50 Cent & Baby Mother Settle Visitation Rights For Rapper

50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his 11-year-old son, have reached an agreement that will allow the rapper to visit with his child regularly.

According to New York Newsday, Fif will be granted one weekend per month with his son, as well as one month during the summer and half of the child’s spring and winter breaks. In interviews, 50 revealed how challenging it was not seeing his son.

The G-Unit boss and Tompkins have been battling in court over their son for months. Previously, a fire broke out at Tompkins’ Long Island home (owned by 50) and she lashed out in the media blaming her former beau. The home, which burned down, was at the center of a controversy as New York fire officials investigated whether 50 had any involvement in the arson or not. The rapper denied any wrong doing and was never charged in the incident.—Anthony Thomas

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  • giantstepp

    50 stays winning!

  • Clever

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  • that nigga

    Yeah fuckin right, G UNIT didnt even go gold, yet. And you call this a win?, thats his fuckin kid. Thats rightfully deserved what the courts ordered, but shoulda been able to care for and see his son without the help of the system. This Isnt a win.

    • BIGNAT

      he was doing it that way but his baby mama staring acting the fool.

    • EReal

      Who Cares?

  • Macdatruest

    XXL stay wit Fiddy dick in they mouth. Lemme know when he take a shit yall. Matter fact tell me all the personal details about his life, thats what I be sittin wonderin about when I think about rap. Hmmm, I wonder how many days niggas seein’ they son? But I already know what it is. Fiddy need to have ANY type of headlines he can to try and sell a record cause creatively, dude is John McCain. His whole strategy is hate hate hate and hope I come out looking better than my opponent. GRODT is like John McCain’s vietnam service record-nigga you was the shit…….years ago!!! And the people he works for have pull in the media too,so expect him to be in XXL and on Hot 97 until he “retires” but don’t expect him to get any harsh criticism like any other rapper. Fuck these lames. Yall way out of touch with the streets for this!