Common's been in many a shootout on the big screen, but the rapper nearly found himself in the middle of a shooting in Brooklyn, NY two days ago (10/27).

The Chicago lyricist left a Brooklyn barbershop only minutes before a nearby shooting spilled into the business. The shooting left one dead and four wounded, including an off-duty police officer. Thankful for his life, Com shared his reaction to the fatal incident.

"I was just concerned with all my guys that was in that barbershop," Com told "I go to that barbershop all the time. You just hate to hear about things where we're shooting each other. It just saddens you. In the same token, I was like a few minutes...Basically my barber told me, 'You was right there, man.I'm just glad you just left.' Cause it was innocent people getting shot."

"I'm sending out prayers for the people that lost a family member and the people that got injured during that," Com continued. "But that's my barbershop and I'm glad that my people are ok and I'm just hoping that the rest of the people will be good." -Marvin Brandon