Fat Joe is working on his next album, but the Bronx-born MC can't help but dote on Lil Wayne's next LP.

Joe told MTV News: "Lil Wayne, don't bet against him right now!" he said. "Don't bet against this guy ever right now. He calls me in the middle of the night: 'Come to the studio.' I get there, this n---a pressed play, and everything he played was super-duper phenomenal, number-one [smash]. He's singing, 'So I went to get her in my spaceship.' Craziest thing you ever heard in your life."

The Miami transplant said he the Carter comparisons between Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are fine, but after Tha Carter IV drops, Fat Joe said there won't be any MC to properly pit against Weezy.

"They compared him a lot to Jay-Z, and you could see where he was influenced," Joe explained. "But after this next album — I'm not saying he's the best rapper of all time, [but] you can't compare him to any rapper in the world. Because no rapper has done what he's about to do. That's crazy! He's a rock star, man. Hit mania!"

Joe even went as far as to say rock bands won't be able to keep up with Wayne.

No date has been set for either Wayne's next album, or Joe's.

Fat Joe said he's set to work with Akon, Ron Browz, and Infamous on his next album.---Nino "Dubs" DeLuca