Eminem announced in an Shade 45 interview that his next album would be titled Relapse.

The rapper told DJ Kay Slay and Angela Yee last night from his book release party that he wanted to clear the air regarding the album title.

King Mathers, in particular, was a name floating around online. But Em squashed the rumors. He wouldn't give album details, but the project would be released soon.

50 Cent explained his next album, Eminem's album, and Dr. Dre's album would be a succession of the same idea.

"It's a story," he said. "The three-headed monster returns."

"Before I Self Destruct, Then I Relapse, and then Detox.," Fif continued.

Eminem also debuted a new single, "I'm Having Relapse," which premiered on Shade 45 last night.---LaTisha Robbins