Fat Joe: “You Can’t Compare Lil Wayne To Any Rapper In The World”

Fat Joe is working on his next album, but the Bronx-born MC can’t help but dote on Lil Wayne’s next LP.

Joe told MTV News: “Lil Wayne, don’t bet against him right now!” he said. “Don’t bet against this guy ever right now. He calls me in the middle of the night: ‘Come to the studio.’ I get there, this n—a pressed play, and everything he played was super-duper phenomenal, number-one [smash]. He’s singing, ‘So I went to get her in my spaceship.’ Craziest thing you ever heard in your life.”

The Miami transplant said he the Carter comparisons between Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are fine, but after Tha Carter IV drops, Fat Joe said there won’t be any MC to properly pit against Weezy.

“They compared him a lot to Jay-Z, and you could see where he was influenced,” Joe explained. “But after this next album — I’m not saying he’s the best rapper of all time, [but] you can’t compare him to any rapper in the world. Because no rapper has done what he’s about to do. That’s crazy! He’s a rock star, man. Hit mania!”

Joe even went as far as to say rock bands won’t be able to keep up with Wayne.

No date has been set for either Wayne’s next album, or Joe’s.

Fat Joe said he’s set to work with Akon, Ron Browz, and Infamous on his next album.—Nino “Dubs” DeLuca

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    I thought we knew wayne was the best…………… about 4 years ago

    • latinpistol07

      we did….?

      • Tha Ace

        funny he said that about 4 years ago, cause he was better then and NOBODY said best rapper alive

        but, i have a quote

        “Don’t bet against this guy ever right now.”

  • CapitalJ

    A million sold first day I went gold
    How do I celebrate work on Tha Carter 4

  • http://www.fatjoe.com It’s me

    Weezy on fire right now!

    I won’t bet against him either

    You are better of trying to DateaRepublican.com than win against weezy!!!!

    It’s going to be a movie

  • Ayre

    Retarded music for a retarded generation

    • CHEAA


    • EReal


      • A


        • Mikey T

          + 3

    • that nigga

      Yeah you aint neva lied.

    • DJGakaDIGGER

      ^I agree with homie

  • dhari

    fat joe is only on lil waynes dick cuz he gets to make songs with him.

  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    ICE CUBE- I Was told on my block, never to ride on noooooobody’s jock!!!

  • mdb

    “Don’t bet against this guy ever right now”

    ever right now? the fuck?

    and you shouldnt compare lil wayne to other rappers because he’s hardly a rapper anymore

  • Mika dat Nagamanu

    oh man…… i just pray CARTER IV wont be CARTER III’ish…i waitd fr it (C-III) wit high hopes but he went the othr route….well, he might be PLAT but…i like WANG bttr as HOT BOY (flame up)….

  • El Tico Loco

    Pun must be rolling in his grave right now. For real Fat Joe’s been a D&D allstar, and DITC how you co-sign this? What happened man? SMH

    • EReal

      +1 Again!!

  • iLL-MaDe

    honestly lil wayne is the best rapper alive right now in my eyes. who else sold a million in a week. kanye didnt and wont with that bullshit love lockdown, jeezy didnt, game didnt, 50 wont come close, joe wont, and im not sure if t.i. did or not. jay-z might with the blueprint 3. wayne is hot right now has been hot and when the carter IV drops it will end up selling. and i aint dick riding cuz im just saying wat i believe is the truth

    • 123

      Marshall Mathers LP sold 1.7 million in it’s first week. Wayne’s far from being the best rapper in the world, sorry.

      • TEZZY

        Thank you that nigga actin like wayne the only one that sold a mill first week

  • Enlightened

    Are these niggas serious? This shit is like on the movie Undercover Brotha when the kidnapped Billy Dee Williams and had him talking about “mmm mmm this is some good chicken.” What the fuck is going on with the world?
    Never in history has somebody’s peers talked about this dude like these bitch as niggas. No rapper said that shit about Rakim, LL, Pac, Biggie or nobody. You know why? CAUSE THEY WAS OUT THERE TRYING TO MAKE A BETTER ALBUM THEN THEM NIGGAS.
    What the fuck is wrong with Fat Joe?
    Instead of him getting inspired by what he heard and trying to compete with the Carter 4. This nigga started hugging his nuts. Fuck is wrong with him?

