50 Cent isn't an actor when it comes to his rhymes. He's just portraying the harsh realities of life, is how he often describes his writing process.

But the G-Unit boss is certainly a thespian when it comes to his budding movie career.

The rapper has signed on to join the cast of "13," a remake of a French film. Fif will star alongside Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham.

The plot centers around a man who steals a package and then decides to follow its included instructions. The contents of the package reveal an ugly underworld where men gamble with other men's lives. The young man is trailed by three hard-nosed cops throughout.

According to Variety, however, no roles have been selected for the cast as of yet.

If 50 were to play a cop, it would add to a number of diverse roles he's taken. The rapper basically played himself in "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," but he's also played a military man in 2006's "Home of the Brave" and a club owner/gangster in this year's "Righteous Kill."

A character that 50 hopes to include on his next album is Slim Shady.

Fif told MTV News Eminem's guest turn on the G-Unit star's Before I Self Destruct will be the return of Slim Shady.

The two recorded together twice when 50 traveled to Detroit to work with Eminem. There, Fif said Em encouraged him to film the movie that will now accompany Before I Self Destruct.

50 described his and Eminem's record as the "Norman Bates Hotel," i.e. crazy.

Before I Self Destruct is due December 9. A production date for "13" has not been set as of press time.---Nino "Dubs" DeLuca