the shit has been going on so long and so much corrupt shit has happened in the case, we’ll never really know what happened.

    so again, if he did it, lock him up. if he didn’t free him and leave him the fuck alone.

    and by the way, as sad as it seems, its been over for Mac for a long time.

    • twoholla

      I CO-SIGN with Eric…if Corey did it…throw away the DAMN KEY…if he didn’t…I pray he gets exonerated…I must say I hate it when entertainers are able to use either their popularity, money, connections, or all of the above to get away with the same crime me & you would have no WAY of escaping…I could rattle off a list of entertainers, athletes, etc. but hopefully I made my point!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Shawty Reg

    Real Corey Miller fans go read his book! It’s not that bad!

    Free Mac! St. Tammany Parish is a bunch of racist muthafuckaz. They had a man confess to the killing and they still put Mac behind bars!

    I challenge Lil Wayne, Master P, B.G., and anyone else from New Orleans eatin off this rap shit to pay homage and give support to our pioneers. Texas did it for Pimp C so why we can’t do it for Mac, Turk, Mystikal, and Corey Miller!

    R.I.P. to: Magnolia(Soulja) Slim, Pimp Daddy, G-Slim, Hitman, Daddy Yo, Sporty T, Yellow Boy, DJ Irv, Bullet (Lil Derick), VL Mike, and any other N.O. rap pioneer I failed to mention!!

    504 allday baby!

    • 619

      The best one I heard off No Limit was Mr. Marcelo. I heard him spit a freestyle on some Dirty States of America DVD my homeboy gave me and it suprised me.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Props to No Limit they had an amazing run and tons of Platnum. And Master P actually shared the wealth and paid his artists, I remeber Mia X saying that she got a 700k check from P off her second album. And the comedian in “I got he hook up” said P “gave him a check with so many numbers on it he though it was his phone number” BUT -> Why are you acting like C-Murder was a driving force in the south or at no-limit? Most of thier music was trash BUT they had some great stuff too. Mia X’s 2nd and 3rd album were harder than anything C ever put out. Mystical, Soulja Slim, Kane and Abel, Mia X and at times Silk The Shocker (anyone remember the movie (The Shocker)? and Master P were the bread winners. C-Murder was trash back then and he’s trash today. I’m speaking about his music. Now if he did not murder that kid, then God Bless him and I hope he gets out. But lets not act like this Tupac clone was some profound MC, that changed the game and led the south. C was trash

  • me

    shawty reg sounds stupid we know nobody did it right!

    • http://xxlmag.com Shawty Reg

      @ Me

      What r u talkin bout???

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  • daniella acuna

    no one knws what happen but god and c murder now i love c murder music but he took a kids life a kid and a fan at that all the money in the world fame he should of been more greatful and then shooting at a club cuz he couldnt get in maybe if he would act rite and not cause drama thn maybe people would let him in now i understand he was lving up to his name maybe he should of picked another name thn he would be out here making money instead of license plates this should of never happend its sad but at least c murder is still breathing unlike the two people he put in the ground lets be real c murder is gangster and being gangster you get gangster time for your type of crimes