  • BigSam

    Lil Wayne is sick and is light years head of the competition. I’ve never seen someone put out so much material in such a short amount of time. It’s like damn isn’t this dude gonna run out of things to say but he jus keeps on bringing that fire. I have to admit sometimes he been saying some stupid shit that don’t make sene but you hvae to respect his grind as a mc

    • Rex Banner

      quality > quantity

    • TEZZY

      I’ve never seen someone put out so much material in such a short amount of time.

      umm GUCCI MANE

  • iLL G

    only sum frustrated, hatin ass nigga like dudes above me gonna hate the fact that fat joe is biggin up wayne. who cares??? he’s biggin him up cus he likes him. aint nothing wrong with that. rakim, ll, pac, big, no one was sayin shit bout them cats cus even though they are/were great, they still stuck to the script. wayne is out there tryin diff ish and joe is just applauding that…we need change like the white house needs obama. u niggas hatin are the mccain of this rap shit wantin to keep shit the same…dumb lyrics, dope beats, not talkin bout shit. same niggas that said shit bout love lockdown

    • k

      i don’t see were people are saying wayne’s doing anything different to whats been done. copied jay z with not writing lyrics, copied andre 3000 for singing, copied t pain with the vocoder.

      wayne isnt talking bout shit either there’s no hate its just the truth.

      wayne’s good but don’t build him up like he’s revolutionary when he’s not.

  • http://xxl.co.uk SCRAPZ

    cos he sold a million 1st week ppl fink he da best, album sells aint shit its meant 2 be bout da lyrics. Fat Joes fell way da fuck off. frm DITC to sayin shit lyk dat. nigga shud B tryin to show dat he better den wayne not fukin bowin down.

  • Nate

    Fatty Hoe isn’t exactly a “credible witness”. He was bred in the middle of Hip Hop but he wouldn’t know it if it smacked him in the face. Talking bout how incredible it is to rhyme about spaceships… dumbass.. dirty south rappers did that since the mid 90′s…
    just shows that when you don’t listen to rap and something striked you as “NEW” how everybody hops on it…

    O.k. I will give in to call Lil Pain & T-Wayne ” Rock Stars”.. but that’s only if I don’t have to hear them on a rap or R&B song again, or on your website, or in the magazines… because if he is a “ROCK STAR” then his fake shoot himself azz shouldn’t be covered.. It’s like covering the Special Olympics and comparing them to regular Olympics. I give dudes props for wanting to fulfill your dreams, and getting your $. Just don’t dumb the art down or class yourselfs in with the REAL ISH! Give us Crooked I, F.A.B. (either one), Joel Ortiz, Termanology, Outkast, Em, Killer Mike, Cube, Murs, Game, Bun B, AZ, Chamillionaire, Jean Grae, KRS, Saigon, Ya Boy, Dj Quick, Ras Kass, Luda, Cassidy, Naughty,Talib (the 100′s of BETTER rappers can go on and on)

    BUT DON”T DUMB US DOWN and keep printing bullshit from overrated “KINGPINS” saying the LIL WAYNE is by any means GREAT. You are insulting us. I will take the previous overrated title of Jay-Z being the “Greatest rapper” anyday before we ever get to Fakeass blood Wayne (giving the game a bad name)

    To have the “TITLE of #1 in graduating class you don’t have to be the smartest, but you have to get the best GPA.(Wayne) Nobody ?’s the people who cheat to get the marks. Cheating at weak high schools usually reveal the ignorant who then attempt to achieve at the higher level Undergrads-especially those going for Graduate degrees… Lil Wayne is that superstar who got a 4.0 at the continuation school of rap. (Those schools where just attending will get you B’s and A’s.)He shouldn’t be getting real props untill he crafts that real genius thesis paper… You can tell how drugged out he is from his interviews…

    • 123

      ^ WORD.

  • EReal

    Fat Joe-
    “This guy is a rockstar! He’s got so much charisma, I just dropped to my fat knees and blew him right there! Ended up getting a free verse outta that shit!”

    Fuck Outta here Fatboi, jock ridin homo-thug.

    • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

      lol that’s so unnecessary

      and why should i take a guy who works with dj kahled as a credible source of what good music is?? did u see this dude on mtv cribs, where he was practically doggy style fucking his sneaker collection?? “ooooo blue air force one…come inside joey’s CRACK CRACK CRACK”


  • Nate

    I can name 4 albums each month (1 average per week) that come out that are better hip hop albums than Wayne’s Carter 3.

    What Cube said in Raw Footage is just one example.

    It’s sad but the 14 year olds can only buy a few albums with their limited allowance. Maybe if I try to “understand” their poor choices, it comes to the fact that Lil Wayne is selling to all the kids who are about his height at 13-14 (the ones who haven’t undergone puberty yet) so at the same height as LIL wayne they feel they can relate…

  • Diddy

    Will Wayne please just disapear for a while. I am sick of hearing how great Wayne is. He has skill, but by no means one of the greatest.

    • http://www.xxlmag.com damion

      Co-sign. Wayne’s alright, good even, not great.

  • wack rappers comen mierda

    damn JOE y dont u suck his dick already i just cant wait for EM to come out then we’ll see if “you can’t compare him to any rapper in the world” no wait dis should be the other way u cant compare EM to any rapper in the world. EM gonna shit an all yall. What is fat joey gonna say next dat hes better than BIG PUN (RIP). damn what is dis world of hip hop coming to shit

  • B

    Why is anybody gonna listen to what Fat Joe has to say? That nigga turned garbage the second pun stopped writing for him. If anything people should be turned off of wayne if Joe cosigned his shit.

    But about that spaceship shit, have niggas forgetten that outkast did the whole atliens shit over ten years ago. The nigga wayne hasnt done anything new.

    • Moi

      not to mention Kool Keith . . . dr. octagon over ten years ago. and uh, p-funk thirty years ago.

      and melle mel did twice as much coke as wayne over 20 years ago.

  • sup

    ayo if record sales are everything…than Em is the best rapper after Pac & Biggie…cuz Marshall Mathers was the fastest sellin album in hiphop history. also Em is the second highest sellin rapper after Pac…plus he is very lyrically…so who is the best than…

    ps Eminem will murk wayne 100times b4 lil wayne knows wat happened…thts wasup…fat joe is jus stupid so say wat he said…

  • Ro Da Great

    Why is people hating so much on Wayne these days. Let the man enjoy his fame and success. Some hate just cause. If you don’t like it don’t listen to his music. The subject of this had Lil Wayne’s name in it and you read it anyway. So you haters are curious about the guy get a life people. Do you! stop worrying about the next man!!!!!!!

  • Enlightened

    Ill G,
    What the fuck are you talking about? Because Wayne gets high as hell and “tries different shit” that makes him something. Either it’s tight or it’s not. So Rakim just stuck to the script huh? That nigga actually did something different with the way that you rhyme. What the fuck has Wayne done different? He bit the vocoder sound from T-Pain. His style is not unique. What the fuck are you talking about?

  • Enlightened

    Love Lockdown? That’s some bullshit. Just because you do something different don’t make it tight. Ask Andre 3000. He recently admitted in an interview that “Land of A Million Drums” off the Scooby Doo Soundtrack was one of his regrets in life.
    Back when it was out, I said it was some of the most horrible shit ever and people tried to act like it was cool because Outkast did it. That’s what you’re doing now. You were probably one of the niggas listening to that shit saying it was tight.

  • mel

    I just read the article & that was one thing but then i read most of these dumb ass comments about wayne being the best….FUCKING JOKE! I dont care what he sold 1st week numbers dont make u nice skills do & if i recall skills aint selling nas album,jigga last album didnt sale that great, busta rhymes & im not east coast bias either hell game had a decent album that didnt sale & jeezy has a solid album…ti was trash & sold 570,000 1st week just bullshit d-boy talk & spoiling bitches sale u records now… luda will bury wayne lyrically lupe will bury wayne fabolous will murder wayne lyrically check carter3 for proof…so all u high school ass niggas riding this gay nigga wayne & yes fat joe ur included go join a orgy with baby & wayne u bitch nigaz!!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/blackhoodproductions07 CULLI

    why is this nigga always on waynes dick i swear this nigga so busy worrien bout wayne’s music when he need to b focusin on his own shit he cant even go gold and he talkin bout how good wayne is…fuck outta here

  • grp03

    I’m pretty sure Em has done what Wayne has, in a much stronger fashion. Once Ems new album comes out, no one will even remember Lil Wayne was working on the C4.

