Eminem To Relapse, New LP Due End Of Year

Eminem announced in an Shade 45 interview that his next album would be titled Relapse.

The rapper told DJ Kay Slay and Angela Yee last night from his book release party that he wanted to clear the air regarding the album title.

King Mathers, in particular, was a name floating around online. But Em squashed the rumors. He wouldn’t give album details, but the project would be released soon.

50 Cent explained his next album, Eminem’s album, and Dr. Dre’s album would be a succession of the same idea.

“It’s a story,” he said. “The three-headed monster returns.”

Before I Self Destruct, Then I Relapse, and then Detox.,” Fif continued.

Eminem also debuted a new single, “I’m Having Relapse,” which premiered on Shade 45 last night.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • kush king

    oh shit its going down

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=26957 MrPresident916

    Those albums r guna be fuckin crazy.. im countin tha fuckin hrs man..

    • TonyStackz

      Hell Yeah as Usual I Mean what else
      can we Expect from Living Legends
      I Mean Eminem & Dr. Dre can’t never
      go wrong but for that other lame lol
      what else can I Say that hasn’t been Said already LOL!!!!

  • Anti-Mainstream

    1st-Welcome back Em and Dre! In a time where overrated suck-ass rappers (Weezy, Jeezy, TI, etc) are being played-out on the radio and television, it’s great to see you back!!!!

  • Manka Cat

    Finally…The story idea is cool. I like that they are all following a theme together. Like all three of them see themselves on the brink. Just look at the album titles.
    Aftermath hasn’t had a real release since…fuck, Busta? All three in a row, from the vets would be sick. It’s time to reclaim Rap. The last time people were buying albums and enjoying most of what was out was just before the ringtone rappers emerged. No disrespect, but it was right before TI and Jeezy and Wayne really made it big. Rap to a lot of people is now seen as kind of childish. When you turn on the TV its middle schoolers doing “Crank That” and meanmuggin’ as a joke. It’s like Hip-Hop is alive, but secluded. All the real shit is hiding behind “Baby Einstein Hip-Hop” Lets return to the last time shit was good, and try to have a do-over.
    Remember 2004? 50 cent was on top of the world, Eminem was still awesome just before Encore, The G-unit albums were coming out, Kanye had entered the game, Jay was retiring with a cool disc…The radio played G-unit (When they were cool), 99 Problems, Toy Soldiers, Jesus Walks, How We Do. Even the candy crap was better then 90% of the radio today. J-Kwon, Lil Jon, Luda. These guys were still rappers, they were just the lighter, party sound. It wasn’t for Teenie Boppers, necessarily. I feel embarrassed when Soulja Boy comes on, the way I would if Mary’s Litttle Lamb did. Nobody wants to bump that.
    I digress. The Return of Aftermath to the forefront means the return (at least for a time) of hot, universal, bangin’ music. Kids lied “My name is” as much as the adults in ’99. Same with “Forgot About Dre” and “In Da Club.” Lets make this a year to remember for Hip-Hop and BUY THE SHIT these guys work on for us. Any one of these three albums, plus Blueprint 3, plus 808′s? No reason sales shouldn’t go up. If you love Hip-Hop, if you have ever complained about crappy music, take a fucking stand. Buy some shit. Remember buying an album because of the single? Remember the album actually being good? Support the art. Buy the music, at least from the Legends. Lets not end ’08 with Wayne winning “best selling album” at 2.5 mil. Thats shit. Good right now, But come on. Em sold that much with his best of in ’05. Show these guys we still love them (II) and do your part to save Hip-Hop.

    Thanks for the single Em. Hope the next one is all about drugs! Take the formula back. You guys are on the right track.

    • LYRI_KAL

      Real Talk!

    • jbird

      First off i’d like to say Wayne made it big while you’s still in diapers. MM, all he wanna make is trash rap. listen to some icp and tell me you don’t see the similarity. Dre, he ain’t put a good album out since like 2000. did everybody forget the shitty ass cd he made in 97 called Aftermath presents? that was garbage. then before it was 1992 for a good dre cd. 50, woo hoo he is straight junk. he wanna diss everybody and alienate himself cuz he think he’s the shit. well 50 this diss shit to get on isn’t rap. rap bout what you are and do. remember 50 didn’t get on til Tell You How To Rob or some shit blew up. Wayne was popular before MM made it off 8 mile. So wayne’s been on his game since like 95. he has matured and grown in the game, we can see that. well everybody else just came at the top then flopped.

