Lil Boosie Arrested On Drug, Weapons Charges

Trill Entertainment rapper Lil Boosie was arrested in his hometown of Baton Rogue on Wednesday (10/22) on drug and weapons charges, according to Louisiana’s The Advocate.

Boosie allegedly attempted to drive away after officers tried to collar him. According to the police report, authorities smelled marijuana coming from Boosie’s car. After arresting the rapper, police found a weapon and booked Boosie on possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance and resisting arrest.

Last month, Boosie’s rhyme partner, Webbie was also arrested. The “Gimmie Dat” rapper led police on a high-speed chase before crashing into a vehicle and exiting for another car. Webbie was eventually charged with a felony count of eluding (police), one count of driving under the influence, and a misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana.—Anthony Thomas

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  • Robin

    first bitch

  • Robin


  • texasleen

    “possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance” u gotta love that shit DANGEROUS i might fall asleep while trying to shoot my gun

  • JMill1224

    SMH, shocked, not really! Flavor Flav looking ass!

  • ri067953

    Yo, it’s time for this guys to put away the hood antics and become men. They have an opportunity to gain fortune and fame and take their families out the hood and they are compromising it by this type of behavior. At least, if you gonna ride dirty and you get caught, it’s time to man up and take the hit. Plus, these fools have access to good lawyers, so why not just take the hit put it behind you?

    • bigman

      da reason dey do wat dey do is cuz dey 4rm da struggle dwn souf nd shit diff 4 us blak folks who aint neva had shit nd da bitch ass laws always lukn 4 sumn dey cn put a niga n jail 4 dey dnt give a fuk wat it y shuld we try 2 act lyk we beta dan da ppl who helpd us make it 2 were we r nw nd act all UPPTY lyk fukn WHITE FOLKS.IM SORRY REAL BLAK PPL DNT EVEN NO WAT DAT IS.SO WEN U CHANGE DA ENVIROMENT AROUND US ALL WE AINT CHANGEN 4 U CRACCERS


        What the fuck are you talking about? Look at the way you type, you don’t even have the self respect to spell your own damn words right, much less, let those “crackaz” you call white people, change the envirenment, when you NIGGERS don’t want to even try? STRUGGLING?! Nahh, “nigga” stuggling is when you CAN’T get money and get off your lazy black ass and do something useful for your family. You fuckin’ monkeys can’t even run a McDonalds correctly much less a “hood”. Get your shit straight “dawg” before you post your half-thought up comments on random sites. “White folks” Don’t need to change any envirenment at all, we don’t run your life, you should be “big boys” like you all think you are and get up off your useless ass and do something. Also, you wouldn’t go to jail if you were folowing the FUCKING law DUMBASS NIGGER!!!!!

  • prex



    I think he smoked weed after he had to whoop another niggaz ass for an hour straight

  • enzo

    To Texasleen:
    Only lightweight amateur weedsmoking homos like you fall asleep after they chief crons.

    free boosie and webbie

  • Mo Betta

    People don’t appreciate what they have til it’s stripped away!


    First Webbie, now this guy. Like ri067953 said. These niggas need to put boyish type of shit away. GROW UP!! Why the fuck is he still carryin around guns and weed??

    I hate that “gotta stay trill to the hood” mentality. Why dont you help your old hood by paying some of they’re bills? Or pay a young nigga way through college? Niggas want to drive while high, run from police, and carry an illegal weapon. YOU HAVE MONEY NIGGA! FILL OUT THEM PAPERS AND GET I LEGALIZED! Shit.

    Well, hope he makes it out. Fuckin idiot, like his partner…

  • Marco317

    nawledge u at least on ur late 30′s, always hatin on da south…. pay some of da hood bills? negro please, them people who are in da hood is because they choose to, i lived in da hood, but i hated bein broke so i got 2 jobs, and got my own place away from da hood, so if i can do it anyone can. u probably wouldnt make it on a hood, cause u sound like the nerdy high school kid that everyone picked on….


      Marco, you’re slower than a patch of dirt. How the hell am I “hatin on the south”, WHEN IM FROM THE SOUTH?! And WTF am I hatin on? Did I say ANYTHING about his music? Did I say ANYTHING to the gist of “southern niggas always do that”? Did I?? Explain yourself, dawg.

      What the fuck do you know about me? Im from Lil Haiti, Miami. Why dont you do some research on that niegborhood. My parents came to this country with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They worked in a factory of $2.75/hr and drove taxis. There were times where I didnt eat for a whole week. Did I make it out? Hell yes, I did. I got an education, a good job, and moved. You dont know shit about me, homie. So dont talk like you knew me your entire life. Im glad you made it out, but when you were in the hood werent there times when you needed at least a little help? Does it make you less of a man if someone opens a door for you and you walk through it?


      These “trill” niggas claim to be soooo loyal to they’re “blocks” and “sets”, but they dont do shit for them instead make the news for criminal activity. There’s niggas in the hood who want to got to college, but cant afford the tuition, or cant afford the books. Instead of gettin high and runnin from police, help them boys out. Give back. Help some families get of welfare or something. I never said to give somebody a handout. But everyone needs a little help now and then. Like the Ludacris Foundation. At least he’s doing something more with his money, then buying cars, jewlry and weed. He grew up out of that acting up bullshit, and is giving back to his community. That was my point.