  • wat-wat-watt

    fat joe just earned himself another Nigger please moment.

  • Vicious Seiger

    You know someone here hit it on the nose by saying that years ago if someone made a hot album that would push you to improve your product. Joe is sounding like he is trying to Wayne’s Hype Man by saying that Wayne is so over everyone else in the game [including himself]. A lot of people [including myself] bought The Carter III out of sheer curiosity [from all the hype] to see if he had it in him to make a classic. T.I. did it with King, Kanye with Late Registration but just because you sell a milli doesn’t mean you the hottest or you made a classic. Hell, how many times has an album sold to that extent and in the following years it’s damn near overflowing with copies crammed tight in used bargain bins at your local record shop. The Carter III was mediocre. He tried and he had some heat but just not enough. Does he have the potential for a classic – Yes. Likelihood of him doing it – Slim.

  • gkid12345

    Wow the guy that was packin the mac in the back of the ac is now suckin lil wayne’s dick. This is sad. I agree with what “enlightened” wrote. Rappers werent sucken each other off they were saying aiight fuck it now i gotta go harder and make a better album than the shit i just heard. Fat joe is a disgrace and its embarrasing that he is the only puerto rican rapper out right now. FUCK FAT JOE. His next album will be his last cuz once it flops the way it will noooooo company will invest money in a fat joe project and he’ll be forced to either quit, pay for distribution, or use the internet. Your finished pussy fat boy

  • gkid12345

    Wow the guy that was packin the mac in the back of the ac is now suckin lil wayne’s dick. This is sad. I agree with what “enlightened” wrote. Rappers werent sucken each other off they were saying aiight fuck it now i gotta go harder and make a better album than the shit i just heard. /Fat joe is a disgrace and its embarrasing that he is the only puerto rican rapper out right now. FUCK FAT JOE. His next album will be his last cuz once it flops the way it will noooooo company will invest money in a fat joe project and he’ll be forced to either quit, pay for distribution, or use the internet. Your finished pussy fat boy


    dats real talk fat joe. hard work and dedication. wayne put in his work now he reaping the benefits. SUCCESS!!!

  • capcobra

    i think that jay/uncle murda track forced his hand.


    I wonder if Wayne would ever say the same about Fat Joe…. [*ROFLMAO*]

    BTW, if there was a poll for the 100 greatest MC’s in Hip-Hop’s entire history, would Wayne even make the list? Hmmmmm……..

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Fat Ho needs to shut up and retire.

  • godMCme

    ICE CUBE- I Was told on my block, never to rid
    e on noooooobody’s jock!!

    ICE CUBE- I Was told on my block, never to ride on noooooobody’s jock!!

    ICE CUBE- I Was told on my block, never to ride on noooooobody’s jock!!

  • Trickdd

    godMCme what are you doing by quoting ICE CUBE? All I got to say is haters do your job

  • kEITH

    lil weezy is wack to death! his record company brought most those cd that 1st week!

  • balaramesh

    fat joe (looks at camera) takes the “cum shot”

    fat joe can suck down south cock for the next four years and he will still be exactly where he was 4 years ago. i understand that you will get some free wayne features on your album but damn, have some respect for yourself.

  • balaramesh

    no wonder fat joe is not taking care of his own wife (jada)or pun’s family cause he is too content with taking cum shots from wayne.

    besides, he still going to sell 80k with 3 wayne features and a ton of down south d-riding.

  • iGotOnMyBackpack79

    sad to see Joe sucking dick to stay relevant now. NYC is definitely dead. If this was a decade ago, niggas in NYC wouldn’t give the south no kind of love. My niggas down south running this rap shit

  • mike

    It’s alot of Fat Joe haters on this blog. Lil Wayne is doing it right now. And he does rap different. But the hating is at an all time high.

  • Maurice L Dees

    Why not fat joe i gave u a lot of credit when u and 50 cent when neck & neck lil wayne best work is the block is hot he was rapper on that joint, this new cd it sound to like he talking more then rhyme.

  • A

    What a CS! I’ve lost all respect for FatBoy! Used to rep the Bronx properly. Now this cat iz GAY. Weezy is a horrile rapper who still hasn’t put out anything even close to a Jay or Nas classick! I agree with Ayre: Retarded music for a retarded generation!

