Nelly Debuts At Number 3 On Charts, DJ Khaled Tops Indie Chart

His brass knuckles weren’t strong enough to bust his way to the top of the charts, but Nelly made a modest debut at number three on the Billboard 200 chart.

The St. Lunatic’s Brass Knuckles sold close to 84,000 copies to secure the third spot. R&B star Ne-Yo and his latest, Year of the Gentleman, sold 250,000 copies to debut at number two. Veteran rock outfit Metallica took the top spot for the second consecutive week with 337, 000 copies of their most recent LP, Death Magnetic.

DJ Khaled debuted at number seven on the charts with his latest indie offering, We Global. The collabo-laded project raked in just over 49,000 in units sold. The Terror Squad jock’s album is also the top independent release on the charts this week.

In his third week on the charts with his latest, Young Jeezy continues to do well. The Atlanta rapper’s The Recession pushed almost 60,000 copies to anchor the number six position. Jeezy’s three week total rounds out to 410,000 copies.

Lil Wayne pushed another 43,000 copies of Tha Carter III. The Cash Money star’s latest is his biggest album in his career. After 15 weeks on the charts the rapper is still in the Top 10 at number nine and his total so far sits at 2.4 million copies.

The Game rounds out the number of rappers in the Top 10. The rapper ranked right behind Weezy after selling almost 42,000 copies of L.A.X. In its four weeks of release the Compton rapper’s third album has sold close to 419,000 copies.—LaTisha Robbins

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  • LEO


  • Hey

    Did G-Unit go gold?

  • Rockcity

    I’m sorry but I dnt believe them Weezy numbers no more. Those numbers are high for Nelly i was expecting 40,000 or so.

  • dark vanilla

    No, G-Unit didn’t even sell 300K yet. I don’t get how Game outsold Ne-Yo his first week.

    • TonyStackz

      lmao at G-String Unit!!!

      • Dickrider Hater

        Thats what I call ya mammy and ya sister, dickrider.

  • dark vanilla

    ^^That’s why it seemed unbelievable because Game didn’t outsell Ne-Yo. My Bad!

  • stuckfresh

    I don’t get you haters!! Why is it that when Weezy sells alot of records you dont believe it, but if 50 or Jay or Kanye sold the same you would not say shit. Man the nigga selling and your favorite rapper aint. Kill yourself! PLEASE!

    • LEO

      Cause his album aint that good to still be selling like that…it really aint…lol…that shit is real suspect…u really believe that more than 42,000 people still went out to get that joint…I don’t

      • BIGNAT

        i agree with you 100 percent

        • 239allday

          Umm, Yes I believe that 42,000 people went out and bought that record. White people are the driving force of record sales and there are billions of people in the U.S., majority of them white. And when crackas see a rapper that is hot at that moment, they feel compelled to immerse themselves in that “movement”.

        • EReal

          Generation G.

          They listen to GARBAGE.

          Brainwashed Turds.

  • gkid12345

    no really, this lil wayne shit is ridiculous. at a time where records are at a all time low he consistently is selling 40k a week. Its very smart actually. If it appears as tho wayne is sellin those numbers it opens up other doors and avenues such as hollywood which is worth alot more than selling records

  • fireforreal

    Damn ! LL can’t even do 50,000 his first week shows you what people want to listen to today because his album was his hottest since mama said back in 1990 but he can’t blame hova on this one

    • TonyStackz

      lol Seriusly dude who really gives a fuck bout LL Besides Chicks… Yeah he A Legend and all that but He really needs to give it up hes been around since almost the begining of Hip-Hop lol he should be more succesful than most rappers right now
      & what he ain’t accomplished during all those years ain’t gonna happen any time soon!!!!

      • EReal

        Exhibit A of Generation Garbage.

        TonyJackoff and his wacksoft I-Tunes playlists.

        To quote Crooked I (an acutal lyricst)
        “You old dudes still doing your thing, just keep a fresh swagger. You young cats in the game, know your history and respect the pioneers of this rap shit”

        Someone missed history class.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Too bad for Nelly, he’s played out like -> “R-Kelly did to Aaron Hall” (Classic line) Looks like Flow Rida “took his shit and made it better bitch” (Another classic line)

    Member Camel said the only one selling is Em Pimp Juice and Us. Nelly first 2 albums did like 10 million. What happned?

    • EReal

      People finally realized he was WACK AS FUCK.

      Same thing will happen with Wayne, give it time. I say by 2010 we should be back on the right track in hiphop. Once the T.I.s realize theres not that much money left in rap, they’ll leave their hands off, stop with the payola, the artists and A&Rs will have more creative control and some dope music will start to seep out.

      Its already started, I.E. Helta Skelta…

      “Back in the day, a Dj used to check for a record, now a Dj wants a check for a record” -Sean P.

