Retailers Reveal Date For New Kanye West LP

Kanye West didn’t rap much at the MTV Video Music Awards this past weekend, and he didn’t speak too much afterward either.

The Def Jam star sung his new track, “Love Lockdown,” which he wrote less than a week before his big VMA finale performance. And since his performance, he hasn’t talk much about the track beyond a post on his personal blog that said “Love Lockdown” was his best song ever.

A source close to West told previously the rapper would have an announcement during his VMA performance, but ‘Ye chose to let his music do the speaking.

Well, Amazon and Target are yappin’ their gums.

The retail giants posted the release date and title of West’s next album: 808′s & Heartbreak, due December 16. It has been speculated that the album will consist mostly of West using AutoTune and a vocoder, similar to the studio enhancements T-Pain uses for his productions.

808′s & Heartbreak will be West’s fourth album, and first to break from the school theme his previous projects employed. The LP will also be the rapper’s first since his mother passed from surgical complications last year. No other information has been provided about the project as of press time.

‘Ye is also reportedly set to produce the bulk of Jay-Z’s next album, The Blueprint 3, which is also due before the end of the year.—Anthony Thomas

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  • E-Fleezy

    Garbage. That ain’t hip hop.

  • wat-wat-watt

    im a ye fan all the way but if he is autotuning through his album and using that damn vocoder? im not going for it….

  • ant

    do we really wanna hear a album full of vocoder from yeezy?

    • MC

      Yes. Why cant yall just trust that he wont put out a garbage album. His last 3 are classics!!!!

      He knows not to put out BS.

      • Dante

        3 classics, my ass

        • MC

          Yea, 3 classics. Check the critical reviews on all his album especially late registration. The only ablum rolling stone gave 5 stars too in 2005 and its not even rock. Dude has more talent than 90 percent of the game dumbass

  • tje009

    That autotune shit is SOOOO wack!

  • Adrenaline

    ANY person who hates on West is the same person you know we will catch bumping “Put On” on the low. RESPECT

  • Philly215

    if i wanted to hear a album full of autotune i’d just buy a T-Pain album come on Kanye we allready have on of him we don’t need two

  • K0ld

    I’m no hater, but I gotta say… I do agree with most of the cats on here. I can handle one or two Auto-Tune tracks but most of the damn album? Come on, Ye… I dunno. We’ll see, I guess.

  • fireforreal

    I agree that shit is getting played out even more when other cats besides T-pain wanna record like that.I hope Kanye changes his mind and just release a good hip hop album like his first 3.

  • Rae Tha Great


  • Cinsere819

    I’ve copped all his albums to date, retail…but this time…


    *waits for internet leak date*

  • Tre83

    I’d like to hope that this album would be good. but I gotta be real. The only people I ever felt when they used autotune and vocoders were Roger Troutman, Teddy Riley, and DJ Quik. I’m tryin to have faith but rappers and T-Pain have played that damn thing out! Somebody get Teddy and Quik on it!

    So hopefully He get a change of Heart before the end of the year

  • patkilpat

    Ye its cool to dance with another girl at a party. But leave with the girl that brought you there.

    And yeah, he does have 3 classics, but this may ruin his streak. People vent in different ways, I’m just glad Ye’s alive. I was worried when his mom passed.


    “This raisin in the sun comes from grapes of wrath”

  • EE-City

    808′s and Heartbreak, i thought i read an interview of him saying that the next album was going to be called “Good ass Job” or something like that to continue his theme of school and after graduation what do you want-a good ass job.
    something in these rumors is not right i think people are just making shit up now, i also just read on another site that he isnt anywhere near complete on his album and once an album is completed you need to ohand it to the record company 3 months in advance. Its September and he just wrote the supposed best song of his life just last week.
    him and hov arent coming until next year

  • Nate

    Vocoder? Thanks for the message. That’s one less copy of Kanye for the office, and copy for the car I have to buy. If he wants to chase trends from copycat untalented rappers then I’ll save my $. If he wants to create another unique original album minus the school theme then he has my purchase.

  • iLL G

    it will be good wtach..i bet he’ll just use the vocoder thing on hooks only…i hope at least lol

  • Mutada al sader the king

    @Dont forget Devante Swing he did it justice too.. We shall see, should have kept good ass job and completed the series

  • Jriggs

    Just because Rolling Stone gave it 5 stars doesn’t mean its a classic. I guess you are a follower MC. Kanye is all media hype. I never liked the guy. From his rants about not winning awards to his boasting about being the best producer alive. All commercial BS!!

  • Rodjilius

    come on now kanye i had alot of respect for him until graduation but now…

  • Young History in the Making

    I was really expecting “good ass job” as the next album…you know…continuing the college series i guess…..but this better not be wack (and i got a feeling it is) cuz like a lot of ppl are agreeing to that auto-tune vocoder bullshit is wack…please let it die…and thats from the heart..







  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    “It has been speculated that the album will consist mostly of West using AutoTune and a vocoder, similar to the studio enhancements T-Pain uses for his productions”

    If he does that then Fuck Kanye. Love Lockdown is shite.

  • S.M

    the whole album !? that sucks !

  • A’aron

    I swear I’ma go ape shit before 2008 is over.

    SonSon Records

  • Cristopher Rathje

    Do you know of released jogs my memory of one other equivalent a single I just read someplace else?