Blu Speaks On XXL Freshmen 10 Cover

West Coast rhyme spitter Blu recently spoke to Complex Magazine about his appearance on XXL Magazine’s Freshmen 10 cover. The lanky lyricist is one of 10 upstart MCs to grace the December issue, which also features Wale, Asher Roth, Mickey Factz, Kid Cudi, Ace Hood, Corey Gunz, Curren$y, Charles Hamilton and B.O.B.

“I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, man,” Blu told Complex, comparing himself to the rest of the pack. “You got cats that were like, ‘man I put out a mixtape a month for the last year.’ I was like, ‘What?’ Yeah, everybody’s on they shit though.”

The cover boys have been quite busy since the December issue leaked last week. As previously reported, Blu and Mainframe made an in-store appearance to celebrate the release of their Johnson & Jonson LP at Fat Beats in New York City last Thursday (10/23). Meanwhile, Mickey Factz and Charles Hamilton performed alongside Wiz Khalifa at Crash Mansion in NYC on Friday (10/24). Hamilton also took the stage at the Levi’s/Fader Fort NYC concert Saturday (10/25) while Mickey performed at Club 205. -Marvin Brandon

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  • Chris S

    he is way outta most of those guy’s league. ace hood and bob? blu would kill em

    i need to find somewhere to buy below the heavens

    • JOVA

      Go to amazon, that where I got my copy. Below The Heavens was the best album to come out last year, and I’m still bumpin’ that shit! That Johnson&Johnson LP is pretty good too

  • Jriggs

    Everybody is whack except Blu!! Blu don’t undermine yourself man. You know you better than these jokers.

    • Styx

      I agree Blu is poetic and I respect him but you can’t compare him to anyone else. He’s got his own style.
      and stop comparing artists to one another J.E.T.S ‘Foo.

  • Chris Mac

    No doubt Blu is a one of the realest lyricists on the west. This guy shoulda had a cover a long time ago. Mickey Facts is alright but aint nothing nice.Ace is straight garbage and its not fair to put him and Blu in the same category. Bob is pretty on point wit his skill,but still no comparison to what Blus puttin down on the table. Big up Blu

  • Enlightened

    Whats sad about a nigga like Ace Hood is, I’ve labeled him as garbage too, just like most of y’all are saying. Because I’m basing it on the music I’ve heard from him – which is what I should be basing it on. But did y’all see him in the cipher on the BET Hip-hop awards? The nigga was spitting some real shit. You can’t just do that by accident if you don’t have real skills.
    It looks to me like another example of the higher ups at these labels forcing people into this cookie cutter bullshit like, “ok, this is your first single so we have to talk about money and hoes, money and hoes, money and hoes, ok?”
    What the hell is a first time artist going to do? Argue with the people that are giving him a little money? Every once in a while, yes. Most of the time, HELL NO.

  • EMG

    Been a big fan of Blu for almost 2 years, and I gotta say that he is one of the forefront leaders of true hip-hop; definitely a breath of fresh air to the game. Johnson and Johnson is dope, but Below the Heaveans changed a nigga’s life, lol. Keep doin your thing Blu.

  • P-Matik

    *Co-sign Enlightened*

    I heard Ace on the radio and was like “that’s a Plies carbon copy” and labeled it trash too. But after seeing the BET ciphers I see as proof that he’s a dude that can spit but is forced to do radio tracks by the label man.

    That goes for Fabolous and Juelz too. I would dig them both if they rhymed on that level. Cory Gunz all day though.