      Why dont learn how to read more carefully. Learn about tone & context. Because you sound like you never passed 8th grade english.

      • Marco317

        then maybe you mad cause u worked hard to get where u at, while rappers and hustlas make da fast money…these guys r rich as hell and imma tell them how to spend their money? naw. man theres hood niggas, the goverment hate cats who r makin fast money. they want minoritys makin minimum wage or in da pen, so im glad when someone gets rich quickly. u made it out the hood, went to college to get a good job, aint nothin wrong wit dat, its positive shit…but that dont give u right to judge this guys and be like they shouldnt b doin this or that. they r entertainers, so entertain urself wit news like this. Naptown all day!

        • NAWLEDGE

          Jesus Christ, why would I be mad that somebody makin some money? You think these niggas make “fast” money? Boosie been rappin since he was 14. You know that already. This nigga like 21-23 now aint he? He JUST NOW makin some money. So it wasnt fast, homie. He works damn hard too. I admit that I dont enjoy his music, but I appluad his work ethic. That music shit aint easy.

          Im not sayin that he’s a fuck nigga or bad dude at heart, Im just sayin why would he fuck up his good situation? Niggas need to grow up out that mentality. Think. I HATE to see niggas who are in a good position, and fuck it up over nothin. C’mon, he make 15K a show and he carryin an illegal gun? That shit like $250 to get it legalized, but I digress. Point is, he’s a man now and that acting out shit is played.

          Thats why I also hate to see when this type of shit happen, niggas say he’s reppin them. Why cant he rep by somethin positive? You’ll NEVER find this in the headlines:

          “Rapper builds home for African orphans”

          Instead you find:

          “Rapper arrested for felony eluding, drug possesion, and concealed fire arm”.

          Yeah, thats what Hiphop is about huh?

  • bhillboy

    You niggas is gay.

  • EReal


    Shoulda kept ya windows rolled up, PATNA!

    D-O-N-T-D-R-O-P-T-H-E-S-O-A-P, do you know what that means maine!?!? LOLZ!

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    first off co-sign bhillboy.
    Secondly; Fuck the fact that he was smoking
    fuck the fact that he had a burner
    even fuck the fact that even though he know better the young nigga was doing what he do getting high riding around and enjoying hisself.

    But nigga your so called partner just got snatched up last month doing similar shit and u dont think u yourself would be hot. A regular hood nigga would be on his p’s and q’s after the police got his partner y when niggas get a lil money they lose common sense.

  • kEITH

    that’s right, lock up all these WACK ASS RAPPERS!!!!

  • Shim Dolla

    Nawledge I see you at it again, you know what your problem is, you spend way too much time tryin to figure these niggas out. Once again he’s just another nigga that done got caught, not to make excuses or to cover up what he did but do you know how many niggas and white people and all other races do illegal shit on a daily basis, niggas like him get singled out because of their celebrity, and while others shit get kept on the hush. Think about it, you from lil haiti how many people you know do the same shit on a daily basis and you don’t say shit about them doin it but supposed to be a big deal cuz boosie or webbie does it, Nawledge what you fail to realize is that there are two types of people in the world people who are products of their enviorment people who make their enviorments products of them and I don’t care how much money a nigga got don’t shit change that.


      “Think about it, you from lil haiti how many people you know do the same shit on a daily basis and you don’t say shit about them doin it”

      HELL YEAH I talk to them niggas too.

      You think just cause he’s famous, I gonna just talk about him? All the hood niggas I grew up with are either dead or in jail because they didnt listen to me when I told them to get their lives straight. Its not about havin money. Its all in your HEAD. Its about your mentality. All that acting out shit is for shorties. Its young. Dudes need to grow up and get mature.

      Thats what its all about.

  • what it do?

    Fuck lil boosie both him and webbie are two of the most horrible rapprers I’ve every heard. Shout out to muthafuckas that have talent like Trae, z-ro, and TI.

    • sewaside

      i no u heard of Big T, why your haters so mad, i dont no why baby, because boosie and webbie making that cash. So like your boy Z-RO u can kiss there black Ass.Fool i guest you dont no Z-ro, if u no z-ro, ask your self why him and trae dont talk and why he’s not getting big money money like trae ti boosie and webbie.trae my people no him personal, hes a real ass nigga. Z-ro talk that real shit but fake, well all for himself a nigga all for himself will never make it. thats J prince putting that meat to him. 1-deep but u sign with rap-a-lot hes not going anywhere for a long time. so he can let the down south niggas feel him, but boosie and webbie, fell them niggas world wide not just in texas. holla at your boy

  • balaramesh

    another ignorant rapper. doesnt this dude always talk about being a diabetic? anyhow, much success to him


    Look at this dumb ass high top fade wearing nigga!!! DUMB ASS new orlean niggas with 5th grade educations…..

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  • vanessa

    damn lil bossie ur so fucken sexy but damn what u did is not good for ur good career think about that ok

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