Lil Wayne Crowned “People’s Champ,” “MVP” & Top Lyricist At 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards

Lil Wayne likes calls himself a lot of things: the “Rapper Eater,” “Pussy Monster,” and most famously the “Best Rapper Alive.”

Well, BET calls Weezy a few different things.

The rapper was named the “Lyricist of the Year” and “MVP” by the network at the 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards, E! reports.

And fans voted the Cash Money star the “Alltel Wireless People’s Champ.”

Wayne was up for a number of awards. The “Lollipop” rapper was nominated across 12 different categories, including nods for best video and best hip-hop collabo.

Russell Simmons was presented with the “I Am Hip-Hop” icon award by LL Cool J.

A number of ladies were also recognized during a tribute to the women in hip-hop.

MC Lyte, Salt-n-Pepa with Spinderella, Yo-Yo, and the Lady of Rage of FEM too to the stage.

Images of Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama and his wife flashed on screen during the performance of “Whatta Man.”

The 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards, hosted by T-Pain, are set to air Thursday, October 23 at 8PM on BET.—Anthony Thomas

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  • EReal

    Wow, garbage reigns supreme.

    • D-Block

      its ironic that the “BET Hip Hop Awards” is actually a disgrace 2 real hip hop. some one please kill lil wayne

  • Rockcity

    WOW Top Lyricist?????? Really??????? Dats funny because I have yet to hear a true lyricist when I turn on the fuckin radio. I swear they just do these damn shows to piss me off. I wonder if Nas or lupe got any awards or if they were even fuckin nominated for nething.

  • DV8

    thats a bunch of bullshit. Fuck BET.

  • Cal

    Well what better way for the Black folks channel to live up to their name than vote the cooniest coon for a motherfudging Best lyricist award?! I dont even know what lyricist means anymore.

  • Trainwreck

    Hate Hate Hate

    all these haters but yall aint done shit

    • Stylistic

      There’s a difference between hatin and realizing somebody’s outrageously overrated, which this fag is. It’s all about movin units these days, I guarantee you if he sold only 20,000 units he wouldn’t have gotten the award. The weezy dickriding really needs to end. Best lyricists alive here they are…Krs-One, Nas, Eminem, Joell Ortiz, Immortal technique, Snoop, (He can when he has to), Ice Cube, Canibus, Meth, Redman, Gza, this is just to name some but I can go on all day about who’s a better lyricist then weezy…..

      • drox

        co-sign Stylistic
        true talk… and we’ll c if he can do these numbers he had wit his whatever album again… no hatin but this dude can never be the best lyricist now, yesterday or 2mar…

  • Clever

    I hear women talk about all the time I got that fire or, I’mma 10 piece or Dime piece. Lets step it up ah lil.
    Lady’s are you a DIME PIECE OR, A ICE PIECE? Fella’s do you think your Lady is a ICE PIECE? I’ve had ICE PIECES in my time of being a single player in da world of romance. I’ve had more Dimes than Ice Pieces. I was blessed to get one or two. So fella’z how many Ice pieces have you had, or dime pieces? Lady’s how many of you Think your a ICE PIECE, send me a pic and, Let me see if you are a ICE PIECE. Its not all about looks either. ;-)

    My Song ” ICE PIECES ” explains about the real life experience I was fortunate to have with some ICE PIECES.


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    2008 MVP Lil Wayne is ok but best lyrics??? NAH!!!

  • capcobra

    alotta rappers changing how they pronounce thier words when they rap now…”putting slurs in words”…adding extra emphasis on certain endings or begginnings..and even though that’s a black thought/marshall mathers technique..niguz copying weezy with that…and alotta commercial rappers using more consecutive punchlines in thier 16′s now…so i think weezy deserve his awards…but whether i think he’s wack or’s a billion mc’s trying to get on his level musically..and match his work ethics…

  • 92FS

    HAHAHAHAHA!! BET is pure jokes!

  • TonyStackz

    What the Fuck??? How the fuck he get Lyricist of the Year?? That ain’t nothin but bullshit man theres no doubt
    that Wayne is running Hip-Hop right now
    but that don’t mean hes got the best Lyrics Didn’t these BET mothafuckas notice that Bun B,Ice Cube,Nas & GZA
    also dropped an Album this Year??? Fuckin Fraudass Awards!!!

