LL Cool J Debuts At Number 9 With Exit 13, Four Rappers in Top 10

LL Cool J began his swan song with Def Jam as the rapper debuted at number 9 on the Billboard 200 moving nearly 44,000 copies of Exit 13. The album is his last contractually-bound project for the storied label.

The veteran rapper had been outspoken regarding his disdain with the label. Most of his venom, however, was directed at then Def Jam president Jay-Z. LL infamously lashed out at Hov on the red carpet at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards when he made the rift public as he announced an alliance with 50 Cent.

LL, though, hasn’t spoken in detail about his next move. The rapper told XXLmag.com last month he wasn’t interested in being courted by labels like a new artist.

“I’m not interested in that free agent non-sense,” he explained. “I’m a businessman, but I’m not looking for that. That’s now where I’m at with this. This is more about just making history and just making great music. As far as free agency and running around, the thought of me running around taking meetings with record company labels is laughable.”

In addition to LL, a number of rappers cracked the Top 10 of the Billboard 200.

Todd Smith’s Def Jam counterpart Young Jeezy is locked in the number two spot. The Atlanta rapper slid just one spot from last week when his latest LP, The Recession, held the top spot. Jeezy pushed almost 90,000 copies of his project.

The Game continues to do well. The Compton rapper is at number seven with L.A.X. The album sold 49,000 copies in its third week, pushing the total sales to just over 377,000 units.

As the story has been for weeks now, Lil Wayne is still dominating the charts. The Cash Money star owns property in the Top 10 as he 14 weeks after the release of his latest, Tha Carter III, he’s going strong, notching the number eight position. The LP sold over 47,000 copies and has a total of 2.4 million copies sold to date.

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  • Paulie

    Hope The Game is going gold at least!!

  • crooklands finest

    yo ll what excuse u gonna give us now that u cant blame jayz?

    • Styles

      Exit 13 is the best album that dropped that year. Even better than Wayne’s and I’m a true rap fan. You can argue it but that doesn’t make it any less true. I blame the ignorance of society because if anyone does good for a long time most people just don’t want to hear them any more. If L had a mostly white fan base he wouldn’t have that problem.

  • yessir

    DAMN, at first i thought this was ALLHIPHOP.COM.

    You’ll are swagger jacking.

  • gman

    me to games cd is better


    Man i got all the ll albums but this last one was horrible and the beats he selected for this album was horrible i mean they sound like some shit from 2002

  • Tre83

    Blame ya self this time UNCLE L! The album was wack. Jay’s not there as president, he’s there as a labelmate. So now how do you explain such a shitty record? Cna’t blame it on Jay now. And that first single was fuckin trash. I’m not disgruntled. Just tired of this dude tryin to polish shit and tell everyone its a diamond

  • kingequality

    I copped exit 13 its better than alot of cd’s that dropped this year but it was a over all bad week for records sells anyway niggas was spending money on that tyler perry movie plus you know mad people down loaded it

  • MDAce15

    Well, LL is it still all Jay-Z’s fault? Jay is a businessman, and for the record none of the major def jam artist releases under his presidency were that low in their FIRST WEEK! Fab wit little promotion sold about 140K. Nas sold 330K. I forgot what Jeezy did but they all did good first week numbers. I mean Im glad thats how it went down, because when Jay was there, all these artists were complaining about him and now he left and guess what?… Y’all in the same position you was in when he got there. LL has a hit single, tons of commercial ads, a Sears clothing line, made appearances everywhere and sold (drum roll please…) 44,000 copies. Thats Fat Joe numbers and he’s on an independent label. Lets all be honest. LL is a legend. But the reason LL’s album wasn’t released when Jay was there is because he knew this would happen. Its not Jays fault you’re album didnt sell this time LL… you know what that means? Its your own.

  • Reemycks!

    fuck first week sales. either a nigga’s album bangs or it doesnt.

    • TonyStackz

      Goddamn Right Homie… the only thing that’s tripping me off right now is that niggaz is sleeping on Game & It doesn’t have anything to do with dickridin’ this nigga or Whoever but Truth is that LAX Is Way better than most albums out right now Specially “The Recession” that shit is Fuckin Boring & is being too overhyped I’m Down With Jeezy but that shits no where near as good as his last 2 cds!!!

  • SIP


  • gkid12345

    i always say peoples need to shut up about first week sales. Ready to die did 53k first week and sold 4mil. and if you try and say well that was back in the day, soulja boy sold 104k first week and is platinum

  • jburg

    I don’t care what yoou dumb asses say that LL is better than any of the garbage that is out these days. From front to back it was nice. You dudes need to get off that ringtone rap. LL killed on that cd. stop hating and open your ears up to some good music. He didn’t sale well because you dudes. got a horrible taste in music and “real” hip hop!!!


    Retract my statement ringtone rap was hot

  • Tre83

    To jburg, Lets be clear homie, I hate ringtone rap and never was a fan. The clear mention of Jay Z should let you know that. Sales don’t matter either. The album sucked. I know what real hiphop is cause I was born not long before it started homes. So you have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about! And I really dont think you wanna debate me on that real hip hop shit cause I’ll crush your shitty ass notion that I don’t know real hip hop!

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    HAHAHA!!!!! That whole Jay-Z thing was all jealousy anyways. L know he wanted himself to be president of Def Jam but when ha was passed over he reacted in typical female fashion. Can’t blame Jay now huh?! Cats always wanna blame they shitty sales on the next man whether it’s The Roots (who also flopped after complaning) or Method Man. Look in the mirror and stop blaming the next man.

  • bucsormore

    LL is ass lets say that come on man i cant believe niggas fuck with this nigga wat are yall listning tohave yall heard this dude lately since like 2000 he wasnt relavent ll come on this dude may somewat legendary but its only cause of his pass he was on the jarule and ashanti shit with jlo this nigga is the king of r&b hiphop please tell me yall niggas aint still on LL its OV fuck all that shit yall gont try to type to o he has a legacy o he helped build def jam fuck that shit he ass now and thats the point he need to retire blaming it on jay nigga jay knew wat it was i aint droppin this shit on my watch im wit u jay

    • Styles

      I can tell bucs ain’t listened to an LL cd. Fool most of his albums since 2000 are better then his old one’s. I don’t even want to read anymore ignorant statements. The shit hurts my eyes. I’m not even responding to this nonsense any more. Pardon my back little buc.

  • http://Hotmail Black Walt

    What you all are not taking into condideration is that we have really been in a recession for a long time now. It’s not the quality of the music because most people that buy the music are only concerned with keeping up with the latest trends and fads. I would venture to say most of LL’s fans are black. When a rap album does go platinum it is because there was a large majority of white people with money that have bought the album. Most black folks are no longer buying rap albums because they don’t have the money. They are more likely to download it for free or get a copy from a friend. If I don’t have money to pay my gas bill do you think I have 15 – 20 dollars to spend on an album I can get for free anyway?

    • Styles

      I couldn’t have said it better Black. You’re right about what you said. I got nothing but respect for your intellegent statement.

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