      • CLARK

        Your ignorant.

    • drox

      @ Manka Cat
      real talk men… real talk… havent seen posts that actually mean smt on this site in a while… let’s make 08 a year of Hip-Hop

  • http://www.myspace.com/deez Deez Nutz

    i still think wayne would kill eminem in a battle. no questions

    And we all know, unfortunatly, Dr.Dre aint droppin detox anytime before………never

    • yo

      em came up battling cats left and right thats how he started his buzz all the way back to the lyricist lounge days and even before, do your research em would murder that crackhead weezy…weezy could’nt hold em’s mic

    • TonyStackz

      lol now thats a real lil wayne dickrider trying to even compare that nigga to Eminem c’mon dawg that just shows how little you know bout
      the art homie Em is true fucking MC
      even when hes rapping bout stupid shit hes mad lyrical dude got a insane flow c’mon don’t you remember he was still a newcomer when he collaborated with one of the greatests in our time & just totally outshined Hov on his own song & Wayne couldn’t even hold his own on the song with Fabolous & Juelz, Kanye was better than him on Barry bonds & Jay just owned Mr. Carter so that only tells you that Wayne don’t stand a chance against Eminem even he said it himself theres a video on Youtube where Lil Wayne says he can’t even fuck with eminem & than almost begs Em to please do a song with him!!!

      • jbird

        TonyStackz is another MM dickrider. Wayne would downright humiliate MM. MM been out on 8 mile doin his thing before dre got him. so don’t think MM was a newby like you to this rap game. Hov has outshined MM in every way. Hov put out more cd’s, better cd’s(although it stops just before the Black album), and even acquired the rights to Def Jam. you’re dumbass didn’t even listen to Hov on Mr.Carter. He told wayne to go further and farther than he did. Hov gave his reins to Wayne. And if MM so good then why’s Wayne got songs out the ass that you can listen to. Mixtape after mixtape. MM ain’t got near a selection of songs out like Wayne. Wayne has become the best in the game. Period.

        • drox

          @ jbird
          r u 4 real… did u read what u posted after u wrote it??? U seriously compare the garbage wayne put out wit em stuff??? I aint even white and there aint lott MCs in the game that could fuck wit Em period… and u’re sayin this based on one wayne album that has good figures??? and those bunch of mixtapes dont mean shit. Mixtape numbers dont equal to skill… proof= rem when the unit became the first rappers wit mixtape platinum numbers??? did that mean they were better than the best in the game ever??? nah… homie get off the crap u on & look @ the battles em had & show me one battle wayne had…
          ps- listen 2 tonystackz & check out utube vid where wayne talks bout em

  • http://www.myspace.com/chaoticvortex Trubb

    Wayne would still kill eminem in a battle.

    and we all know that detox is set for release, on juvember 34th two thousand and never lol

    • Yo

      you young niggas dont know shit wayne isnt even a battle rapper….em started as a battle rapper killing niggas on the mic for fun all day when wayne was still on that wooble wooble drop it like its hot bullshit.

    • trupredator

      man your straight stupid.not to mention prolly one of the only people on earth who really believes that

  • union jack

    i co-sign that finally comment. some substance to hip hop would sooth my soul man. really thought out albums, like lupe and nas. damn it feels good to be home. JACK

  • EReal


  • i think rappers are fucking fagets

    fuck all this rappers and their cock sucking mother fucking fans and fuck you bitch no bioj slut and whore whatever you are weirdos

    • mo

      and fuck you faggot

    • TonyStackz

      lmao @ this lameass dude if don’t like rappers what the fuck are you doing on this website?? I Bet you saw eminem’s whiteass & you thought
      it was bout some coutry music or some
      shit bitch live all that hating to Oprah!!!

  • Trainwreck

    These fools bore me with their recycled bullshit. We need some new blood in hip hop.(not game or weezy)

  • http://www.southernrapnews.com SouthernRapNews.com

    I really dug this, lyrics still on point…I also like how it had no hook either…staying away from the norm…

    in other news…A west coast rapper said Fuck Bun B at SouthernRapNews com

  • brand-new

    about time!!!

