T.I. Tops Album Charts Again, Lil Wayne Passes 2.5 Million In LP Sales

T.I.’s done it again. The Atlanta rapper tops the Billboard 200 album charts for the second consecutive week after selling 177,000 copies of his latest LP, Paper Trail.

The Grand Hustle boss debuted at number one last week after selling 568,000 to earn the second largest rap album debut of 2008. Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III topped a million sales its first week of release.

Weezy continues to dominate the charts. The Cash Money artist has now pushed past the 2.5 million mark in album sales. He’s locked into the number 13 position on the charts after selling 27,000 copies of TC3 in its 18th week on the charts.

Lil Wayne is expected to dominate awards seasons just as much. He leads the BET Hip-Hop Awards nominations and yesterday it was announced the “Lollipop” star was tabbed for three American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year.

Jennifer Hudson (4), Ne-Yo (8), Robin Thicke (12), and Young Jeezy (15) are also doing well on the charts. Da Snowman just crossed the 500,000 plateau to earn Gold Certification. The Game slipped a bit on the charts this week. The Compton rapper lands at number 12 with 21,000 units sold. The mark leaves Chuck Taylor just shy of 500,000 in sales.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • dr.j


  • Teddy

    does this mean that xxl are going to start reviewing albums again? starting with paper trail is that askin too much?

  • NIG


  • emerica992

    dont forget and kanyes album..

  • Rodjilius

    i hope kanye does come out wit a hot album cuz him bein on dat voicebox is kinda annoying cuz i got love for him but if he gonna fuck up like dat on purpose then im definately not gettin it but it’s all good tho since this year has been a good year for hiphop


    T.I.P HOT!!! he aint bullshytin on this album but he aint beat wayne in sales. all in all good 4th qtr. for hip hop

  • adrian smith

    the game l.a.x. aint gold aint come come on a joke this album should million seller so far best game album and one of the album of the year 2008 best year for hip hop in a long time when is xxlmag going to put a uk artist like dizzle rascal on cover come on shout out to hip hop connection magazine for putting me in it watch ot for sick ltd coming soon eazy e r.i.p. ruthless records were lil eazy e album

  • EReal

    Wow, TIP fell the fuck off! Damn, I expected at least 200+ second week. Guess its the economy.

    Weezy still proving theres stupid people buying records, lol. Its funny when you look back, because he’s actually REGRESSED lyrically.

    Damn Game, lol, looks like you shoulda done them shows in NO. Still aint gold?

    • Grand Hustle & BWS

      wow this nigga above me is a hater

      • EReal

        I spit facts homie, if ur album aint sellin, you aren’t doing yourself a favor by pissing off your fan base.

        Maybe if you got Game’s dick off your shoulder you could get it off your mind and make actual contributions to the site. Did I not say I EXPECTED T.I. to do 200+ second week?

        Go back to school, bitchmade coward.

  • REAL TALK 08

    its been a great year for hip hop!…i can say hip hop came back 2 life in the ’08!….congrats to Tip and Weezy for proving hip hop can still do good numbers…Jeezy,Lupe,Plies,and The Game proved to have good albums as well..

    Top 5 albums

    1.”The Cool”
    2.”Paper Trail”
    4.”The Recesion”
    5.”The Definition Of Real”
    5. “LAX”
    5. “The Carter 3″

    • Mr. Fly as a Pelican

      Paper Trail #2??! Definition of Real ties LAX and C3??? Everybody be glad this fuckin idiot doesn’t work for XXL!

  • fo life

    I agree its been a good year for hip hop as far as album sales go. Some of these artist I don’t listen to but wit the economy down its cool people are out there supporting hip hop!!!

  • Clever

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