T.I. And Weezy Eye Multiplatinum, Hip-Hop Releases Quickly Fade Off Charts

Hip-Hop’s platinum reign is glaringly distant this week as only four rap releases charted onto Billboard’s Top 100.

Only three weeks in stores and T.I. is inches from nabbing his fifth platinum plaque with his latest release, The Paper Trail. Landing at no.3, Tip moves an additional 93, 427 units, bringing Trail‘s total to 971, 067 copies sold according to Nielsen’s Soundscan.

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne is slowly, but surely making his way towards triple platinum status. This week, Tha Carter III rests at no. 13- selling 25, 384 sets. To date, the LP has scanned 2, 601, 685 copies.

Further down, The Recession is somehow being kind to Young Jeezy. Claiming the no. 18 slot, Jeezy’s third effort sells 20, 962 units. The album has sold 561, 561 copies to date.

One of Hip-Hop’s few Gold artists nowadays, The Game lands at no.28 with 16, 451 units sold last week. LAX‘s grand total now tallies at 531, 853 copies sold.- Bruce Moses

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  • EReal

    Wow, Game cant even match 50′s FIRST WEEK numbers, bahahahaha!

    I guess snitches went out and bought T.I.P.Crimestopper’s album.

    It aint a recession for Jeezy, YEAAAHHHHH!

    Wow, there 2.66 million morons in the world..

    • Justice4All

      “50′s 1st week”? When? Oh, you mean the massacre from 4 years ago? His latest release, that he executive produced when a double nickel dude. His next release will absolutly go triple aluminum, maybe if he has a good online single it will go Tin, but no more…. 50? 50 dog?

      Negro Paleeze!!

      • EReal

        Uhm, 50 did 780K first week with Curtis you dumbass.

        Did I say G-Unit? Besides the fact that shit did 102K first week, not 55, sheesh.

        Its a joke people, get over yourselves.

        • King B

          It’s funny you say that because game’s first album sold more than the massacre….get ya facts straight

        • game’sCO

          @ King b
          in what land did game had those figures??? what land u is from champ???

        • King B

          The land of common sense….check the facts fifty sold 4 million while game’s first album sold 5 million….damn where do ya’ll be at?

        • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

          No-one gives a fuck about the Massarce. Check 50s FIRST album against Games FIRST album… 50s SECOND against Games SECOND. 50s THIRD album against Games THIRD one. I think you’ll find 50 might win this one.

        • KSA1001

          Yo King B..you off man..way off

          The Game- Documentary
          U.S. sales: 2.5 million
          Worldwide sales: 6 million

          50 Cent – GRODT
          U.S. sales: 8 million
          Worldwide sales: 12 million

    • drox

      co-sign EReal
      hahahahaha 2.66million morons hahahahahaha

    • Dozy

      uh… Ereal,
      2, 601, 685 copies translates to 2.6016 million, not 2.66 million…

      so adjust that to say 2.6016 million and one,and maybe that will be closer.

      and stop hating.

    • joe p

      EReal ur an idiot,first off games album is harder jeezys and weezy .. t.i’s is up there too … jeezy wack as hell same flow same ol beats made on the computer .. he need to step his game up heavy

    • joe p

      and ohhh yeah 50 cent he is so irrelevant i forgot u mentioned his fuckin name … and you wanna get on tip for snitching come on get real.. 50 think hes btter than he is .. hes got alot of money ill give him that … but that dont mean he can rap at all

      • EReal


        LOL @ ALL OF YOU!

        Striaght Wrecked, see below! HAHAHAHAA!!

        I love that you talk shit about 50 like I give a fuck. I could give a good cot damn who sells and who doesnt, its just funny to watch the fanboys go nutts, and look at this one dude breaking down exactly Weezy’s sales, lol! I was accounting for the rest of the douchebags in advance, hahaha!

        I say its a joke people, and they’re still tight!

        ME > YOU!


  • L.A.X

    wow Ereal you a hater

    • EReal

      Wow, I never expected someone with the name L.A.X. to call me a hater! PSSHHHT.

      Hell yeah, I hate on record sales figures cause they dont mean SHIT.

