The award-winning production company behind "Just for Kicks," a visual history on sneakers, have shifted their focus from shoes to some of the most important people in history to wear them: B-boys.

"The Way of the B-Boy" is part documentary, part instructional video, with interviews from a number of cultural contributors such as Grandmaster Caz, Uncle Ralph McDaniels, and ego trip's Sacha Jenkins.

The project is slated for an October 21 release and will be available at

In addition to interviews, the Massive Monkees, and members of Rock Steady, showcase their moves with a number of instructional routines.

A screening of the documentary is scheduled for Monday, October 20 at Tribeca Cinema in New York. Grandmaster Caz will DJ the after party beginning immediately after. The Way of the B-Boy is directed by Chad Ross and Zak Tucker; Caid productions served as executive producers.---Nino "Dubs" DeLuca