      “And all I hear is POP tunes come on the radi-O and hear 20 times ina row daily, yo!” -Em

  • sthxdnn

    woah woah woah….did i just read that Carter 3 is the best he’s ever dunn..thats sad if it is..sales were better b4…that means he aint nvr dunn 2.4 million but yall love him..even tho he kisses his father on the lips and admits it

  • Nate

    The sales variances of R&B’ish sounding “rappers”, is the result of the fickle nature of it’s audience. that audience is just like the kind of audience that “pop” music has seen the past 40 years. They hop on the lap of the single that is “hot” or paid for (payola). Lil Wayne is the darling of pop music right now. Akon was the prev 2 years… I never was a big Nelly fan but it shows how ignorant the non-rap fan audience is of someone like LL.

    The best thing to do is deny the fact the Lil Wayne is REAL rap- because at best he is really a hybrid of rap/pop.

    If you exclude his numbers you can more objectively compare the sales kings of 2008 (those who sell between 400K-1 Mill.

    • EReal

      I think hiphop mags / sites should just stop even releasing numbers.

      It doesnt make you good or bad. I can pull names of dope independents you’ve never heard of off the top that sell more I N D E P E N D E N T (sorry had to- No Webbie) than your favorite major label rapper. It sickens me to watch people eat up spoon fed shit. It reminds me of the “EAT SHIT” whole train car by SmithSane back in the day.

      If you dont get that reference you arent hiphop!!!! (J/P I was gettin on my Billy X. for a that one)

  • Philly215

    yea true weezy sells a millie first week but every other week after that he can only do about 200,000 or so something ain’t adding up and plus everybodyw as just dickriding him i mean Like Father Like son came out after carter 2 and that only sold 176,000 copies in it’s first week so something ain’t right and i’m not hating either

    • EReal

      Its promotion / anticipation.

      50 did what like 770K first week and T.O.S. didnt sell (even tho it reviewed really well). Its not like back in the day where as long as you got a co-sign, you were straight.

      See-Deathrow, Rocafella, and the hugest example of this being Aftermath/Shady/G-Unit. Think about all the albums from Em, Obie, D12, 50, Banks, Buck, G-Unit, Yayo, The re-up mixtape, I mean shit, if Dre or Shady touched it, it turned to platinum.

      You know the game done changed when Weezy is on stage playing guitar hero and sells a milli first week. Generation Garbage is in control now. Anyone paying bills in this shit economy isnt buying CDs thats fo sure, except drug dealers. For some reason drug dealers love buying cds. Hmmmm… maybe theres a connection. lol.

  • Philly215

    and plus everybody i know as the bootleg version c3 anyway i don’t know to many people who actually went to the store and got it


    i went and got it the day it came out, da real one too…i support real shit

    • EReal

      You arent lying, you really went out and supported SHIT, thats for sure.

  • houston’s finest

    damn nelly, got some tarnish on those brass knuclkes homie! country grammer did that in like 12 hours

  • RoJo

    Yall dont know anything about rap/ hip hop period. Everyone one of you are a bunch of haters and know nothing about real anything. This whole website is filled with the most ignorant opinions I’ve ever read. I didn’t see one real message on this whole website. Someone please get this website together and stop letting idiots post whatever they want(including your bloggers). None of you have a clue what you’re talking about. -Peace

    • EReal

      Eat a dick up and hicup, lame.

      “You guys dont know anything, i wont cite any specific examples, or opinions of my own, just thought I’d sit here and tell everyone Im better than them, even tho they actually work for a hiphop magazine / website and I work the frier at wendy’s straight lunch shift slave, that makes me so much more hiphop than all of you”

      fuck outta here, lame.

  • balaramesh

    yeah, those wayne numbers are kinda suspect. but anywhow, its the ladies, teenagers and whites that consistantly buys these albums. so yes, the people that actually BUY records bought 42k of C3.

    for a strictly commericial rapper like nelly to only sell 84k is like the patriots (with T.Brady) losing 77-0 to the detriot lions.


    Wait hold up ya’ll trippen i work in the music store and yess muthafuckas still buying waynes shit like that i mean i work at a local music store and we sold about 150 the first week and after that its about a steady 10-15 and dont forget everytime these award shows come out and they see him on t.v. someone go buy it and he just did S.N.L so thats more people buyin it trust me people are like that when the grammys came out and alicia keys won all those awards no joke she sold about 100,000 the next week and her shit was out a good 6 months (not this one but the last one) so trust me he still selling like that i had muthafuckas coming in the store saying they dont even buy cds but they’ll buy this one

    Oh yeah im not a lil wayne fan either

  • Paulie

    What are Ice Cube sales?? Why no one is talking bout him??
    He made a quite decent album though..

    • EReal

      He made a quite decent album though..

      I think you answered your own question, Paulie.

  • Carey Stranak

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