T.I. Tops Charts With 3rd Number One Album In A Row

T.I. must really be something. He’s won Grammy Awards. He’s had a song of his parodied by Weird Al Yankovic. And now he’s debuted at number one of the Billboard 200 for the third time.

The Atlanta rapper’s Paper Trail landed atop the charts in its first week of release with 568, 000 copies sold. Tip topped other strong first-week contenders Jennifer Hudson (217,000), Robin Thicke (137,000), and James Taylor (95,000), along with Metallica (86,000), who rounded out the Top 5.

Paper Trail is T.I.’s 6th album, following King and T.I. vs. T.I.P., both of which also debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

This project was notable not only for being the rapper’s first album after his arrest on federal charges stemming from an illegal gun purchase, but for Tip’s return to writing rhymes.

Paper Trail, man. I was just thinking about what would be new and what would be different and I was reading people saying how they missed classic T.I. from I’m Serious from Trap Muzik,” he told XXLmag in July. “So I said the only difference between T.I. now and T.I. from I’m Serious is, one, I was just rapping without thinking about the conventional methods of putting songs together—without thinking about whether or not a song would be worthy of radio play—I was only thinking about creating music and I was writing things down. So with King, T.I. vs TIP, even some of Urban Legend, I was thinking about putting songs together—16 bar, hook—16 bar, hook—16 bar—hook—where as on some records on I’m Serious it was just one long verse, just rapping—I wasn’t worrying about whether or not this was gonna be considered a single so I figured, Well maybe if I start writing things down again, it’ll provide some different perspective and make for a new sound.”

In addition to his chart-topping achievement, T.I. recently joined the likes of Michael Jackson as one of the entertainers Weird Al has targeted.

The comic will be releasing a version of T.I.’s hit “Whatever U Like,” which is set to be available on iTunes for purchase soon.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • Geoff Block

    I bet weird al does a good version but as far as t.i goes great album probably one of the most content filled albums of the year

    • mr. fly as a pelican

      I’m wit The_Truth. Killer Mike has the best album out the A this year. Fuck it, out the whole South. That dude is a rhyme beast. Check to see what Cham drops fourth quarter.

  • yoprince

    good shit TIP.

  • Player1


  • Teddy

    down with kiiinnnngggg

  • sean izzle

    got damn thats alot, he scored Gold in one week again and this is even more than King,whoooo

  • giantstepp

    Hate him or love him TIP is putting it down.

  • Tukrazy

    This album is sooooo much better than Carter III… I think the best of TI’s carrer

  • Macman22

    T.I Album Is Ok! But got The Best of the year

    Nas Untitled
    Lil Wayne Carter 3
    Young Jeezy The Recession
    The Game LAX
    T.I.P Papar Trail

    • mo

      lax was hot trash and the recession sounds like one long wack song, cater 3 was on some pop garbage. at this point nas easily has the album of the year

    • jburg

      Stop with these fucking lists!! Please, no one give a fuck what your favorite album of the year is. You ain’t giving no damn award.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com damion

    PacMan – How did Carter 3 land up there? The dude Wayne is a good rapper, but he makes NO SENSE, NONE! But you guys love it so it’s all good. LAX is ehhhhh.

  • harmen

    nice job tip,
    i thought he would get about 500-530
    the recession is waaaay better then tha carter 3
    and got damn so is L.A.X!

  • grp03

    These numbers from TIP are pretty damn good considering no one has any money right now. I wonder what wayne would have sold if his album came out last tuesday during this disaster of an economy.

    I blame all this shit on Jeezy for naming his album “The Recession” and then 2 weeks later everything plummets.


    i know his 1st record label regret droppin him!


    Wayne- 1.1 mil
    Kanye West- 963,000
    50- 693,000
    T.I.- 568,000
    Jay-Z- 502,000


  • The_Truth

    **Paper Trail is a coo album, 6.5-out of-10 stars. . .Jezzy’s ways harder, and I’m not a Jeezy fan. Killer Mike had the best CD out of Atlanta this year, and that was Independent. Urban Legend still remain’s T.I.’s best album.


    funny how 4 out of 5 of those artist got a track together. these are mos def the top artist in the game!

  • dads

    the album is so shyt do
    why would people buy it

  • ne where gang


    Nas – Untitled
    Game – LAX
    Ice Cube – Raw Footage = Slept On
    Young Jeezy – The Recession

  • illp

    good job tip for making ppl get the fuck up their asses and making them go back to a record stores to buy a album for less than maybe wnat 12 bucks so that’s the shit buy ur artist music u know nigga like t.i. should have sold even 200 k more but it’s a fucking good week for him weezy still on top whit kanye after and 50 can wait for before i self destruct !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mig

    everything hes done after king is whack. fucking snitch


    KING! period.


    whoa, whoa, whoa….. who da fuck iz all dese niggaz tryna hate on Tip?
    Paper Trail is about 2 be his 5th consecutive platinum album. His lyrics are on point, he actually talks about real shit! Got a strong ass fan base, obviously. He been sayin he was da king since his very 1st album & who gon say he aint prove it? U hatin on dis nigga, save ya breath. WAT UP, WATS HANNEN!!!

  • Jerm

    looks like TIP is tryin to break X’s record of 5 #1s in a row…seems like hes gettin close. Hopefully this lives up to its hype, cuz i may buy it.

  • magnum

    too bad paper trail is hot garbage,im really over this cd anyways..

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  • Jstylez

    damn see if anybody can get one mill again…?

  • Anti-Mainstream

    All this boring pop shit that’s topping the charts is WACK! Big Ups to DJ Revolution for putting out a compilation album (King of the decks) with what Hip Hop today is missing, lyrical talent, and beats that get you amped…..

  • balaramesh

    congrats to ti. i expected more with all of his r&b singles.gold is very impressive. especially for the first week.

    for the record, ti’s best cd is trap music.