Memphis Bleek: “They Gave Me A Check To F*ck With Girls”

Memph Bleek is…a brand?

According to Jay-Z’s understudy, that’s exactly what he is.

In an interview with HipHopGame.TV, Memphis Bleek defended his decision to appear in a commercial for Garnier, a shampoo line.

“That’s branding yourself,” Bleek explained. “Making yourself into a brand. That’s what that’s called, I don’t think niggas understand that.

“You get get off the plane in Ireland and that product will be on the shelf,” he continued. “When you see that product here, you see that there. And you get a hell of a check. They gave me a hell of a check to fuck with the bitches.”

In the clip, a fictitious girl group sings about the shampoo and toward the end of the clip Bleek appears rapping a guest verse.—Anthony Thomas

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    What a muthafuckin bitch. You just ho’d yourself, B.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • fake hair women are ugly


    • dj nice wit it

      niggas is dumb, everyone on this website would have done the same shit, for a check nigga! and to the niggas who wouldnt are even more stupid. They would rather sit a type hater comments on another mans life.These dudes is retarded, plus bleek cant rap, how else he supposed to eat nigga.

    • FLIP

      Super Co-sign!

    • mo

      niggas selling shampoo out this bitch…i got that soft and silky and that dandruff control which one you need homie?

  • LEO


    • Brandz

      Well its bleek. he lucky to be able to hock shampoo. And its a better look for him to actually be on national television than being in Jay Z shadows

      • YO

        whether you sell shampoo or become a c.o. or hawk proactive zit cream fuck it make money right ha

      • no hate

        Hock shampoo– LOL!!! The biggest blemish of Jay’s career is telling’ people Bleek was next up/a good rapper. He would’ve done better giving him hype man status. That’s pretty much what he amounted to, whether he accepts it or not. Then nothing would be expected from him lyrically and the rapping would just be a plus. Niggas would say “Man, Bleek even got shampoo commercials poppin’” instead of clownin’ him for it.

      • Mr. Fly as a Pelican

        Everyone including Brandz and ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        LfuckinOL You fuckers said some funny shat and took the words out my mouth! Think I might go cop a bottle of Garnier real quick…. Maybe I will pop up in Ireland and fuck some bitches.

  • 1 0n1 or get popped

    f@$#%# that get that paper you would have done it to broke dudes alway want to talk that keeping real Sh!t that’s why they broke now eat as much as you can till you can’t no more period

  • Rockcity

    ^^^^^^^^ LOL

  • RL

    What, Puff or 50 wasn’t available? Maybe they tried to get Jay but ended up being referred to Bleek. At the end of the day, the dude got a check and he get’s to eat (eating is important). If Biggie can go from ashy to classy, why not Bleek?

  • Lost man x

    dont forget michael jordan did hanes and diddy did proactive and blah blah blaaahhhhhh the one thing that i havent heard anyone say is that that man getting paid more for doing that commercial than yall are surfing on this website now aint he…No matter how you look at it its about making that money and providing for yourself and whoever else u have to look out for let him do him…if you read the full interview he said he didnt understand why they even chose him he didnt call and ask to do it they were looking for him. he also stated that he wears a baldy and a durag what the fuck he gonna rap about shampoo for…then he saw the numbers and was like yea ill be around some bitches and rap for a nice check..GET MONEY!!!!!

    • money

      diddy does burger king too

  • Justice4All

    OG, you just played ya self. You mean to tell me if someone cuts you a check to stand in front of a camera with some women, you wouldn’t do it? Negro Pleeze, folks are quick to judge another man’s wallet dude. If someone came to me with $100,000 check to floss with a pink panther outfit on, I’m like “Bet”, cause you know what? I gotta feed my family, and I’m sure Bleek has a large family to feed. Maybe you “HO” ya self working that week job you work for $500.00 a week.

    Dummies stay losing.

  • amar

    yes duh it’s making yourself a brand. However if you associate your brand with a product or service that does not relate to the brand image you are trying to portray (ie gangster-ass rapper vs. hair shampoo for women), u cheapen your brand and lose respect from your target audience. I hate it when rappers try to educate us on shit they know nothing about. Buzz words like “supply and demand” and “recession” and “brand”. marketing 101 asshole.

