Despite the delay in his solo project, Big Boi says Sir Luscious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty is back on track for next year, coinciding with his partner, Andre 3000, who will also release a solo effort. The duo also plans to release an album as a group, making the release of three projects from Outkast official.

“Me and ’Dre were on the conference call [recently].” Big Boi told MTV. “He’s working on his album; my album is done. We’re gonna wait until the top of the year— January or February—to put it out. Then ’Dre is gonna come hit y’all, and [then] we’re gonna do the Outkast album. So y’all gonna get three records from the ’Kast next year.”

Besides working on music, Big Boi has also been honing his acting chops. He will appear on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Tuesday, Nov. 25, starring as Gots Money, an animal smuggling rapper who goes undercover for the authorities when he is caught. -Starrene Rhett