50 Cent Becomes Party Monster For E! Network

50 Cent is apparently enjoying Reality TV. On the same day (11/06) he premiered 50 Cent: The Money & Power on MTV, the G-Unit general and his crew flew to Cabo, Mexico to take part in E!’s Party Monster.

For Party Monster, E! interns flew industry tastemakers from XXL Magazine, BET.com and Hot 97 among many others, to take part in events they organized. First up, the interns threw a brief party in which the tastemakers were able to preview Fif’s upcoming videogame Blood On The Sand and watch Fif, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo perform the Queens’ MC latest single, “Get Up.” The tastemakers then organized a screening of 50′s Before I Self Destruct.

Party Monster featuring 50 Cent is scheduled to air on E! in January 2009. -Bruce Moses

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  • adrian smith

    50 cent g unit do ya thing make that money fuck the haters


      I remember when E! wanted to cover the Crip Awards we couldn’t get into the logistics of it all because Kelly Park couldn’t really hold the entire production crew. Plus Monster Cody wanted them to supply All Blue M & M’s and they wouldn’t so we said fuck it. Spider Loc is dropping a new album next week I know ya’ll are fiending for that shit! I almost got shot this wkend by 4 Mexican Mafia members in E. LA for selling 4 Kilo’s in a school zone! I got chased by Bounty Hunter bloods when I was 12 when the Grape St Crips saw me running they saw the blue rag around my knee and they helped me! I held 1 of Jimmy Henchmens sons arms when Yayo smacked his bitch azz!

      • G-UNOT KILLA

        1 more thing you know how the Grape St Niggaz get down like me. If you want to fill out a resume to join the Grape St or Kelly Park Crips send all email to tyrone7091@hotmail.com and type a 100 word essay on how much you hate the color red and how exoticly you wanna do a drive by during a Blood meeting in the Nickerson Gardens!

        Crip Resume Requirements
        1. Hate the color red
        2. Eat at Fat Burger 4 times weekley
        3. Must have dropped outta high school by 17 yrs old
        4. Catch 2 bodies preferebly Piru or MS13
        5. Know how to coriographed “C” walk routine!

        • CK KOWBOY

          79st FSBCK187

        • G-UNOT KILLA

          Nigga is that where your gay lover resides hoe nigga, if that’s the case I’m not interested.

        • iLL_wiLL

          whats funny is G-Unot Killa is spoofing how stupid niggas really can be. he’s exposing how ignorant shit is with that gang bangin b.s. and low and behold ck kowboy comes on and is actually serious! lol fuckin dummies the fuckin comments are more interesting than these fuckin posts by dudes actually gettin paid by xxl… lmao

        • nicky j

          CO SIGN!!

        • http://www.myspace.com/macsleepy66 Mac Sleepy

          He Just be Goin On And On, Bout Some Dumb Shyt! LOL… I Like Dat Shyt…

    • drox

      co-sign adrian smith
      fuck the haters 50.. get that dough and bake the bread! and fuck u killa… u’re jus annoyin the fuck off everyone. pretty sure soon xxl gonna start makin ppl sign in 2 leave comments because of u’re stupidity fuckin white boy


    Who cares!

  • holden mcgroin

    hahahahahahah crip resume requirements, lmaoo…dat is classic…number 1 throo 3 had me rollin…hahahaha…all blue m & m’s…dis cat is a riot

  • B-roc

    fif’s show was ight like how he told the one girl off lol eastside bounty hunter bloodz all day nigga wat u no bout dat G-UNOT KILLA???



    • EReal

      Whatap pussy in red uniform?

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=29396 PIRU DUDE




      • dusty boy

        Maan hol’ up!! You lame ass pussy!! Fuck you and your crab ass cliCK!!! Southside lets ride!!! Candy B, awready pussy!! Get a fuckin’ life Crab!! Die Slow!!! Piru’s stand UP!!! LOL!! Nigga u a joke!!! LOL!! Fake ass crab!!! Fuck Spider Loc!! Nigga talkin’ about bein’ on E! LOL!! Losers and fakes need to read VIBE!! oh, and so do fake ass Crips!! And I’ll bet G-UNOT KILLA is really a homo!!

        Awready South Tex Stand Up!!!

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