The Beastie Boys are gonna fight, for the elect Barack Obama.

According to Rolling Stone, The rowdy New York trio announced today in an e-mail they would be hitting the road for their "Get Out and Vote" tour.

"This election is too important to stay at home," they wrote. "We hope that you can come out, have a nice night, dance, sing, get your freak on, and then wake up the next morning and get everyone that you possibly can to get out and vote."

The Beastie, like many other rappers, are pro-Obama. Along with Mike D, MCA, and Ad-Rock, the tour will feature Santogold, Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson, and Tenacious D.

The tour kicks off October 28 in Richmond, Virginia, with dates to follow in Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

For more information, the Beastie Boys official Web site.---Nino "Dubs" DeLuca