Suge Knight Accused Of Hiding Death Row Catalog, Pokes Fun At Dissapearing Victim

Suge Knight allegedly won’t ante up. Global Music Group, the small imprint that bought Death Row Records at an auction earlier this year, is probing the possibility that Knight and an accomplice could have stashed part of Death Row’s storied catalog to exclude the material from the sale.

Global’s attorney, Michael J. Collesano, says he was approached by a woman contending to be a former girlfriend of Carl “Butch” Small,” Knight’s accomplice. Collesano asserts Small formerly served as one of the label’s top heads. The woman, whose identity was only revealed in court, claims Small told her he hid master recordings, videos and other Death Row assets from the Pacific Coast Title Archives between 2001 and 2005. The items weren’t included with other assets bought by Global Music Group.

The woman told Detroit authorities about the items after allegedly being attacked by Small earlier this month (10/1). The woman filed an order of protection against Small the following day and lead Livingston County Sheriff Deputy Christopher Schmidt to a storage unit in Burlington, Michigan. Schmidt seized black boxes he believes contain master recordings and music videos. The woman also said she possibly has additional Death Row items and plans to turn them into the authorities.

“Global Music Group of Delaware has arranged financing to acquire the assets and stands ready to acquire the record label once the Trustee identifies the inventory to a certainty,” Collesano said in a statement. “We cannot see how anyone can bid on the assets with such a cloud surrounding the property being sold. In fact, on September 19, 2008, we submitted a bid that we hope the trustee will consider at this time, but our purchase will require proper due diligence.”

The woman also told Collesano she was contacted by Knight’s girlfriend and attorney Tammy and that she feared for her life. In related news, Suge recently poked fun at a woman he allegedly assaulted and left naked on the side of the road. The woman, who is suspected to be his girlfriend Tammy, has since disappeared. Per TMZ, The Las Vegas Police Department attempted to conduct a second interview with the woman only to find out that her whereabouts are now unknown.

Knight showed little concerned when queried about his missing girlfriend. “Fuck my girlfriend,” Knight told a TMZ cameraman. “Fuck it! She’s probably with your daddy.” [Watch Video Here] -Bruce Moses

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