T.I. To Host Grand Hustle Weekend In Atl

T.I. and his business partner Jason Geter will host the first annual “Takeover” weekend in Atlanta this month as the Grand Hustle co-CEOs welcome folks to the Peach State for a special preview of Tip’s Paper Trail, among other activities.

The scheduled events are set to take place Sept 26-28.

The weekend kicks off with a Grand Hustle Comedy Showcase featuring Duval. Other scheduled events include the power brunch hosted by music executive Kevin Liles, an official pre-album release party for T.I. and Big Kuntry at Velvet Room, and a Black Tie affair at an undisclosed location.

The “Takeover” will also feature a family day on September 27 with a skating event at Cascade Family Skate.—Nino “Dubs” DeLuca

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  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Yall niggas know where the real track list is? I dont give a fuck, if shit aint on their that I want I’ma have to make my own papaer trail c.d. and it better be more than 13 fucking tracks.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    ‘paper trail’ yall niggas know what i meant


    keep doin ya thing tip homie

  • Flow

    16 tracks on paper trail, straight fire

  • bucsormore

    he gotta come hard have u heard some of this shit first whatever u like thats not thugin or being a real nigga he trickin hard as fuck therw the whole song then he has a super song with heavyweights[swagger like us]and is horrible jay ripped the others did not rep i hope he didnt pay wayne 75,000 for that shit the rest of the cd has to be like urban legend or i dont see him makin it out of this whole lil thing[the gun charge]this cd has to deliever or r.i.p. to t.i.p.
    p.s. where is my nigga dro he raw as fuck fuck kountry kane and b.o.b. it should have been Dro and B.G.

    • MO

      i guess you haven’t heard ‘WHAT’S HAPPENIN” that shits goes hard

  • HipHopFive15

    Nice, nice. But yo XXl. Im def not feelin this new look to the website. Shit is confusin

  • K ROCK!



    hey you t.i.bra ithink you have passsion for what you are doing you neve dissapoint me as biggest firn you always give us some thing fresh.ilove ther fact that you love your wife bra and that is very very sweet.iwish you all the best.and 1day im willing to see you perfoming in South Africa.