Duckdown boss man Buckshot was released from the hospital on Thursday (10/3) after spending eight days in intensive care after suffering from a series of seizures.

The rapper was originally taken to the hospital following his return from an oversees tour. After returning to the States, Buckshot endured a number of seizures and was rushed to receive medical treatment.

Buckshot is not believed to have a history of health issues, however, according to a spokesman for his label, doctors say the rapper was "physically drained" and perhaps exhaustion triggered his seizures.

The rapper was released from the hospital under his own care and to show his turn around in health, he danced his way out of the facility.

"I want to thank all the fans who called and wrote emails extending their well wishes and prayers," Buckshot said in a statement. "All the support helped me recover that much quicker."

The rapper has a number of projects on the table. First, is a collabo album with KRS-One for Duckdown. Then Buckshot and 9th Wonder will team again for their third album together. And Buck will reunite with his partners DJ Evil Dee and 5FT for Black Moon's fourth studio album.---Nino "Dubs" DeLuca