DJ Green Lantern & Russell Simmons Presents…Barack Obama, Yes We Can: The Mixtape

Words: The Infamous Omar

It was only a matter of time before hip-hop completely backed a presidential candidate and made a bunch of songs throwing their support behind dude.

That time has come and that candidate is Barack Obama.

The question is will he embrace the support? We all saw what happened when Ludacris made “Politics.” But while Luda OD’d on Obama’s competition (Calling Hillary Clinton a bitch was a bit over the top. The McCain and Bush disses were on point though.). Instead of throwing darts at Sugar Hills or wishing a wheelchair on Grandpa, they took the time to artistically make their point as to why Obama is Neo.

All I can say is, you know Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson is HATIN’!!!

Rappers known for spitting some of the most venomous words in the game made their point without sounding uneducated as far as the political game goes. On “Make It Out” Styles P talking about “Got me thinkin’ to myself “why ain’t the war over? Why middle-class families in foreclosure?” it just don’t make sense / trade a dollar for a Euro and you only get cents…”

Joe Budden got on John Mayer’s “Waiting On The World To Change 2008” and said, “I got word from my lady / she said “JB if they rape me then Palin want me to keep the baby / and then they wanna raise taxes / the dollar’s worth nothing and it’s not enough to wipe my ass with!”

It’s so obvious that heads are really taking notice on these candidates ideas as to where they plan on taking this country and where it is now. And you know it’s serious when Styles is talking about foreclosure and not putting the toast to your forehead.

Meanwhile Mikkey took the time to put the current bird in charge of the country on blast with “King George” and Joell Ortiz used his time to speak to the possible future Commander-in-Chief on “Letter To Obama.”

It’s great to see MC’s get into the political game at the proper time. If there was ever a time for hip-hop to take a stance on who our next president is gonna be, now is definitely the time. From gangsters like Styles to peace spreaders like Wyclef, the music and message on this joint is one that everyone can feel and relate to. This is more proof that music is in fact a universal language, and we all saying the same thing: Obama for Prez!

Hottest Joint: “Make It Out” by Styles P & Cassidy

Weakest Joint: “We Need Barack” by Mavado

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  • Chris Mac

    I think alot of people are gettin the presidential race wrong. Its not about how many people like obama and how many behind support him. But what he can do for our country. I think his name has been shoved down our throats so much that he could be the next Ronald Reagan and we’d still vote him in just cuz he’s black. Find out what the issues are and see which candidate is doin the best to help it. Barack is the next president hands down. But it be a shame for him to be the next president out of ignorance. First

  • BrownWonda

    cosign to some degree
    he IS the man for the job, but people arent really voting for him on the issue, but out of hype

  • Danny

    And you know it’s serious when Styles is talking about foreclosure and not putting the toast to your forehead

  • Trae

    I dont think many of yall and many Americans realize the significance of what is going to happen on November 4th. Not only are we going to have our first black President in the USA. This will be the first time in World History that a black person has ruled over a white majority. Not only that but a black man will be the most powerful person on earth, this is big people, REAL BIG. I for one am glad our time has come, and you know who we have to thank for this historic even? Not only ourselves who are getting out there to vote, but YOUNG WHITE PEOPLE! Let’s be honest here, we make up 13-14 percent of the population only 10-15 percent of us are registered to vote and only half of us actually do(WHICH IS SAD, BUT THATS ANOTHER STORY ALLTOGETHER) which basically means we make up about 1-2 percent of all votes, so basically our vote doesnt sway any national election. That being said, its WHITE PEOPLE who are voting Obama into the White House, especially YOUNG white people, Martin was right, the way to advancement and equality was not through violence, but through education and social responsibility, Black people IM PROUD OF YOU, and Im sure Martin is too, but I got to say this and many wont like it, but Im saying it anway, WHITE PEOPLE IM PROUD OF YOU TOO AND THANK YOU FOR FINALLY WAKING UP!!!!!!!!!!!

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