Lil Wayne Assistant Tells Judge Of Rapper’s Pot Usage

Lil Wayne has been snapped in multiple pictures with his omnipresent Styrofoam cup, the ingredients, of course, include a mixture of codeine.

But on Monday in New York, the rapper’s assistant put his boss’s pot usage on blast in a court room. According to TMZ, the hearing was in regards to a weapons case. Wayne was busted last year after his performance at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan. (Ja Rule was also arrested on separate charges the same night after appearing on stage with Wayne.)

The Cash Money star’s assistant, Terry Bourgeois, explained to the judge that marijuana is “something we always have” on Lil Wayne’s tour bus. He went on to reveal the rapper only smokes “dro” and then explained what the name is short for, ie “hydroponically grown” pot. Weezy, all the while, sat with his head in his hands as his assistant dished the news, TMZ reports.

Bourgeois, however, testified she did not see Wayne with a gun on the night in question. According to the Associated Press, Weezy’s legal rep Stacey Richman wants the case dismissed. Richman claims police falsely stated they smelled marijuana in order to board the bus with just cause.

Wayne is due back in court again in December.—Nino “Dubs” DeLuca

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  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    No wonder Wayne make stupid decisions he’s surrounded by idiots.

  • Jonaseddie

    No rapper is ever gonna fuck with Terry Bourgeois now.. if i was Wayne, i’d be pissed!

  • bubble

    some assistant its a wrap for that person

  • EReal

    Yeah, great assistant, assisting in prosecuting your dumb ass.

    LMAO @ Ja Fool


    LMFAO @ People who have guns with no bullets.


    Damn. wtf is wrong wit dat bitch nigga Bourgeois. he just put his own career on da shelf. wit a display of such BITCH-ASS-NESS he’ll never assist another famous person again.

    • Lancelot

      Could be a girl (terry) -

      • blackWallin

        she is a girl it says it

  • Worley

    WIth a name like Bourgeois, I am not surprised he snitched. Now it’s open season for law enforcement to “smell marijuana” when they stop Wayne’s bus.

  • DV8

    SMH….you are the company you keep, dumb mofo’s.

  • Kani

    Is bourgeois a male or female?? The reason I ask is because it has he in one sentence and she in the other.

  • 239allday

    What the fuck kinda niggas is Wayne fucking with. Does that nigga Bourgeois(hilarious/ironic name) know that he has the right to keep his fucking mouth shut!!!

  • Nate

    That assistant knew what he was in for working for Wayne. But as far as “his career being over” that’s bs if he has actual work skills, because being the assistant for Lil Wayne, and then going into the corporate world would go far.

    Think of all the big office white folk that would hire you if you come in with a resume showing you were the assistant to 50, Wayne, Jay-Z, Snoop, etc… etc… people know these names, but they don’t all know the current scandal of the week, like you jerkoff dropouts sitting in your grandmothers basements.

    So yes, that’s disloyal of Terry and knowing what he did I would not hire him but I know that IF he has real job skills, then he could still get legal money from a employer that isn’t at risk of going to trial, being in jail 24/7…

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  • texasleen

    I was gonna lie but then I got high

  • render

    LMFAO….nigga you know your real name aint Bourgeois

  • yoprince


    lol. thas what my mom calls it.

  • Southernbreed

    That Is Fucked Up!
    Nigga just straight up snitched.
    How you gonna testify that you didn’t see him with a gun but, turn around and say that he smokes Dro!
    What the fuck was you thinking.
    If they do throw out this case, they gonna try and charge him for the Dro now!
    Smart, Genius, What an Assistant!

  • Abel

    stitchin’ ass nigga

  • ctown614


  • durdy burd

    ay, mane straight up real talk dat, nigga be snitchin, like a muhfucka!!!
    me personaly i dont c, wut, da fuck wrong wit, burnin some smoke pimpin, i mean its betta, den snorrtin, coke or smokin, crack an, shit…

  • Attitude Seeds

    I still find it funny how many people are simply scared of a plant. People need to wake up and realize that no one has died from the plant so how evil or unsafe can it really be?