50 Cent And Bette Middler Join Forces To Renovate Queens Garden

50 Cent recently joined forces with his most unlikely collaborator yet: Bette Middler. Fif’s G-Unity Foundation and Middler’s New York’s Restoration Project teamed up to renovate a community garden in Jamaican Queens, NY yesterday (11/03). The garden was re-baptized the Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Community Garden.

“He stepped up to the plate to fund this project,” Bette Midler told Eccorazi. “And when it ended up costing $100,00 more than we anticipated, he didn’t bat an eyelid. He wrote the check!”

Fif reportedly forked up $200, 000 to fund the park.

“It’s nice to be able to give back to this next generation of kids,” 50 Cent offered. “This is the first of many projects I’m going to do in this community.” -Bruce Moses

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  • Esoteric

    It’s all about being philanthropic with your profit once you reach a certain level of success. You can measure a man’s worth by seeing what he left behind for others to enjoy.

    It’s 50 A.K.A. Philanthropic Fif

    And now for all you readers… enjoy the ignorant comments to follow about how 50 is garbage and who cares about this or even better- this will be the only comment.

    This forum really reveals the level of ignorance present in this country- if you have a computer, know how to type and have the Internet- you are not a gangster.

    Do something positive today, instead of hate… unless you hate the haters- like I do.


      What the real story is that behind the scenes was that 50 Cent had ECG-UNIT Crips exported into NY to extort Bette Middler to make her give us 15.00 to buy us breakfest @ McDonalds. I slept w/ Beyonce @ an Immature tour stop 13 yrs ago. Marcus Houston later bust into the Hotel Room and a mele ensued. He later begged for his life because my Blue Crip rag fell to the ground! I also slept w/ Rihanna @ the “Umbrella” video shoot and we later broke up becuase her handlers wanted her to be w/ Chris Brown, she still calls me to this day! 1 more thing I was on the History Channels Gangland on the Paybacc Crips this Friday I’m throwing up my C for Crip nigga. If anybody got a prob you’ll be roach meat nigga thats on crip Got Probs? Email me nigga tyrone7091@hotmail.com!

      • 2K

        G-Unit Killa: you are so fake!!! Fake gangster, fake MC as well.

        • G-UNOT KILLA

          2K I’ll leave you holding your nuts while I chop ur kneecaps off nigga watch ur tone. I ain’t never got tested until I logged on here. I get paid to spread Spider Loc’s realness nigga get it right.

      • JAY STONE

        LOL.This nigga remind me of jonathan

    • ko

      yeah 50 thats what i call keeping it real

  • djrod

    i commend fifty for what he has done.it’s about time we hear something good about hip hop artist instead of something bad.i hope others will follow his lead to give.remember,the children are our future.they deserve something better than what is given to them now.

  • 5050505050

    50 Cent is undoubtably ‘The Man’

    He has done sooooo much for a man who has come from soooo little, the term ‘hater’ truely describes someone who ‘hates’ on Mr Jackson.

    People can call him ‘fake’ or a ‘snitch’ but its all absolute bollocks to be honest, he’s the realest guy in the game 2day and his passion of giving to the community in the form of this park and his g-unity foundation is admirable.

    Hats off Fif, much respect goes out to you.

  • capcobra

    baisley park ain’t no fucking garden unless you talking about the old hood b.ball tournaments….lmao….this is “the park” in south jamaica…this is where we went for park jams…we watched grandmaster vic in here…lost boys in here..bizmarkie….organized konfusion..all your favorite rappers from the 80′s and 90′s….all your favorite hood celebrities….it’ll shootouts during the jam…we used to go back with flashlights looking for loose jewelry…it’s a million highlights from baisley….and if you gon be real..this is the supreme team playground…that’s why it’s big news…..curtis shitting on preme with his name on the park…but it also inspires niguz in the same breath…it symbolizes the ultimate come up…much respect to 50 cent…just because we ain’t know who baisley was as kids….but we damn sure know who curtis jacson is.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Waste of money. The locals will trash it in no time

    • EReal

      You’re an Asshole.

  • drox

    wow there’s no new in the hip-hop world that we’d have to read about this??? wow xxl… bravo bravo bravo!

    • EReal

      Yeah, lets hear about who got arrested, or who’s coonery is being blasted around the world. Or who’s thanking the slave massas today, thats alot better than hearing about someone giving back to the community.


      • JAY STONE

        Aint you the same nigga,i mean wigga hating on The Game on another post.
        Get a fucking Life!!

        • EReal

          Aint you the Game Dickrider thats all on my nuttsachs?

          Get off my dick!

          Ghey Stone is with teh gheys!

  • DV8

    its more then meets the eye. That is what used to be called Baisley Projects thats Supreme’s turf. Its not checkers, its chess.

  • Mika

    i lean more towards game in the comments section but on this …. 50 doing a really G.O.O.D job. Say what you want, billionaire or not, giving something thats your’s away is something I respect. But why,”The garden was re-baptized the Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Community Garden.” Anyway, good look 50.

  • http://www.myspace.com/ruffhuffproductions ruff_huff

    you guys thinkin he’s doin some good shit like what… $200,000 is a lot of money to him… this dude makes more then that in intrest when hes takin a shit in the morning… its all a big tax write off “charitable donation” and he puts his rap name on the park WTF? so the kids can always remember his rapping persona? I mean christ… N.W.A. and Ice – t might have been just rapping about their lives in the hood but 50 cent just exploited it saying whatever to sell some records making it “cool” to be a drug dealer and murderer… i mean im no fuckin hippy… i love rap music but even i started listening to hardcore shit when i was too young to just understand the artform and was taking the shit seriously like it was cool. maybe curtis jackson park… remember the man that did what he had to do to better himself… but putting 50 cent on it just seems a little rediculous… it doesnt seem so much like a good deed as it is a publicity stunt.

    • EReal


      It is Curtis Jackson park, you dumbass.