  • Rockcity

    I guess he should suck a dick or fuck a bitch wit AIDS or swallow elephant shit too huh as long as they cut that check riiiiite. The thing is if you are willing to put what little credibility you have left in the rap game and throw it all away for some shampoo money then so be it. I doubt they gave Bleek 6fig’s to do this tho.So no the money was not worth it.And him havin a large fam to feed dont mean shit!!Nigga how u friends wit Jay but yo fam starvin nigga that’s yo fault U were apart of one of the most biggest hip hop dynasty’s ever and you fuckin with this and then try to justify it?

    • Worley

      Co-sign. Getting a check is no reason to do stupid sh*t. That is the definition of selling out.

      Look at rap music now. The culture was better off without the money. The sh*t had a message and a lot more integrity. But now that rappers getting big money does that excuse the buffoonery that rap has become? Absolutely not.

      • gamefkdup

        Co-Sign, WTF?! Bleek? When I saw dis shit I couldn’t believe it, I don’t care how big a check u cuttin’ Homo Thug dat shit iz WRONG, I mean datz like doin’ a Good Nites commercial, this shit gonna follow u 4 da rest of ur god damm life. Like those kids wearin’ diapers, yeah they probbly made a lot of cash but I’ll bet they jus’ knocked out each time dey walk out tha door. Wuz it worth it son? Now try hollerin’ at Murda, he’ll probbly cap yo ass, Haha, 2 think I used 2 fuck wid dis kid, BYE BYE REPUTATION. P.S dat song wit Uncle sucked. Quit rappin’ Bleek plz take a hike, put tha mic down. Can’t wait 2 see dat commercial tho, it’s gon’ be off tha hook, I’ll probbly be laughin’ my ass off tha whole damn night.

  • DV8

    isnt this nigga in Jay-Z’s will? I remember Jay saying a long time ago that Bleek dont have to rap ever again and hes still rich. This nigga Bleek sold what little respect left niggas had for him to Garnier. I dont know of any black people who even use that shit.

  • jmill1224

    Look at all the rappers to choose from! Who the hell they gonna get Wang?Jim Jones? Only thing Wang can sell is “Harry Potter books”,he’s in fantasy land, and Nyquil “pun intended”. As far as Jimmy,wtf,Betty Ford, Irish Spring Soap, and Boxing Lessons (that max b shit)

  • jmill1224

    I can see the problem its Garnier,but damn at least the nigga, and follow the course these other assholes. Rappers advertise in every fuckin song for some shit they dont get paid for. And niggas hate Bleek for getting paid for it. Niggas need to wake the fuck up. Get your money fuck this crab ass bullshit.

  • Curtis75Black

    I’m guessing because of what he’s endorsing is not of a “street element” or you just wash your hair with shampoo, you can’t relate. Most of yall just see what you want to see. I laughed my ass off too when seeing the commercial but it’s legal money, so what’s the problem. Niggas is quick to call someone a “sellout” until their favorite emcee does the same shit, then “he’s making paper or gettin’ his grown man on”.

  • A

    This would have worked for some non-descript but this is supposed to be gangsta ass-memph bleek. If it’s questionable then it’s obviously suspect. Personally, for him, I think it’s some faggot ass shit to brand yourself with.

  • jmill1224

    Gangster ass Memph? Shit if that nigga is gangster, then Wang was whispering in Baby’s ear. Jaz-O exposed bleek back in 2000,sayin that commercial that say’s someone gets robbed or jacked every 15 sec. in america, thats bleek.

    • JeffDaChef

      Exactly what commercial was that?

  • fastflipper

    bleek is getting money and hes on tv…..haters are in front of their computer screen… M.A.D.E. lp from bleek is a classic

  • Bang

    “brand” yourself wack you mean


    I dont give a fuck about the memphis bleek or garnier products. i do know 2 things

    1. niggaz on this site “pay” to fuck with bitches. in some form or another

    2. memph bleek “got paid” to fuck with bitches.


    • amar

      right BUT

      1. if he does shit like this, he makes short-term money, but loses all respect/fans and gets no long-term money
      2. if he does shit more related to his brand as a non-vagina rapper, he gets potentially less in short-term, but keeps his career and still has fans in the long-term that buy his music. Still has endorsements etc. because of these fans. Keeps his record contract because of these fans. Gets more money in the long-term.

