Common Speaks On Escaping Deadly Brooklyn Shooting

Common’s been in many a shootout on the big screen, but the rapper nearly found himself in the middle of a shooting in Brooklyn, NY two days ago (10/27).

The Chicago lyricist left a Brooklyn barbershop only minutes before a nearby shooting spilled into the business. The shooting left one dead and four wounded, including an off-duty police officer. Thankful for his life, Com shared his reaction to the fatal incident.

“I was just concerned with all my guys that was in that barbershop,” Com told ”I go to that barbershop all the time. You just hate to hear about things where we’re shooting each other. It just saddens you. In the same token, I was like a few minutes…Basically my barber told me, ‘You was right there, man.I’m just glad you just left.’ Cause it was innocent people getting shot.”

“I’m sending out prayers for the people that lost a family member and the people that got injured during that,” Com continued. “But that’s my barbershop and I’m glad that my people are ok and I’m just hoping that the rest of the people will be good.” -Marvin Brandon

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    Glad to see Common okay…sorry to hear bout the other folks…I’ve been in situations where things got hectic in places I was supposed to be….come to think of it…God was really blessing me.

  • shone jones

    Stay safe, Common.

  • EReal

    Da fuck is Common doing in a damn barbershop wit his bald ass anyway? Gettin a beard trim?

    Stay out the hood, FOOL!

    • drox

      @ EReal messed up but true!!!

  • Ell boy

    Ereal that was funny as hell!

    • iliveonce

      Ereal and drox,

      look you assholes I bet you’re probably some surrrrburban crackers

      goto Cabrini projects in Chicago!! No city is crazyier Chi- City

      and it’s nothing i’m proud of!!

      The both of yall is straight ignorant pussies!!! You only exist in a blog world!! nothing else!!

  • sealsaa

    LOL @ a bald man in a barber shop. Maybe he was getting his head chips shaven, or his beard trimmed and lined up.

  • capcobra

    the nigga wasn’t there and he wasn’t a witness…so why is he talking?…common putting hisself in jeopardy by speaking on the situation….think about it…how many times shit done popped somewhere after you left…now if you on some “oh i was just there” kind of shit that means that you want attention or maybe sympathy but you definitely gossip….other than that tell that shit to your homies….not the media…plus this nigga ain’t say he heard the shots or a bullet passed my head type shit…he up here on some “that’s my barbershop”shit…fuck outta here!!…you need to stfu before them niguz circle back on that barbershop…because thanks to you…they know where to find you at….and so do we….idiot!

    • da don

      you aint hood i know you, you be avoidin conflict pussy and ima snuff you when i see you

      • capcobra

        lmao….i know you too….you pussy..i see you everynight.

        • EReal


  • islenyo

    First off, real news (http:// http://www.nytimes. com/2008/10/28/nyregion/28shoot.html) says Com was out of there hours before (not minutes before) and second of all this wasn’t in the hood, this is Fulton Street in Fort Greene, the heart of many a stroller mom nowadays. Get out of here with this bullshit. Barbershop got shotup which is a tragedy, but it’s no time for no publicity bullshit.

  • alexander

    well the young man that was killed is the father of my coworker’s grandson the family has been through alot , they just burried another sibiling.may he rest in peace

  • nor

    whats thizzin man this be yo cutthoat repn dat bay shit man n i just wana let u kno that all these niggas up on mtv need to step they life up man cus they is nothin but a joke they need to get like we do real thugs from da bay..they be talkin bout this n that when they kno they be straight up set trippin on da real my nigga so step yo game up n stak them real turf dollas man yarram talkin bout…1

    • EReal

      Are you retarded?

  • CriticXtreme

    Because of the current state of the world, things are only going to get worst.

  • sway

    man u niggas r gay!!!

  • a

    Time to relocate across the street to SuperCuts eehh comm?

  • Mpya

    Let peace reign not bullets.

    Cap cobra been true on some aspects although you been too harsh

  • John Cauner

    they shootin’…ahh

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