  • wat-wat-watt

    I see im not the only one who thought that award did not belong to lil wayne, though my boi says he can rap…woteva! on another note don’t u think shawty lo getting rookie of the year says a lot about how much Hip Hop has plunged?!

  • Three4

    Nas, Lupe, The Game, T.I., Jay-Z, Ludacris…sooo many rappers are better lyricists than Lil Wayne…

  • Gerod

    LOL @ Wayne calling himself the “Pussy Monster”…he is the most homo individual I’ve ever seen.

    Ultra UBER homo

  • Westcoast Mexican

    WOW all this wayne dick-riding is insane

  • El Tico Loco

    The game’s gotten so bad now lyricism is graded on a curve. SMMFH

  • Trae

    People that say Wayne has no skills have not listened to his mix tapes. Ya see Wayne is smart and he knows how the game is played, he drops mix tapes for us street nigggas with real street shit on em. Then we its MONEY TIME, he drops a commercial album that goes TRIPLE PLATINUM, no one will touch his record sales figures this year, Only T.I. will even come close, dont hate on Weezy cuz he knows how to get money. As far as “The Best Rapper Alive” well, that goes to a gentleman from Atlanta by the name of Andre 3 Stacks


      Trea, I’ve listened to his mixtapes homie.

      Lupe Mixtapes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wayne Mixtapes. On the real cuz. You should check out Street Smart and Revenge Of The Nerds. He kills Waynes Dedication 1 & 2. And Im from the south myself…

    • Re-yo

      “he drops mix tapes for us street nigggas with real street shit on em.”

      You mean like
      “I Kiss My Daddy, Damn Right I Kiss My Daddy?”

  • Khalil Amani

    What’s funny? Rappers never get their due in life, but in death…? They’re the greatest! Examples? Who was riding Pac & Biggie in life like they ride them in death? NOBODY!!!! Point is: Lil Wayne is someone who is being recognized as a talented artist to the dismay of you folks!

    • drox

      @ Khalil Amani
      are u for real… did u start listenin 2 hip hop yesterday mornin???? Ever heard of the east west coast beef??? beef that had pac and biggie on the front line while they were alive… eve heard of the album 2pacalypse, all eyez on me…ever heard of the album ready 2 die??? how do u write this crap and compare this fag with legends… and say that nobody knew these guys?? wtf??? get ur story up and read some stuff b4 u write crap

  • ErvGotti85

    If this was about his lyrics on mixtapes such as dedication 1 or 2 or the drought 3 then I could understand but his post drought 3 style has been terrible, and has gotten worse with the autotune. He actuallly was sounding alot better on tha carter I and II. But know he sounds like he is reciting raspy bullshit.

  • jseres

    Top lyricist? A fucking girl known more for her dancing than rapping killed him on his own fucking track.

  • Pingback: - » The Game Goes Gold, T.I. Rests At Number Two On The Charts

  • khalil amani


    All that you’re talking is IRRELEVANT! I’m simply making the point that nobody gets their dues in life. Even Jesus spoke, “A prophet IS NOT without honor, except in his own house, his own country.” Circa 1996 Pac & Biggie were NEVER mentioned in the pantheon of great lyricists, but in death they are said to be the greatest rappers. And by the way, I’m an old head… I was legally drinking when Rapper’s Delight (1979) hit the airwaves! The hate on Lil Wayne assures that his place in hip-hop will be substantial! Sorry Charlie!

  • balaramesh

    @khalil amani,

    “Circa 1996 Pac & Biggie were NEVER mentioned in the pantheon of great lyricists, but in death they are said to be the greatest rappers.”

    you must have never touched anywhere close to new york anywhere around that time….. old head. or read the source when it mattered.

  • BeastBoy

    Okay okay I know Lil Wayne isn’t the best rapper alive but for yall 2 say that he is trash is just plain crazy. He might be overrated but he isn’t trash. And did yall buy dat KRS-One cd when he dissed Nelly?? No, yet you all say that hip-hop is dead. Yall killin hip-hop by not support real niggaz