And the campaigning continues. Jay-Z and Cleveland Cavalier forward Lebron James threw a rally for Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama at The Q in Cleveland last night (10/29).

Though Hov performed for the capacity crowd, he stressed the importance of next Tuesday's election and encouraged the audience to beat long lines by voting early. "We're here to have fun tonight, but there's an important election coming up," Jay told the crowd. "We the youth are going to show them our power."

James, who was introduced by Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, encouraged the crowd to follow his lead. "Nov. 4 is the most important day of our lives," James stressed. "Everybody in here, get your family out there and vote. You know who I'm voting for, I'm voting for Obama."

Aside from speeches from the masters of ceremony, the crowd also watched Obama's nationally televised commercial on the big screen. The rally marked the second and third time James and Jay campaigned for Obama, respectively. Well over 20,000 people attended The Q rally. -Marvin Brandon