  • mel

    trub & deez nuts UR FUCKING RETARDED!

    • EReal

      +1 to the fukkin fullest.

      Tuffguys 101. lol. fukkin MO-RONS.

  • klatush

    Eminem battles, Weezy Wraps. Weezy just some lil punk prostitute that found a sugar daddy to put him on for all these years. Em did that shit himself. Nuff said. Chuurch

  • ito

    … im hopin em, 50 and dre do they thing… so we wont hear em wack asss rappers again… weezy dat nigga, came rappin bout money and all dat shit…. everyone jus followed afta dat.. but now it just got old!

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    EM’1# OF THE GOAT.

  • grp03

    save the best for last of the year

  • adrian smith

    yo eminem is back shady that joint is that the album first single no just drop the album eminem dr dre 50 cebt get up single better watch out for the british invasion fuck u all



    Then I Relapse vs Blueprint 3

    hate to say it but Em wins this one.

  • Clever

    I hear women talk about all the time I got that fire or, I’mma 10 piece or Dime piece. Lets step it up ah lil.
    Lady’s are you a DIME PIECE OR, A ICE PIECE? Fella’s do you think your Lady is a ICE PIECE? I’ve had ICE PIECES in my time of being a single player in da world of romance. I’ve had more Dimes than Ice Pieces. I was blessed to get one or two. So fella’z how many Ice pieces have you had, or dime pieces? Lady’s how many of you Think your a ICE PIECE, send me a pic and, Let me see if you are a ICE PIECE. Its not all about looks either. ;-)

    My Song ” ICE PIECES ” explains about the real life experience I was fortunate to have with some ICE PIECES.


    • 619

      Ice Piece? Where I come from an Ice Piece is a broad gone off that Crys. That’s not something to be proud of mafucker. Any other fancy names you got for ‘em? How about bag hoes, track stars, or blade runners? Ice Piece, HAHAHA, get the fuck out.

  • shakespeare

    Anyone who thinks Lil wayne is better than eminem is smoking to much hash! That goes for jird and Deeznutz and anyone else who doubts the greats. The two best MC’s living is Eminem and Jay-z everyone else is just a faze. Lil wayne been around but none of his music was good, i remember wayne when he was riding on Juveniles success. Wayne is like usher, hot one minute gone the next! Eminem will always be around and the best mc on the MIC untill he calls it a day. Same goes for Jigga, all you lil wayne loving motherfuckers need to understand that untalented fool is done!

  • shakespeare

    One more thing lil waynes album hasnt even sold 3 millin copies yet. Eminems last album Encore which was his weakest sold 5.1 million. His other albums have sold 10 million in America alone! So when wayne does those numbers then ya he is good, till then stop acting like he is the KING. He aint its still shady/aftermath with a bullet!

  • http://www.uptownempire.com Trouble

    Eminem is a great lyricist, but wayne has a much better delivery and word play. but its hard to compare them 2.

    people talk about em’s old albums but real talk, the squad up mixtapes had wayne at his best, and em cant compete with that flow, seriously.

    And who cares about record sales, most people i know havent bought an album since clinton was in office.

  • sam

    to the comment about em’s cd selling more than blueprint 3. its true, but also em hasnt dropped a cd in years, and has kinda disappeared, where as jay didnt

    to the comments about wayne being better than em hahahaa, there are many reasons why hes NOT. wayne gets maddddd annoying, he feels the need to be in every song. he doesnt even care if its gonna be good or not, he just does it because he thinks hes amazing. i cant even listen to him now. he is good, yea. but hes not amazing. em can go away for so long and come back, he doesnt get the airtime like wayne does, because hes commercial rap. wayne would be the one getting killed in a battle. really?.. u really think he would beat em? hahah i dont think wayne battles. if u cant battle, ur probably not a good rapper. PLUS the fact that wayne had his music WRITTEN for him.. GHOST WRITERRRRRRR. thentha carter 3 he wrote. and people stopped liking him hahaha

  • NIG


  • trupredator

    Trubb says:

    Wayne would still kill eminem in a battle.

    and we all know that detox is set for release, on juvember 34th two thousand and never lol

    man your straight stupid.not to mention prolly one of the only people on earth who really believes that