Ludacris’ Pool House Burned Down In Blaze

A fire broke out at the estate of Ludacris’ late Wednesday night destroying a pool house, but leaving no damage to the rapper’s home.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the blaze was put out within 30 minutes after firemen arrived onto the scene.

The Def Jam star was out of town at the time, however a family member was in the main home. A spokesman for the Fulton County Fire Department in Atlanta explained the pool house was larger than most homes, which took a “significant fire” to bring the structure down. Luckily a nearby resident spotted the fire and notified emergency authorities. No immediate cause for the fire was given as of press time.—Anthony Thomas

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  • Vicious Seiger

    Is this news worth reporting… The loss of a pool house? When Q-Tip loss his vinyl collection due to a fire that was something that was important since they sampled many of those records to make the ATCQ albums but this one should have been balled up and skyhooked to the recycling bin.

    • Paulie

      You’re right man!!
      We stricly don’t give a fuck bout that shit!! He’ll buy a bigger one, so?? What else??

    • texasleen


  • 239allday

    Damn, Fifty babymama is at it again.

    • BIGNAT


  • Nate

    Yeah, let’s use fifty’s babymama and say that Luda did it on purpose. Any Luda haters out there? There’s your B.S. opportunity! Tell Benzino with his fakeazz wannabe “US-Weekly” style mag- he’ll run with the story….

  • Rae Tha Great

    Doesn’t Luda support Obama? Maybe the KKK did it to send a message. We all know the klan started in the south. PEACE

    • mimi

      No it actually started in Illinois

  • IndyKid

    The KKK? Honestly? You’re bullshitting right? Do you honestly believe that?

  • MC

    xxl..i just took a sht & posted it on my myspace put THAT on ya page so ppl could know to go check it out..I don’t understand why you guys report the most fucking nonsence sht”..I dont give a fuck about Luda’s pool house nor this kanye sht”’Your post a fucking thousand sht on lil wayne every fucking day…Who gives a fuck about him??? Your keep that sht up your magazine will end up just like the source irrelevant..