      This is the exact problem: short-term thinking, rather than long-term (career)-thinking. Not just with hip hop either. This is PART of the reason why the jails are overpacked: short-term thinking


    I co-sign YUNG TWEEZY comments.
    we in a fuckin recession so get money.


    Get a bread truck and get off the crumb shit.

  • mama_mia

    i think,,well we all know BLEEK is WACK! He is soooo “IS That YO CHICK” aka the 90′s era!
    Jaz O, to JAY Z is what Bleek is to JAY Z…
    i can’t believe @fter all this time-he comes out swinging with a shampoo campaign…
    He’s like 40 still talking about b*tches,,how scary for this “wack hip hop generation” we live in..
    HIp Hop BRoke my HEart!


    fuuuuck no i would never do that.

  • Omar

    I don’t understand how a shampoo commercial equates to fucking with bitches!

  • Yayza

    Y’all are misinterpreting what Bleek said and giving him too much credit. He said “They gave me a hell of a check to fuck with the bitches”. He meant “fuck with” as in “work with”. He did the song with those chicks, he didn’t bone any of em. It’s Bleek for fuck sakes.

  • LeX!

    lolz i never seen Hov in a herbal essense video

  • slezzy ez

    i aint mad at bleek for making that paper if anybody have a problem with my comment do everybody a favor and kill yourself!!!!!!

  • OXY

    A man dosen’t owe anyone an explanation when he is providing for his family and loved ones, within the confines of the law. A commercial selling shampoo beats a 9-5. Do you know how much money he made for 5 minutes work of work. He probably did that to pay a luxury tax. Next thing I would do is voice overs for some cartoon. Check out the check Kyla Pratt; boondocks or something. Gotta have more than one hustle. Gotta evolve.

  • Vicious Seiger

    Let real recognize real. Bleek is talking about branding himself but he needs to be straight up. Tell the truth, you lined up this gig and it paid good and they offered it to you & you took it. Trust me, if I hadn’t had a hit or guest appearance [Like Bleek] in damn near a decade Kelloggs could call me and I’d be kicking soccer balls with Tony the Tiger to pay those grown man bills. Now, I don’t know nobody in the hood who is using Garnier Products and I really doubt that anybody at Garnier was saying “Man, I hope we can Memphis Bleek for this Commercial… I hope he can fit us into his tight schedule.” Overall, it’s good he’s trying to get his Rain Man meets Jigga on but if he is trying to start branding himself then what does his name signify – being mediocre.

  • real talk

    is good to have friends in high places. the only reason he was able to get this sponsor is because of jay z but hey a check is a check.


    God knows he’s not making any money in the music game, he would be stupid to turn a commercial deal down.

  • http://xxl GSIDE

    Get yo money Bleek fuck these broke nigga on this board.

  • GNixs

    Expansion is important, but Bleek’s expansion into hair products doesn’t help his main source of revenue, which is rap.
    A former rap star can’t cross over into the hair product world without losing respect (Memph was never really a star though, just a tax write off).

  • ty40cal

    yousa bitch man put out a good song … instead of this bitch move .. better have jay write it for ya tho god knows you cant do shit with out him

  • T.C.

    Wow ya’ll are some haters i don’t really agree with him selling himself to promote shampoo either but yall are dumb for dissing him and not even mentioning other cats like krs-one and mc shan for doing those sprite commercials or dr. dre promoting coors lite which is the worst seeing how alcohol is poison or ludacris doing pepsi commercials

  • problems

    I just dont understand why Bleek chose shampoo when this dude has a dinasaur dome.This dude hairline go way back to his shoulders.I seen this dude without a cap and doo rag and its crazy so i doubt son would ever use the product he endorses.and i really doubt the reps at Garnier would appreciate the person reppin their product calling the women the product is targeted for as bitches….ignorance B…get your money Bleek i aint mad at ya but u whylin with this one b!!!!!!!!

