“The Nino Brown Story,” Starring Lil Wayne Released This Week

The Lil Wayne-powered “The Nino Brown Story” is set to drop in stores Tuesday (Sept. 23).

The project was produced by Streets Talk DVD and inspired by the film “New Jack City.”

In “The Nino Brown Story,” Wayne is followed by cameras as he hits cities like Los Angeles to Philadelphia. The rapper isn’t acting, rather its a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his life. Jay-Z, Kanye West, Juelz Santana, and Birdman make cameos throughout. Audio bites of “New Jack City” run during critical parts of the flick.

Also included as bonus materaial is Weezy’s concert in Newark, NJ this past summer and exclusive information regarding his arrest after his first headlining show in New York City last year.

“The Nino Brown Story” was executive produced by Streets Talk DVD’s DJ Scoob Doo.—Nino “Dubs” DeLuca

For a preview of “The Nino Brown Story” click here.

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  • Mr. Rogers

    So basically this has to shit to do with either Nino Brown, New Jack City, or the Crack epidemic in general…

    but it’s called the Nino Brown story??

    Niggaz can’t be original for shit

  • Worley

    “The rapper isn’t acting, rather its a behind-the-scenes glimpse into his life.”

    And what do you think he’s doing when the camera is on?

  • http://xxlmag.com Philly215

    wayne’s playing pookie youll

  • The_Truth

    LMAO @Philly215! !

    “Scotty, help me, I’M GONNA DIE! ! !”

  • Prince Ceasar

    “The Nino Brown Story” ? What the fuck does that movie have to do with this lip-ring wearing, bitch-nigga ? This nigga always riding some nigga’s dick and people actually like this clown. SMFH

  • Anthony

    Nino Brown was a humbug

  • http://xxl.com Goose

    Prince Ceasar you a bitch!!!! The Carter is the apartment complex where nino and them hustled you stupid fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/macsleepy66 Mac Sleepy

    Who Gives A Flying Fuck!? lol

    Since It’s Going To Show clips When He Was In LA, I Hope They Show Wut Lil Wayne Was Sayin When 40 Cal & Spider Loc Blocced They Ass In… “Where’s B.G. When I Need Him” lol

  • bucsormore

    yea i think its just going to expose the dumb and gay side more wayne has fucked up goose how can u still be on his team hard this nigga fishy as fuck u at least have to admit that the LA shit i dont even look at i mean for one their isnt a clear scene of wayne and baby and even if it was them ur not going to be on no rah rah shit if u surronded and outnumbered just keep it real niggas i gont be like yo fuck yall get the fuck out of here ur in the hood of an cali city niggas might blast or watever then we like o yea wayne and baby dead but they went out like Gs come on fuck a spyder loc and old boy get money but wayne is down that trail from t-wayne to lip ring to i dont read or write cause im to cool everything is going bad he needs less exposure and a new mixtape thats going hard like drought 3 to try to save himself

  • iLL G

    i guess…fuckin New Jack City old as hell but whatever, it IS a classic.