Lil Wayne Flies Cross Country For New York Court Date

In less than 24 hours time, Lil Wayne went from performing in front of a screaming crowd, to standing in front of a Manhattan judge.

The rapper appeared before a judge this morning for an incident stemming from a 2007 gun charge arrest. Just hours before he was one of the headlining performers at the MTV Video Music Awards. He took an overnight flight from California to New York to make his scheduled court date.

“He is the utmost, consummate professional,” his lawyer, Stacey Richman, told MTV News.

TMZ uploaded video of a demure Wayne arriving at the court house earlier today.

He donned a suit jacket, glasses, jeans, and sneakers as he entered with his attorney.

The rapper politely thanked a bystander who commented on his album and a photographer who spoke about his VMA performances.

Weezy was arrested in 2007 on a single gun charge after police stopped his tour bus. A search of the vehicle revealed a .40 caliber pistol. The arrest occured the same night at the rapper’s first headlining show in New York, at the Beacon Theater. Ja Rule, who joined Weezy on stage that night, was also arrested teh same day.—Anthony Thomas

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  • trinibwoy

    Shit handle ur bizz yo! smh

  • yaOK

    WTF i hope that’s a typo. “was also arrested TEH same day” that shit is so gay. TEH? just say the fag.

  • ErykBurton

    i hope wayne doesnt get charged

  • 123

    Obviously it was a typo seeing as how it’s the only one in the entire post, genius.

  • jj

    Mo money mo problems


    Ok…Lil Wayne is ok in my book, but…

    I clicked on this just to say “who cares”.

    So here you go.


  • iLL G

    and they say rappers are irresponsible!!

  • Maurice L Dees

    So what it’s 2pac anniversary week sept 7 thur 13th R.I.P. MAKAVELI 4 EVER.

  • droopey

    To my understanding dont many people in the US have a gun. They found one pistol on an entire tour bus. Hit him with a $5000 fine and be done with it shiet.

  • Mo Betta

    AIGHT THERE IS 2 WAYS TO LOOK AT THIS…he finally is prioritizing or the fact he shouldnt have been in trouble in the first place….how CHRIS ROCK say it why should we applaud people for doing things that they are suppose to do?

  • yessir

    WHO CARES????

    Y’all must think niggas on this site are LIL WAYNE GROUPIES.

    SOHH is starting to suck. That shit seem like who of a female GOSSIP SITE.

  • Maurice Garland

    NEWS? I swear all Hip Hop sites are like Lil Wayne’s personal Twitter now.

  • KILA

    I got a gun charge, but I ain’t go to court. Guess thats why I ain’t make the news… Hahaa!

  • Aalon Boots

    yea thats cool… check my shit out lemme know what u think