  • the G.O.D


    A long time ago, I respected Joe because he was somewhere around a sub-par/ mediocre rapper at best and he was quite audacious, he put in work and improved quite a lot over the year. But his quest for record sales, lately has him regressing into I don’t know what. He used to have street cred, during the so-called b.s. East/West coasts feud, he held shit down at one of the most popular hip-hop/rap conference there was at that time, but now he is just garbage, as a man and as a rapper. I know you want 50-like success but give up homie, it ain’t gonna happen. Now to crown lil’ whatever, greatest rapper (?)sounds outright stupid and out of touch, aren’t you the same clown who was going to name your son after Nas? I second that comment above about Pun turning over in his grave, son, go back to the Bronx…. oh I forgot they revoked your ghetto pass. Bozo


  • Info by John Doe

    wayne aint all dat. 4 god sakes look at da niggas he goin up against. his comp. is crank da n get silly n other garage ass rappers so ofcourse he gonna stand out.


  • dark vanilla

    Joe can’t be serious! When Lil Wayne is the best rapper is when all hell will break lose and the apocolalyspe will happen. Hip Hop really is DEAD (Shaking my head)



    • maal

      I am from new orleans and I say the best rapper out right now is a person that gets slept on because of pump it up but joe budden is the sick out punch lines,story telling, fuck club music because every stupid ass song with a good hook and a beat sound good when u drink Lil wanye is not very versitle and is repin my city wrong we don’t have blood and crips here because niggas don’t trust a gang of niggas we out for self but I respect the nigga for getting money.

  • gbj

    lil wayne is the gayest rapper alive, not the best. stop dickridin all this bullshit hype that ain’t real hip hop or talent. that mixtape dj comment was nothin but a publicity stunt 2 sell his gay garbage. whats the next stunt suck birdmans dick on video.

  • Cake A!

    I think joe is just excited about seeing new concepts and the hardwork that weezy puts in when it comes to music, but at the end of the day you have to put out classic albums in order to be placed as one of the best. Jay right now is still the one because all of his efforts were above par to me and the blueprint itself was just the hardest album ive heard from beginning to end but as long as wayne continues on the path he’s on right now he will be in the group in due time.

  • Pee Duble

    I had to go in on Wayne and a couple other biting dickriding ass rappers… Check out “Address Not” http://www.myspace.com/peedublemusic

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    nigga needs to get Weezy’s dick out his mouth Weezy aint king til he outflows and outsales EMINEM

  • Anti-mainstream

    I’m tired of hearing how hot Lil Wayne is. He got hot beats to carry him from time to time but that’s about it. Lyrically he’s as average and simple as they come. There’s a difference between hatin and realizing somebody’s outrageously overrated…Big Ups to the REAL greatest emcee alive KRS-One. (Here’s when I’m going to get all the POP fans writing in hoppin on weezy’s dick and gettin defensive n shit!)

  • narry

    the whole industry is poisened with that kool aid niggas retarded for listening to that bullshit

  • wscreepa

    I heard that Lil Wayne got caught klissing Fat Joe in the lips …


    yo im sitting here with fat joe now he wanna tell yall something.

    fat joe:

    ok you guys are right. i suck i just wanted 2 be big like pun man. i will never be remembered or mentioned with the greats thats why i ride with weezy so hard. ima ask him can we be a couple… oh shit i meant a duo. maybe then i’ll get some respect and enough confidence 2 go at 50 and win this time! CRACK!

    i almost forgot wayne flier than beetle juice, beetle juice, beetle juice

  • Clever

    I hear women talk about all the time I got that fire or, I’mma 10 piece or Dime piece. Lets step it up ah lil.
    Lady’s are you a DIME PIECE OR, A ICE PIECE? Fella’s do you think your Lady is a ICE PIECE? I’ve had ICE PIECES in my time of being a single player in da world of romance. I’ve had more Dimes than Ice Pieces. I was blessed to get one or two. So fella’z how many Ice pieces have you had, or dime pieces? Lady’s how many of you Think your a ICE PIECE, send me a pic and, Let me see if you are a ICE PIECE. Its not all about looks either. ;-)

    My Song ” ICE PIECES ” explains about the real life experience I was fortunate to have with some ICE PIECES.