Bump J Charged With Armed Robbery

Police in Carbondale, Ill arrested Chicago-based rapper Bump J at a routine traffic stop earlier this week and federal authorities then charged him with a 2007 bank robbery, according to an FBI release obtained by the STING wire.

The release said that the rapper was being held because he is a suspect in the Chase Bank robbery that took place on January 4, 2007 at 800 W. Madison St. in Oak Park Illinois.The Chicago FBI’s Violent Crimes Task Force issued a nationwide manhunt for Bump J, whose real name is Terrance Boykin, in September of 2008 when a federal grand jury indicted him on counts of bank robbery and firearm violations.

Authorities have yet to charge anyone else but the release and witness accounts claim that two men robbed the bank at gunpoint. It’s reported that they got off with over $100,000 from bank draws and the vault, respectively. The bank’s surveillance cameras caught the robbery on tape.

Currently being held without bond by the Carbondale P.D., Bump J will soon be transferred to Chicago where he’ll be formally charged and locked up in the Metropolitan Correctional Center. He faces a 20-year prison sentence if convicted. -Michael Cohen

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  • ruffhuff

    letme guess you ran into him somewhere and had him so shook and he’s out robbin to pay your little 21.00 dollar a month extortion payment cuz he’s piru and you smacked the shit outta him

  • giantstepp

    Who? Never heard of ya dude. Fed time is in your future tho, hope it was worth it.

    • Umpington the Fif

      Bump J – Pusha man Remix? Put it in on the search bar his song will come up.
      Guy had potential, had Kanye backing him, but fucked it all up by being a cliche


    Look @ this yellow peice of pussy, he is gonna make a fine jail housewife! I actually have a show called Crippin Housewives we are in production right now set to premire in Janurary! It baises the Crip wives cleaning bullets, teaching getting sex’d in sessions, and ironing our blue and purple Crip rags! I actually made Bump J rob the ice cream truck to get me some Bomb Pops we are restricting those from the hood because of the red and blue on it, we don’t want to show ANY signs of unity! If you want drama Crip rule 13.32B says Lets get it then nigga! I wanna kill so bad my diccs hard Nigga! I have to go to a Crip meeting @ 10Am sharp we have to figure out what time the Crip parade starts we have a Crip Float @ the Rose Bowl Parade on Jan 1 also!



  • fireforreal

    I heard about this cat,he was suppose to come out with an album back in like 2005 and was going to get tracks from Kanye. If you ever watch the old Kanye Mtv diary Kanye says something about whatever Bump J says on his records is the truth so maybe he’s trying to prove it.

  • yrhynys

    This nigga had so much potential. We actually thought he was gonna do something for a minute, but he let that bullshit catch up with him. He just had to many enemys. We still got love for you on the southside of the Chi though. Keep your head up!!!!! Dont listen to these gay ass niggas. Shit happens in the streets.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Bump was on Twista’s Overnight Celebrity Remix with Killa Cam and he wasn’t too shabby either. As for the robbery, If he did it then it’s a wrap for him but it all depends on the evidence. Because where I’m from fools have been robbing banks without disguises and getting away with a few hundred dollars that soon explodes with paint due to the dye pack in the haul. Then these same fools get caught hours later and wonder how it all happened. Knuckleheads watch Set It Off and think that they are gonna be rich and soon find out whatever small amount that they get won’t even last though the month especially if you have to divide it up. Life ain’t a movie… people love to say they ready to die mainly because they’re too afraid or ill prepared to live. Hard times many times forces people to make piss poor decisions that effect them for the rest of their life but when you don’t think things over you pay many times with your life and 20 years may as well be life.

  • Goon



  • Mika

    oh man ….Set it off really revved me up back in the day …them bitches was so gangsta ! ima DL tht shit and go back into time….thx hah !


      Shut the fucc up bitch before I smack the dusty ass bang from the front of your head

  • your momma

    watch all the haters flow in and talk shit bout dude…probably the same niggas that got on rick ross’ back for not bein “real”..people need to realize bein a thug, gangster isnt anything to idolize. hope dude can make it outta this though..no one deserves 20 years for takin some cash. maybe ten. but no twenty..not a single person was injured man.

    ps. xxl mag startin to slip dude. they are aint ever first to post up some news…i think they just steal their shit from allhiphop or somethin lol

  • e20

    Whats with all these bitchmade bage brothers from my part of the Chi? Little light skin bros be wildin! They lost the rules to the game. IF you’re from Chicago and are trying to get in the rap game humble yourself. You have to stop being a gangster and be a rapper/ceo. You can’t be a gangster and a rapper at the same time. And you know he spent that 100k on a silly chain.

  • 619

    I just wanted to address the Chitown fool that used the name Fuck L.A. yesterday and said L.A. copy Chi gangs and he wore a red Vicelord shirt in a Crip neighborhood in L.A. yadda yadda yadda. First off the only Chi gang in L.A. is B.P.S., and they switched to Blood in L.A., so how did L.A. copy? And since P Stones are the only Chi set in Cali and cats in Chitown are runnin’ around tryin’ to claim B’s and C’s with 5 and 6 point stars whose copyin’ who? That shit might fly on the East and down South but the West put the word out back in the day that any Blood or Crip bangin’ the 5 or 6 is false claimin’ and not a reputable. Last but not least, I don’t know what Crip neighborhood you claim you got away with wearin’ a red Vicelord shirt in, but I live in a Blood set and I don’t give a fuck how red your Vicelord shirt is, anybody I know would at least make you take that shit off, if you were lucky enough to avoid catchin’ a green light.