      Its just funny to watch people get all tight about it, bahaahah.

  • keep it 100

    I agree. young Jeezy has the best album out right now. from beginning to end, you can play right through it. and the albumis related to whats going on now. best albums in order.

    1. Young Jeezy
    2. The Game
    3. Lil Wayne
    4. TIP
    5. Bun B

    • TonyStackz

      Dog are U Serious?? Man I’m down with Jeezy
      but his new album ain’t even all that shit can’t even compare to his first 2 albums
      and what you mean its banging from beginning
      to end?? maybe cause it feels like you’re listening to the same song that can’t even come close to being the best album out right
      now Checkout my list of dopest albums in Order!!!
      1.Paper Trail
      3.II Trill
      4.Raw Footage
      5.Pro Tools
      7.Tha Carter III
      50.Trash On Sell lol Haven’t even heard that lameass bullshit but I Thought I Should throw it there so that G-String Unit Stans don’t feel Bad LMAO!!!!

  • capcobra

    nobody gives a fuck about record sales no more….except the actual artist and the label heads….regular street niguz only want the bootleg..the mixtape and the dvd.

  • Rockcity

    I wish u all would stop posting album sells!! Y don’t U post how many copies of ur shitty magazine get sold since yall care about numbers so much fuckin idiots.

  • real niggas

    this nigga rockcity sound upset because his men game did’nt do too well.keep posting them numbers my nigga.



  • lmao

    lmao it’s taken t.i. a month to platinum after all the hype and promo he had? lmao he sucks fucking snitch!!!!!!!!!

  • NorTh MeMpHis VeT

    Mane who gives a fuck about record sells > If niggas really listen to rap music, hiphop, or whateva you want to call it that shit dont matta, These R all opinions > Buy what da fuck you like > Cuz what it boils down to is us as black people supporting each other > Oh and by da way I bump all those rappers except 50 sissy ass > #FUCKJIMJONES#

  • chillin mayne

    wait…yall seem to think dat whoeva sells da most is da best??…i know is da same argument, but if it was up to record sales to decide who da best rapper, den will smith, bow wow(hes my fav. guys..rite..)…aint nelly go like 9 times wit country grammer??…not hatin…jus pointin out…most dese cats now is mundane, and borin, and id rather jam celiene dion for like 6 hours dan lissen to da radio for 30 minutes….

    chino xl aint sold none, but yall gotta admit he sick…look at kweli, he aint dat great on da record sales….how was common doin on da charts??….and 50 cent aint lyrical at all… he do know how to make catchy hooks tho..and we all know da majority of folk dont listen for lyrics…

  • $ ANOC $

    man my nicca TIP got da best hip hop album out dis year HANDS DOWN!

  • http://xxlmag.com sdgv

    who cares about album sales lil wayne sold a mill in a week but the cd sucks ass. just because an album sells doesnt always means thaat its good.

  • Rae Tha Great

    That Paper Trail okay. I haven’t listened to The Recession since it came out I want to listen to it though, I miss it. LAX is crazy that production. Tha Carter 3 is bout to be released again so more moron numbers for him. But all this week I been banging that Nas untitled (NIGGER) album. PEACE

  • 619

    ‘Why my weed wet?
    early in the morning, bitch tryin’ to suck my dick and I ain’t even peed yet!’
    Go cop that new Suga Free album ‘Smell My Finger’, hardest shit comin’ out the West right now!

  • Boo

    E Real a bItch shut ya lame ass up

    • EReal

      In the immortal words of Pimp C


      P.S. Im your daddy, ask yo mammy.

  • kengel55

    UMMMMMM hello retards without dr dre and 50 The Game would be NOWHERE!!!!! Hes one of the most overrated rappers of all time. hes last two albums have been nothing but garbage compared to his first umm when he used to chant th words G-Unit all off the time. Hes a trader and a phoney…. But all of that doesnt even matter and id like to thank all of the smart rap listeners for voting eminem the best rapper alive because it is true cant wait for hes new LP its gonna be dimaond in a month top that playas.

  • markamilyon

    im gettin q-tips album! fuck wat ya heard!!