  • vega Diamond

    watch his hair going to grow about 20 ft in 3 weeks…lol

  • vega Diamond


  • dez

    this site is dead

  • mdb

    what a dumb shit, did he really refer to it as branding himself? kinda like a cow or better yet a sheep….i doubt people in ireland know who the fuck he is, much less give a shit

  • Ellio

    what the hell is wrong wit ya’ll hatin for no reason??? what, are ya’ll too “hood” to make money??? get the fucc outta here and dont knocc his hustle. granted it was an awkward thing to do, but he’s still gettin paid. not to mention Bleek is better than 90% of rappers out.

  • Marlo

    damn its hard out there. featuring in shampoo ads lol


    Child support rates ain’t cheap nigga(lol), I know that shit first hand. But really, the nigga’s rap game aint neva been what u would call…….”Profittable”. Dude is nice and all but come on ya’ll really. Shit look at it this way, he got niggas talkin bout’ him again fuck it free publicity lol. But he should have played it a little better than he didi tho.NO HATE IN 08′

  • Imani

    OMG is dude seriouse!? Wow I thought he was a rule mofo but hey its all about the dollar, huh? but tell me whats next? what the spokesperson for Pantene or some shit! lets see how much gay-er memph can get!

  • giantstepp

    It’s legal, it’s not promoting ignorance or detriment (<sp) and on top of that, Bleek aint really been eating. Take into account the backlash, make your decision and live with it. Like Flav, he was not eating for probably 12/15 years and nobody cared. He got an opportunity to get some coins in the reality TV biz, and he ran with it….and he’s eating. We can critize, call dudes sellouts etc., but as the saying goes “do what you gotta do”. He’ll probabaly loose some “street cred”, legal cold hard cash will always soften the sting from that.

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Don’t hate.
    At the end of the day…

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like he wore a blonde wig or g string in the damn thing. lol. People just like to hate on Bleek for whatever reason. What the fuck he did to ya’ll? lol. I still got love for the dude. Gotta get paid out here. It’s better then being stressed out and broke.

  • balaramesh

    bleek paper should be right per hov.

    bleek still better than at least 85% of the rappers out now. he just aligned with hov. it’s the gift and the curse

    i dunno about this move but it’s better than yet another rapper selling vodka or condoms.

  • EReal

    Since when is Memph “gangsta”??? Since when is ANY successful rapper “gangsta”? Since when does Memph have “fans” it isnt like he’s sellin a mili.
    Yall got the game fucked up.

  • 4real

    Wow yall cats are funny, we in a recession and yall talking about not picking up a check.

    Then on top of that yall talking about creditibility and status,when half these cats out here rapping claiming they a kingpin or ran the streets and all they ever did was look out for police.

    Its even more amazing how its 2008 we are the verge of having a black president and we can’t see pass our own hood mentality and garbage hood rules that have no bearing on the world we live in.

    last but not least
    we could put the “understanding and M.A.D.E.” up against any other rapper in his class or level and see who has better material.





  • Supplyguy615

    I sware there are some real HATERS out there, last I checked gas was $3.59 a gallon, I aint mad at Bleek, and he aint selling out!! All you muthafuckers saying he sold out aint paying his bills and are burning copies of his CD’s not buying them. Plus you dont know what kinda doors this will open for him in Hollywood, a commercial here and there can never hurt seeing as how his career has been down ANYWAY, work is work HATERS. Plus it says something about the company trying to target the black community with at least a known black artist,even though he is not the greatest MC in the game he did have a banger or two in his own right, I think its a win/win situation for the both of them. ALL HATERS SHOULD DIE!!!

  • the G.O.D


    One to grow one, how many brothers ‘gangsters’- (if y’all above are so-called “hood”) doing 25 five to life for some dumb/real shit -wouldn’t trade places with Bleek right now?

    Get your money dunn


  • Curtis75Black

    There was a time when rockin’ to a R&B beat was sellin’ out, Making love Songs was sellin’ out, Talking about your wealth was sellin’ out, A collabo with R&B was Sellin’ out, T.V. Shows and Movies was sellin’ out. Commercials product endorsements was sellin’ out. Funny thing about it all our most (Pop)ular emcee’s did them all from Kurtis Blow to TI, LL to 50 Cent, Run-DMC to Wu-Tang and we make Money whether is Sprite, Gap, Chap Stick, Vitamin Water and Shampoo. If it’s legal, why should we care, especially if you’re not buying music, supporting our emcee’s anymore ?

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