    • will kill

      In Chicago the vicelords,Gd and bps run the streets aint no crip or blood niggas up here. Everybody know that gangs originated in the chi not L.a so there is know way we copied you clowns with the red & blue shit this aint the circus.

    • Tragedy tha Beast

      1st off I wanna say Bump keep yo head up nigga. 2nd 2 this silly faggot ass G-Unot Killa nigga, BITCH u don’t know what tha fuck u talkin about. LA didn’t invent tha gang culture. Pussy damn near every gang started around tha late 50s early 60s. And for yo information Chicago gangs been usin’ tha 5 and 6 point stars since tha 70s and maybe b4 then. How we steal that when bloods is tha only gang over there that even rep tha 5. Crips ain’t no muthafucki’ FOLKS (6 point star)! Nigga tha GDs had a short lived pact with yall back in tha day called tha 8ball. Muhfuckas called it tha 8ball cause thats what u get when put tha crip “C” with tha pitchfork. For some reason in Cook County jail atleast, crips ride with tha FOLKS. Yall aint no 6 point star riders. And who tha fuck u know in tha CHI tryin 2 be a blood or crip. Nigga we dont play that shit in tha CHI. Only gangs u gon see is GDs BDs Moes 4s VLs LKs MLDs SDs Souls Cobras and a lotta other shit. But I bet money they wont be no Bs or Cs. Keep that shit on tha left coast ny and down south.

      • 619

        What the fuck you talkin’ about youngster? I repeat myself again for the slow ones: BLOODS DON’T BANG THE 5 AND BLOODS DON’T EXIST IN NEW YORK. GET YOUR INFORMATION RIGHT. Real Bloods will not vouch for any Blood bangin’ the 5 point star. That’s false claimin’ and since the 5 came from Chicago, guess who started the false claimin’. Comprehend, do the math. Crips don’t bang the six, and why everytime you say crip you say y’all. I’m not a crip. Read very slowly, I said i live in a Blood set. And Chitown didn’t start the gang shit. There are a few Mexican gangs in L.A. that go as deep as four generations. They started after World War 2.

  • yrhynys

    When did fags become gangstas?? U probably got a blue tank top on tied up in the front with a blue naval ring you bitch ass nigga!!!

  • UARK

    Gangs are gay…they came from the Blank Panthers being split in 2 parts. This aint the 1980=90′s. No one gives a shit about them anymore. Old news. Go to school and get a job..instead of acting like a kid and saying “my favorite color is red or blue”

  • yrhynys

    Thats the best shit I heard all day.

    • 619

      Why you guys complain on me, I said the reason I brought it up was because somebody yesterday was sayin’ your city was so much better than L.A. and sayin’ fuck L.A. and he’s a Vicelord blah blah blah. So if you gotta complaint about the gang thing talk to these fools from Chitown, that was the one talkin’ gang shit and hatin’. Everytime it’s gang talk everybody wants to talk shit about California. What is your city doing that’s different?

  • capcobra

    this nigga must not of heard about steady b and cool c…that robbing banks while you famous shit only worked in set it off…damn!!..niguz been so busy doing and talking stupid shit that we forgot to salute odb…r.i.p champ.

  • scoota

    damn bump j had so much potential, listen to his chica-gorilla mixtape, pusha man ft kanye west, or move around ft kanye west. Chicago is in effect

  • Ty

    Bump J one of the 4CH’s from chicago…ain’t shit goin happen 2 him. They walk around da chi 500 swole..Shout outs 2 GoonSquad n B.O.N, if muthafuckas don’t know the story don’t comment on da story.

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  • yrhynys

    You right-we both need to stop that dumb shit. Chi and Cali are the same because gangs run us both. The only difference is the weather. Peace to Chi and Cali, home of the original gangsters!!!

    • 619

      Real shit. Certain times I feel like what the fuck am I fightin’ for, like after Obama got elected. I’ve seen so many people throw their life away over some dumb shit. I got a young homie who got shot by his pops, and one of my older rellys who brought me up in the set took three and is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Seems like even though the gang scene was a lot more active out here in the late 80′s to mid 90′s when I was a youngster, things were structured better. When Pirus were still Blood and Hoovers still Crips, now there’s a bunch of fools clicked up fightin’ against each other. I knew a couple of elders who stayed out most of the night making it their mission to be sure that everyone on the block made it home safe at night. A lot of squables were ended with two particapants willing to scrap it out. Now all the youngsters have to be pistoled up, because they don’t know how to to sling ‘em. That’s why I’m watchin’ my sons real closely, because I’m not going to allow them to be out there in the street like I was. Everything I speak on is real. Some of these fools on here act like everybody who comments on street shit must be an internet thug. Like you have to be slum and ignorant to be gangster, but what the fuck do they expect me to do, throw away my computer and money I’ve worked for so I can appear more real to them?

  • EReal

    Damn, 100Gs is a good haul. Musta known what he was doin.

    If you said “Free Bump J”, you should off yourself.